Rishi Sunak (19)

‘Suntan kid’ (Also now known as the drip. C.A.) is a clutching at straws , hypocritical double dealing u turning clueless, cant even think of an umbrella in a deluge let alone run a country cunt of the highest order.

A few weeks back and , if I remember correctly, a high ranking army geezer suggested it would be a good idea for the said army geezers army to conscript new soldiers, cue the Suntan kid , I’m definitely sure. I read his response to the conscription remarks as no way Jose, not on my shift , no conscription happening here. A few weeks later and big nose has called a general election, all of a sudden national service is on the cards. I fucking hate politics and politicians, they always rely on Joe Publics incredibly fuckin short memories to get away with half the stunts they pull. Don’t forget Covid lockdowns for the masses (and not the chosen few) amongst other things like completely shattered promises on immigration and ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Fuck you Sunak , fuck you too Starmer, where is an Enoch Powell when you need one


Nominated by Paul.

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  1. Zero seats for the red/blue uni party cons whilst under this cunts watch would be good.

    Couldn’t give a fuck about the suntanned Roland rat impersonator, he doesn’t give a fuck about me.

    Farrages comments about him and his D Day stunt were spot on.

    The Tice/Farage press conference today was actually very good. More economic sense in 20mins than from any of the uni party in the last 20 years.

    Also good to hear the lame stream press corps with their sly questioning get shat on.

    Still, according to the BBC the far right are on the rise in Europe. I wonder if the limp dems will be so keen to rejoin the EU now it’s a hotbed of jackboots and raised arm salutes……

  2. I actually have absolutely no faith that any politician, of any party, would even give any effort whatsoever, of fulfilling their campaign promises.

    Having said that, I’m voting Reform.
    And my Youngers are, too.

    The Lass is 14. So she isn’t voting.

    • When our younger was about the age your lass is now Jeezum she was at school with a recalcitrant little bleeder who was always kicking over the traces. At an election he picked up his father’s polling card, went down the polling station and successfully got a vote into the box. He subsequently revelled in the disruption and the police response. I must admit I howled with laughter. I could only think it demonstrated how to be a yob with style.

  3. He couldn’t hold an umbrella and talk at the same time? The thick cunt. And they wonder why we’re a laughing stock on the global stage? He’s got about as much leadership nous as Steve McClaren, even that cunt could hold an umbrella and look gormless at the same time.

  4. dont vote, wont vote, may as well piss into a hurricane for all the good it will do . Politicians are a patronising bunch of cunts they don’t do the job out of conviction and for the good they can do for the people and the country they do it for what they can get out of it and how deeply they can feather their nests for the future. Should have a system in place that punishes the twats for every broken promise, financially first then beheading on Tower Bridge.

      • I was planning on spoiling my ballot.

        Despise the Tories, Labour and those Lib dum traitors.

        I also didn’t like that Spandau ballet looking cunt Richard Tice.

        But I think I’m going to vote Reform.

        Just out of spite.
        Sick of wet Tories saying

        ” A vote for Reform is a vote for Labour…”

        But it’s not a vote for YOU is it?

      • You don’t like Tories, Labour or Lib Dems?
        Aah, a fan of the Green Party eh, MNC?
        They have some very sensible policies on restricting car ownership and travel permissions.

      • Evening Thomas👍

        To be honest I’d forgotten about them
        Allah Ahkbar!!!✊🏽

      • As a genetic Kraut, I wholeheartedly agree with this song and so does my Großonkel Adolf.

      • What do they expect?

        German people are just like everyone else. Sick and tired of getting shit treatment, while human filth are let in and mollycoddled. New Year’s Eve in Cologne has not been forgotten yet.

      • Yes you can abstain and still complain, if you believe the system is fucking rigged and it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

      • On my ballot paper, I may well draw a dripping, veiny knob about to go into Jamie Oliver’s fat gob at knifepoint.

    • Hung Drawn and Quartered would be more appropriate. Hell, liven it up by running one over with a steam roller, or inflate one like a balloon until they pop.

  5. A vote for Reform is a vote that will be counted.

    The GB electoral system is rigged towards the status quo however, the politico’s can’t argue with the actual % of people that vote for reform it will make a difference especially if a large number vote for reform and the result means no seats in the house of cunts..

  6. I make Ian Gribbin right. Only a political ‘leader’ can start a war yet not have to fight it.
    Front line or fuck off. No, we don’t need parliament at all nowadays.
    Cunty Cunty Cunty. 🤡

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