Scotland the Brave


Stokes’ paid damn good coin to their lackey scots bailifs to enforce land clearances and improved the Caledonian colony no end. Lovely haunting empty landscips. Buggered the kilted cunts. Gave them a taste of cold steel and despatched their mewling inbred brats. Got some robust genes impregnated into their cow faced females. Gave the sullen cunts a viable breeding population.

Gratitude? Bugger hell no. Bite the cock that screws ‘em. Give the cunts a vote on leaving the Union for fucks sake?? Bugger those deviant scum scots cunts back into line. They know they want it.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

3 thoughts on “Scotland the Brave

  1. Their accent is apparently favored by marketing cunts who promote financial services. Apparently we believe them to be frugal and a bit canny with their wedge. Thereby lending them some ability to convince us to part with our hard earned on whatever shite service or product they’re offering. Pinch faced, snippy tongued, blue and white flag face painted cunts I’d say….And Robbie ‘Spider bothering’ Burns can fuck right off.

  2. You were thinking of Robert the Bruce, I ne’er touched a spider in ma life. Max Clifford and Des O’Connor will testify ta that.

  3. Deep fried Mars Bar eating gimps (and they’re not going to The World Cup! Again!).

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