George Galloway (5)

Happed to tune in unintentionally to RT TV channel earlier today.

Had the misfortune to watch the closing minutes of one Scottish George Galloway talking to his fourth wife (he was wearing a very strange hat).

Whilst he and I share the fact that we are both Leavers, I must confess in the few times that I have seen him speaking have never really understood what he is all about, other than he is a lefty socialist, anti war, and anti capitalist.  Have never seen him get on well with or agree with any one on any of the panels I have seen, and to be honest I am not sure what his purpose is in life.

His own website includes a quote that reads as follows: “Galloway is the most charismatic politician in Britain. His pugnacious politics are allied to a warmth, humor and charm that go a long way with voters”.  To be honest I have not witnessed any  war, humor or charm in any of the cips seen of him.

Find it staggering how he has been able to find four women to marry him?  His latest is relatively OK looking, 30 years his junior and I think I am right in saying they had a baby together last year?

Also remember watching a very strange clip of him with Rula Lenska (you know the rather strange cat one), if not the abridged clip is linked below.

A very weird, shifty looking cunt (who if Iam right) has never been nominated before on the ISAC site, and because of this I feel it is worth putting George forward if any to receive honest appraisals from my fellow Cunters.

Nominated by: Willie Stroker

George Galloway [2]


Galloway is beyond the cuntisphere’

If that slimy bag of rotten dog shit gets to be London mayor, then there is no hope left for humanity. I hope his opulent lifestyle catches up with the cunt and the ambulance is twenty minutes late.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

George Galloway [5]


I have come back after a little while to see if this cunt got some more cunting and fuck me no ones cunted this parasite off since last time, what the fuck you cunts?????

Galloway please crawl up some muslims arse and die you awful fucking waste of a good cunting, cunt cunty cunt

Nominated by : Captain Cuntastic

Left Wingers


I want to nominate all left wingers for a cunting. Normally I would just ignore these tofu eating, hug a hoodie, solar powered, hippy friends of the Earth. However today I just can’t. Thatcher is dead. I was never particularly a fan, but she did stand up to the Argies and got a rebate on our financial contribution to the EU.

Today has seen those on the left show us what a bunch of dishonourable, evil, intolerant, disrespectful, ignorant, insensitive, vulgar, disgraceful, uncultured fuckwits they truly are. I know that Thatcher was exceptionally divisive. But to celebrate her death by partying in the streets, dancing with joy, swigging champagne from the bottle (common as fuck) and posting nasty comments is a complete and utter disgrace.

For fucks sake, the woman had been out of power for 23 years. She was 87 and showing signs of dementia. How did the left react? As stated above. Some of these twats weren’t even an itch in their daddies nuts when she was in power, but this didn’t stop the Stalinist little cunts from celebrating her death. Have we as a nation really stooped to such a barbarously low level?

What really made me angry though, were the comments made by that triumvirate of cunts, Derek Hatton, George Galloway, and Ken ‘Newt Fucker’ Livingstone. Three shining examples of the cuntishness of the left. Absolute proof that left wingers are absolute scum. The left constantly presume to preach to us about respect and tolerance for others, yet they are disrespectful to, and intolerant of, anyone who holds a different view to them. And they have nerve to call the likes of the BNP and the EDL scum? Pot, meet kettle. I’m not a supporter of the BNP or the EDL by the way. Blair and his mob did far more damage to the UK than Thatcher ever could, but the hypocritical fuckers conveniently forget that. So I want them cunted.

Nominated by : Quick Draw McGraw

George Galloway [4]

Galloway is a Muslim cocksucker and antiChrist of the first water, mad-eyed, pug ugly and perverted (remember the leotarded cat cuntacle he made of himself).

He is an appeaser and you know what Churchill said about that..feeding a crocodile hoping it will eat him last.

I’d personally like to feed this tawdry, pathetic piece of shit into a blender and turn the handle, then feed the bastard to the pigs.

Nominated by Lillie