YouTube are a bunch of cunts.

I spent 3 months building up a list of favorite sites featuring hundreds of full length documentaries, everything from that trashy old faker Attenborough to classics like “Did Aliens Steal The Ark Of The Convenant” to come back after the Season Of Goodwill to find half of them gone to this shit

Copyright bollox


YouCunts more likely.

Nominated by banned

TheEye: For those who don’t know about EyeTube it is a censorship-free video free hosting site. 
Help yourself!

Seth McFarlane

Seth McFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad other boring shit) is a repetitive paedophile cunt.

All his stories contain babies or really young kids. What a fucking nonce.
Plus all the series he has a hand in are fucking shit, stereotypical, boring, as unfunny as an Eddie Murphy movie.

The yanks don’t even want his shit, so like the twats we are we end up paying for this shit out of our license fee only for it to end up on bloody channel BBC 53 or whatever graveyard shit channel it is.

The prick probably costs me a fucking pack of fags every week.

Rancid cunt.

Nominated by Hurling Dervish