5 thoughts on “Andy Murray [4]

  1. (1) Tom Harris has been an especially petulant cunt this week, complaining about the IPSA with a new rant on the subject appearing every hour on his blog. Or so it feels. So I nominate him – not for the first time, either.

    (2) The trade union chiefs have been exposed this week by the Taxpayers Alliance as money-grabbing hypocritical cunts on their six-figure salaries. I think a collective cunting is due to the union chiefs, therefore.

    (3) Unkind suggestions have been made that Fabio Capello is a cunt. I say that he is, but I think the England team definitely deserve a cunting more than he does. Overpaid talentless cunts, all of them.

    That’s enough from me for now, I think.

  2. Totally agree GR .. though I’ve never read Tom Harris’ Blog .. the fact that he’s an MP is good enough for me ..

    The rest need a good, regular cunting for the remainder of the year ..

  3. Quite right. Add miserable.
    However, I have a new nomination, made with some grudging admiration.
    Rafael Nadal is a brilliant, rich, modest with a beautiful girlfriend, lucky cunt
    Gildas the Monk

  4. Sorry Gildas but there are far too many positives in that nomination for my liking. It goes against the grain for me to post ‘nice cunts’, without cuntitude, here.

    I know, I know, I can be a cunt sometimes but it’s nothing personal in this instance 😉

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