Mr. Corey Harris


Is he as dumb as he looks??

This article cracked me up, a Court Judge in Michigan , USA, land of the brave and home of the seriously stupid, looks on in utter disbelief as a Mr. Corey Harrison joins the court via remote hearing whilst driving on a suspended license. The miscreant Harrisons own counsel , who looks like she wants to laugh out loud, then has the front to ask the judge for an adjournment for a month. The judge looks like he wants to laugh out loud….. before telling Einstein Harrison to turn himself in by 6.00 p.m. No bail, just jail. This is no doubt one of the funniest 2 or 3 minutes of video that I’ve seen in ages. Thanks judge for making me smile


Nominated by Paul.

Well worth a watch the link C.A.

42 thoughts on “Mr. Corey Harris

  1. Bet he was heading for a drive through or a drive by..

    I see in the header picture the air bags have already deployed..

  2. I’m quite surprised the Cunt wasn’t also ordering The Drive Thru Chiggun whilst doing a drive by shooting all the while high on crystal meth.

    Should he not get compensation?

    Good morning.

  3. There is much more to the story than Auntie Beeb is telling you.

    The base of the story is true. He appeared at a hearing for diving on a suspended license while driving.

    The Judge ordered him to surrender himself to the county jail by 6PM that night.

    A day or 2 later it was determined that the suspended license was a clerical error. The State of Michigan suspended his driving privileges because he owed back child support.

    Mr. Harris then paid his back child support and went to court to have his license reinstated.

    The court reinstated his license but (a clerical error by) the State of Michigan did not update the reinstatement and the charges remained on the record.

    So this poor guy was the victim of incompetent bureaucrats.


    A subsequent investigation revealed he NEVER had a Michigan Drivers License. Only a Michigan State ID Card.

    Assuming he had a license from another state, the court issued a statement saying as one State cannot suspend another State’s license his driving privileges were only suspended in Michigan but were valid everywhere else.

    They then checked to see where his license was from and it turns out this dumb cunt NEVER had a Driver’s License from ANY State.

    You cannot make this shit up.

    So it turns out his Michigan License…which he didn’t have…was suspended for a non driving related offence…then that same license…that he didn’t have…was reinstated but not reported and updated in the system…resulting in a false charge of driving on a suspended license…when in reality he was driving without a license because he never had one.

    Yes the guy is a cunt. But so is the State of Michigan.

    As so is my once great clusterfuck of a nation.


  4. Paid his back child support!
    He definitely isn’t a full shilling then, the de rigour stance for his bro’s is …🏃‍♂️🎽👟into the sunset….’mama ooooh didn’t mean to pay you back’🎶

  5. There’s another one cropping up a lot of a Zoom court session, where a cunts setup logs him in publicly as ‘Buttfucker 3000’.

    Kinda reminiscent of the Zoom work meeting one of about 12 cunts where one says he has to leave the meeting, doesn’t shut down his camera, proceeds to setup for a cock-in-hand session of surfing the Web…. although if asked to bet , I’d imagine that one was contrived/scripted….

  6. The look on his face was like.

    “Brudder, me was just a getting some of that spicy chicken wing, then I was a comin to the court house your honor. Come on man, one niggy to another, don’t make me do no bird time, anyways, this aint my car, it was rainin so I was just makin sure I could get somewhere nice and dry to speak with your honor”.

      • He was. He came from West Africa on a Dinghy and lived the first part of his life in the East End of London, where he worked in a pie and mash shop.

        During his time living near the Thames he longer for greater things and was offered the chance to catch a ride on another boat bound for New York.

  7. He’s undoubtedly one of those sovereign citizen dipshits, possibly one of those “moorish” sovereign citizen dipshits but probably not because he’s not wearing a fez.

  8. The nicest thing you can say is this was an ‘unfortunate oversight’.

    Does he run University Hospitals Sussex NHS trust?

    Aftrer serving whatever time he gets, he should look into it.

  9. How that thick looking cunt managed to pass a driving examination in the first place is something that I think needs looking into. I’ll bet that he can’t spell IQ.

  10. Didn’t watch and listen. This is the reason why xenophobia exists. Should’ve had them wiped out when we had the chance. This is the only area where I let my ignorance run wild, similar to these animals.

  11. Just another perfectly average law breaking Ni
    Gigger. It’s in their genetics they just can’t escape abject stupidity. If we are all supposedly descended from Africa why have us pale skins advanced so far yet the negs have hardly changed since time began?

    • If you go by Jared Diamond’s thesis it’s georgraphy, climate and what animals were available for domestication.

      He does spend a lot of time on cereal crops though.

      Guns, Germs snd Steel should be called Wheat, Maize and Rice.

  12. It’s a miracle that they can actually drive, having seen a few out on the roads it is beyond me how they could pass the driving test, I guess in the US it’s easier for them, no clutch and straight roads.

    • Yes, saw this recently on the court tv programme. There are a lot of thick twats in the States. The biggest pillocks are the ones who claim to be sovereign citizens who demand to be addressed by some silly name and claim they don’t recognize the court’s jurisdiction over them. They should just lock them up for contempt until they realize it’s not a good idea to waste everybody’s time.

      • Maritime law and all that. Travelling not driving etc.

        Must get boring for the judges to hear their word salads.

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