David Attenborough


David Attenborough is always scurrying around in bushes, spying on animals copulating. I mean it’s just not right, is it? Fucking bad enough we have to listen to twat rambling on about the life cycle of the lesser crested newt, but at least you know what your going to get if you want to watch one of his programmes, which are brilliant in spite of the pompous dick and not because of him.

I suppose all that zoological stuff is right enough, if you like that sort of thing. What pisses me off is the fact that, because he has become a multi millionaire by milking the Beeb for nigh on fifty years he thinks I give a fuck what he thinks about politics and world affairs. ‘Cause I don’t. Not one, little, fucking bit.

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5 thoughts on “David Attenborough

  1. David Atten-bore is a cunt. Agreed some of his programmes are class but this old git is obsessed with the depopulation of the human race. Ok then Dave if you feel that strongly why don’t you kick the process off yourself? I suggest the best way for a nature dwelling cunt such as your self is suicide by mushroom. Eat the trippy ones first so you sit quivering in the park, thinking your a fake Chinese Elvis being shot at by Orang-utans on roller skates, then death will seem a welcome release….. The death cap follows shutting down your vital organs til you drop and then hey fucking presto you’ve depopulated the planet by one at least. Well done Dave, 1 Atten-Bore down,1 to go…. Where’s Dicky?

  2. Now that photo of David Cuntenborough demonstrates the look of a man who has just jizzed in his pants. He is in ecstasy. Somebody just cunted him by shoving a copulating pair of Balinese swamp rodents up his arse. That was followed by a backhander to the cunt. Hence the face. He’s been cunted good and proper.

  3. Admittedly the man is more entertaining than informative these days. This is due to the fact that he’s an old cunt. However, can’t help liking this cunt in spite of his loony non zoological views- stick to what you know about Davy boy.

  4. The old cunt was much sharper in the 1960s – he was controller of BBC 2 then and gave it up to return to his first love, getting shagged by gorillers. A BBC high roller no less.

    Which reminds me that there is a frightening photo of Stuart Hall dressed in similar get-up with the poof prince. Get me drift – the cunt Hall, paedos, BBC ect ect. Given the look on Attenbs boat race have we discovered the ceremonial dress of the the paedo cult at the BBC? See for yourself:


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