The Grand Tour

Clarkson and his two hangers on are monumental cunts.
I’ve defended Clarkson over the years as always enjoyed his stuff and his ability to piss off the over sensitive amongst us.

Until the other night when I sat and watched the latest installment of The Grand Tour (on a pirate website, no way I’m paying for it) and the three cunts utterly trashed a 1967 MK10 Jaguar for a stunt.
I love old Jags (new ones are invariably driven by cunts, sadly) but at the mo can’t myself afford one myself (which rubs it in even more) and now there’s one less left.
Fuck all three of these twats. Hopefully the next time some daft hippy shoves a pie in Clarkson’s face it will number Hydrogen Cyanide amongst it’s ingredients…

Nominated by Mr Bastard

James May

James May

James May is fat, talentless, annoying, retarded and totally unfunny, fat headed, smug cunt of the highest order.

If only one of the wankerish gags on that shite programme could go wrong and then he and his two cuntish bum chums could be burnt alive in an Austin Allegro. This useless arsehole could only have made it onto the idiot box through the BBC. How else?

He’s a loathsome fat cunt. CUNT.

Nominated by: MonsieurCnut