6 thoughts on “Prince of Wales [2]

  1. Phew! Thanks Houdini, I usually seem to be the contrary one around here but you got in first.

    I rather like it when Charles sticks his oar in over buildings and stuff, have any of you actually been to Poundsbury and did you really want that Le Corbusier shit in the middle of London (not that I really give a shit about Londonistan anymore)?

    Right, here is a counter-cunting. Le Corbusier is a (dead) French architect Cunt, I knew his shit was shit when they were trying to pretend it was great when I was at school and said so at the time (in not so many words).

  2. I was at Wellington barracks for a year before I left the mob and met Chuck a few times, and he was spot on, as was Anne and the rest. He gets a bad press mainly because he doesn’t answer back and reply. I think he should have a good rant now and again, instead of leaving to absolute uber cunts like Blair and the rest. Why does some utter cunt, like Blair, Brown or even Ken the cunt Livingstone have a say and get prime time slots for their spouting cunting shite, but Prince Charles can’t?

    I also know Chelsea quite well and a huge monstrosity would spoil the place, and good on any fucker that has the balls to say so. If he doesn’t like it, why shouldn’t he fucking say so? Is it only cunts like Ken Livingstone who are allowed to venture an opinion? Livingstone said he shouldn’t say anything unless he was prepared to stand for Mayor…and the funny thing is, Charles can’t even if he wanted to! And here’s a further bit of news for that nasally whining cunt, sounds like utter cunt Russel Brand cunty cunt, Livingstone…you aren’t the fucking Mayor either you cunt, so you can shut fucking up then!


  3. I note your comments and bathe in your condemnation….I still think he’s a cunt.

    Every time we have had a King Charles it’s been a fucking disaster. Let’s hope he dies before his mother and we move straight to William V. Otherwise we will have to follow tradition and cut this one’s fucking head off too.

  4. Yes a traitorous cunt who wants people to bow down to Islam, no thanks, i quite like my head……Donna

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