Julia Hartley Brewer


How this right wing twat ever manages to string together a coherent sentence let alone a shit radio prgramme every afternoon is beyond the comprehension of even the smallest ameoba.

Yep, she may have ‘mumsie’ appeal to fucking Tory central office but it doesn’t wash with me. Talking over silly cunts who phone in to her rancid show, having a fucking hugely annoying sense of self importance and a general “I’m better than you because I do everything right and anyone who dissagrees with me is wrong” type attitude get right up my japseye.

She’s just some fucking slack jawed hypocritical cunt who used to write for the Grauniad, and even then she was fucking shit.

What a cunt!

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish

7 thoughts on “Julia Hartley Brewer

  1. Let’s hope if she ends up drunkenly shagging Nick blubber cunt Ferrari at LBC’s Christmas party she remembers protection, can you imagine the result?

    Sorry I’m a cunt for putting that image in your head. Excuse me while I throw up.

    • I hate her mumsy parent of the year I’m as hard as nails me attitude . Can u imagine being married to her? Fuck

  2. She is just a fucking tory cunt, just like the rest of the fuckers that are on Sky News paper review, the make make me fucking sick telling everyone that the poor should crawl into a dark hole and die, bastards all of them, Same with that cunt Iain Dale, Carol bitch face Malone, bastard fat face James cunting Max and poofter Andrew suck my dick Peirce.

    • She can’t string a sentence together without littering it with “er” and that stuttering “I, I, I,”

  3. Never heard of this one… sounds like some sort of cockerney rhyming slang, cf. “a right John Selwyn”

    Actually, she could sort of be a brunette version of that Bryonee Gordon orf the Telerag…

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