Fiona Harvey, Baby Reindeer & Netflix

Baby Reindeer is a drama; it starts saying ‘This is a true story’, which it probably shouldn’t have. Anyway, it looked like a drama to me and when I watched it; because I’m not retarded so I knew it wasn’t a documentary.

There’s a major character in the show called Martha; she is a bat-shit crazy mental, who stalks the fuck out of the protagonist. The show streamed on Netflix; is probably still on there. Anyway, the show depicted the character Martha as a serial stalker, her previous behaviour having reached the papers and in the show she gets sent to prison for stalking the protagonist.

The show was a massive hit. Shit heads up and down the country started trying to figure out who the character Martha is in real life. Rumours have it that some sleuths found the real Martha and started hurling abuse at her, probably on X or something. Apparently the show contained footage of Martha’s Tweets, not that I saw, and this helped the sleuths, I mean shit heads, identify the real person behind the character. Still with me? I hope so!

After the show’s immediate success, this woman turns up on MSM. Her name is Fiona Harvey and she outed herself on MSM as the real person behind the character Martha, but claims she was never convicted and never stalked anyone. She went on the interview circuit and is famous for being interviewed by Piers Morgan.

Harvey is now suing Netflix for $50m, for defamation. She’s engaged some law firm in New York New York.

My summary of Ms Harvey’s position is ‘that mental, fuck-bitch-stalker in the show is me but I never did any of that, give me money.’

And if that is her position, then I hope she loses her case and has to pay Netflix’s court costs, though I fear Netflix will bung her a big wedge out of court to shut her up. That of course is my opinion and I haven’t a clue about defamation.


Then there’s this link from Daily Fail from someone claiming ‘Martha’ or whoever we’re allowed to name is actually a bat-shit crazy mental. Hopefully we’ll be allowed to talk about this situation. I warn you fellow cunters not to say anything nasty about Ms Harvey; she has a law degree, allegedly, and probably isn’t afraid to come after you. You might get off with just 40,000 emails in a 6 month period and some 100 texts a day for good measure, but it could get nasty!

Daily Fail

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86 thoughts on “Fiona Harvey, Baby Reindeer & Netflix

  1. My theory is that any uproar over stupid shit like this and “sleuthing” to get to the bottom of some pointless mystery is all because of benefit spongers. Who else would have the time for such inane endeavors? Not me. I have a job.
    Fucking parasites.

  2. So you get a fiver in compensation if the machine you’re operating at work blows your hand off. But £50 million is deemed an appropriate amount for defamation.
    The world is as crazy as this Martha is/was.

  3. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⣀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠤⠤⣄⣀⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  4. I watched that Baby Reindeer.

    The bloke who got stalked was as freaky as the stalker woman.

    Dating trannies and getting interfered with off some ducky screenwriter.
    He hated it that much he went back a few times just to be sure.

    Right little puddleskipper.

    He admitted egging on the stalker Martha because he enjoyed the attention.

    Put em both in the same nuthouse.

    • Alright Mis?

      Been fiddling with your marrow down the allotment? I have to say I’m a bit envious. Every Englishman needs a place to potter about.

      • Yeah LL,
        I’m a total convert.
        Becoming a obsessive about it

        Once it’s cleared fully I’ll be building my own shed.

        A mock Tudor mansion from pallet wood 😁

      • Ah pallet wood! Wood of the Gods.
        Had my allotment for over 30 years, still getting on top of it! 😃🥬🥦🍅🥕

      • Too right Cuntalugs 👍

        Most timbered marvels from viking longboats , the Mary Rose, the one true cross of Christ’s crucifixion to the royal coach have been made from old pallets.

        Nothing that can’t be made from them.

        The Alamo was knocked up out of old pallets!
        By Gravy Crockett and Jim Bowie ( David’s great grandfather)

      • Not yet .
        But will do.

        I want the only thatched wattle and daubed shed in England.

        Suitable for a authority on turnip growing.

      • Got a pal with a dairy farm, or at a pinch, a horse stable?

        You’ll need straw and shit. Also water.
        Ask Sam Beau for advice.

        Give us a shout if you need a hand.

        I’ve got wellies and waders.

      • Can’t advise you on turnip growing, though.

        Green fingers?

        No, poison thumbs. I can kill a daisy by touching it.

      • Note what Cuntalugs said about allotments at 6:04 pm Mis. You’ll never get on top of it.

    • I saw the first episode.
      Trannîes, a Scotch “comedian”, token woke casting, a dreary storyline, and a fat Scottish Heifer.

      Fucking awful.

  5. Totally disagree with this cunting.
    Some weedy little twat got a bit of unwanted attention from a woman in a pub and spun it out into a woe us me piece of shit.
    Said woman, whether obese or thin, has been defamed across the Netflix-hemisphere ie couch-potato nations USA and UK.
    I hate those Netflix American woke cunts, who paid a fortune to Ginge and Whinge, Markle and Moron, so I hope she takes them to the cleaners.
    It might put an end to the brain rot crap they pump out.
    Ps she didn’t out herself, twat “citizen detective” saddos with too much time on their hands did it

  6. She may appear to be a bunny boiler, but if you go around claiming someone has been convicted of something when they haven’t, you’re going to end up in some sort of shit.
    Therefore, as odious as she may appear, I hope she wins something (although not the ludicrous figures being quoted)
    It’s good to see corporate cunts like Netflix fuck up.
    It’s good to see the self obsessed writer of this shit being caught telling porkies.
    I’m just a bit pissed off the BBC aren’t involved. They’re overdue another kicking,
    The cunts.

  7. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people who are not involved, related or affected, why they have to insert theirselves into the narrative.

    And to send vile messages to the supposed ” real” person, surely that falls under the Hate Crimes Act?

    Having said that, it would appear she has a bit of previous, MPs mainly including, if you believe him, the tool makers son!

    Also, I haven’t seen the drama itself, but I have seen part of the Piers Morgan interview, were she contradicted herself twice in 15 seconds.

    ” I never texted him.
    Well , maybe once or twice, just banter.
    Well, less than 10 times.”

    • She seemed nice .
      The real one.

      Perfectly round head like a Christmas pudding.

      And her insistence that she’s a high powered lawyer.

      Came across better than Piers Organ.

      At the end of the day the thing was all about her.
      So she should profit from it too.

      Try and get your shotgun license luv👍

      • But it IS all about her.

        Look at me!
        Pay attention to me!
        Listen to me!

        If you don’t, I’m not real.

        Classic narcassistic behaviour.

  8. Like most money grasping but totally deluded cunts, she wants the trial to be held in the US of A. For the only reason that they dish out fucking ludicrous damages if her case wins.

    Only one slight issue with this. It’s a civil case.

    The author has been invited to come and give evidence at the trial and let’s face it, the chances of him turning up in yankland to incriminate himself are slightly less than zero.

    Therefore her payout is zero because the only evidence she has incriminates her as a stalker.

    The thick cunt.

  9. Agree with MIS earlier on in this comments section. I watched it after being press ganged into watching it by the wife.

    I thought the comedian bloke in it (who was the alleged actual victim in real life, and who wrote it) was an unfunny cunt. A total loser and as naive as they come. Doesn’t spot a fucking nutter when he sees one, then massages her ego when he should just ignore her. Fuck me, he was only a barman…he could have simply changed jobs/bars, but no he didn’t. Then he was so fucking stupid he didn’t see the signs that some puffy tv executive was only offering to help him in return for hard bum sex and blow jobs after getting him drunk and high on drugs……and he kept going back.

    I lost all empathy for this guy and thought, well you fucking deserve it mate.


    • I agree with your comments, but I still thought it was better than anything else that’s been on the telly for a while..

      • It had me strangely agog and hooked. Other half thought it was deplorable and went to bed; I binged watched it.

        Amazing how a show about a wannabe comedian who gets stalked, bum raped and shags a tranny, and seemed to go back for more punishment on all fronts, was better than anything else on recently. I can’t believe we are where we are with modern film and drama these days.

  10. I’m putting in my two penn’orth now. Who bets this nomination will die a death before 10 am. tomorrow. Otherwise I’ll hand myself over to the nearest nuthouse.

    • What I do find odd, is the actress who plays the fat tart is reasonably attractive and I can’t understand for the life of me why she doesn’t lose weight. Is she incapable for some reason?

  11. He was proper odd.

    The whole thing was a bit woke.

    Only bit I enjoyed was when the fat bird heckled him at a standup show and battered his tranny girlfriend.

    The whole thing was deeply unsavoury and depraved.

    Fuck them all.

  12. I can’t fathom this craving for fame or narcissism, same thing. I love being unknown.

    Anyway I’m sure I read recently that Netflix is going bust?

      • Don’t think the woman wanted fame,
        Think she’s pissed off that she was pushed into the limelight.

        Agree though.

        Couldn’t think of anything worse than being famous.

        Right pain in the arse.

        Not sure why lots of people think it’d be great?

      • Same, I’m quite cynical of people anyway and being famous would only heighten my suspicions of what they were after.

      • 99% of people had never heard of Fiona Harvey until she declared to mainstream media that the show was about her, even though the character in the show was called ‘Martha’.

    • Not quite yet, but they are still borrowing to pay off liabilities while their market share of streaming audiences shrinks in North America and they’ve not cracked India.

  13. Barry and Michael Obama are massive partners in Netflix and they gave the world legalised child porn with ‘Cuties’.

    Every series on any ‘streaming’ site these days is as replete as a 106 year old’s bowels with swearing, sex and gore. Mary Whitehouse was right.

  14. She wants money for nothing?. Easy – just get Simon Cowell to produce a record for her. “You Can’t Get Over A Girl Like Me – You’ll Have To Get Up And Go Round” – a cover version of the Emily Thornberry hit (released on Boggs Enterprises “Big And Bouncy” label.).

  15. Stay safe today fellow cunters, the temperature might reach 27 degrees today..🥵🥵.

    This public safety announcement was brought to you by the Michael mosley institute..

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