Hands up! Stokes’ have buggered for Britain down the ages but this paedo business a bit beyond the pale.

Accustomed to a little junior exercise from the local clergy and par for the course at Eton. Necessary education for the governing classes donchaknow but gone too far. Seems every second face is a paedo. Endless revelations by the day.

Conspiracy of silence in the fart filled corridors of the BBC. Paedo links between the Gov and the police. Recreation of choice in showbiz. Dodgy aussie Rolf Harris has got his didgerydoo out for fuck sake (unfortunate turn of phrase). Time was when I thought paedos were a brand of swimmimg trunks.

Paedos have stripped the world of innocence. Pervert Cunts.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stokes