Fiona Harvey, Baby Reindeer & Netflix

Baby Reindeer is a drama; it starts saying ‘This is a true story’, which it probably shouldn’t have. Anyway, it looked like a drama to me and when I watched it; because I’m not retarded so I knew it wasn’t a documentary.

There’s a major character in the show called Martha; she is a bat-shit crazy mental, who stalks the fuck out of the protagonist. The show streamed on Netflix; is probably still on there. Anyway, the show depicted the character Martha as a serial stalker, her previous behaviour having reached the papers and in the show she gets sent to prison for stalking the protagonist.

The show was a massive hit. Shit heads up and down the country started trying to figure out who the character Martha is in real life. Rumours have it that some sleuths found the real Martha and started hurling abuse at her, probably on X or something. Apparently the show contained footage of Martha’s Tweets, not that I saw, and this helped the sleuths, I mean shit heads, identify the real person behind the character. Still with me? I hope so!

After the show’s immediate success, this woman turns up on MSM. Her name is Fiona Harvey and she outed herself on MSM as the real person behind the character Martha, but claims she was never convicted and never stalked anyone. She went on the interview circuit and is famous for being interviewed by Piers Morgan.

Harvey is now suing Netflix for $50m, for defamation. She’s engaged some law firm in New York New York.

My summary of Ms Harvey’s position is ‘that mental, fuck-bitch-stalker in the show is me but I never did any of that, give me money.’

And if that is her position, then I hope she loses her case and has to pay Netflix’s court costs, though I fear Netflix will bung her a big wedge out of court to shut her up. That of course is my opinion and I haven’t a clue about defamation.


Then there’s this link from Daily Fail from someone claiming ‘Martha’ or whoever we’re allowed to name is actually a bat-shit crazy mental. Hopefully we’ll be allowed to talk about this situation. I warn you fellow cunters not to say anything nasty about Ms Harvey; she has a law degree, allegedly, and probably isn’t afraid to come after you. You might get off with just 40,000 emails in a 6 month period and some 100 texts a day for good measure, but it could get nasty!

Daily Fail

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86 thoughts on “Fiona Harvey, Baby Reindeer & Netflix

  1. Will the real slim shady, please stand up, please stand up.

    What a load of dried up old spunk on the curtain – who gives a fuck.

    The real ‘Martha’ as seen on Piers is a beast. She wouldn’t be able to stalk me becuase I’d hear her like a herd of elephants a mile off.

    It’s possible Netflix have fucked up a bit but 50 million, behave yourself you fat slag.

    In fact, write to Viz – you might get a weekly slot in their magazine as the new 2024 original fat slag.

  2. I’m on the side of big bird. The ‘comedian’ who created the series is a middle class cunt & Netflix is the Devil

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