Frankie Boyle (2)

Has Frankie Boyle had a cunting yet? He deserves one for a 2 sentence excerpt from a magnum opus of cuntitude to be found at his Facebook fans page, as follows:

“It’s not hard to imagine England relishing the prospect of a war. Look at how much they enjoy hurting Spanish people in their spare time.”

Not at all racist that, is it you ginger gobshite cunt? The English relish a war because we English are war like people, is that the jist of it? Not at all like the peace loving Scots who regularly hospitalise any cunt for having the wrong accent in the wrong pub in the wrong part of town.

Not only are we a warlike people, the English, but we enjoy hurting the Spaniards. And how exactly do we do that oh wise speccy bastard? By spending an average of £1300 per family in Spain? By being the largest group by far to visit with 17,840,292 Brits visiting Spain in 2016 thus contributing 11% of GDP to their beleaguered economy?

He must be hard as fucking nails, that cunt. He must have fought off thousands who would give him a proper pasting. Still, we live in hope….

Nominated by Skidmark Eggfart.