The Beatles [5]

The Grab Fabs are at it again, selling their ‘Let It Be’ film to Disney+.
Now, the film itself is surely for diehard fans only. As it’s very boring, and it’s also now been eclipsed by Peter Jackson’s ‘Get Back’ project.

Anyone else would put the Let It Be film out on DVD, so Beatles fans could buy it if they wanted. But that old fool Macca still thinks the Beatles are top of the tree and that they should ‘compete’ with the likes of Taylor Swift. They split up in 1970 and two of them are long dead for fuck’s sake.

Gen – Z knobends and the like aren’t really initerested in th Beatles, if they are interested at all. But Apple – on McCartney’s orders – still peddle the Beatles ‘brand’ and want them to be down with the kids. The ridiculous marketing and rehashing of their Red and Blue albums (with that awful ‘last’ single) last year showed that. It’s absolutely absurd.

Let It Be is like the Stones films One Plus One and Gimme Shelter (except Gimme Shelter is a better film). Antique curios for longstanding fans. And the Beatles trying to gain new and younger fans with such a dull and dragging pile of crap like Let It Be is quite pathetic and very greedy. They’re not skint by any stretch of the imagination. so wasn’t the ‘Get Back’ cash-in enough? Of course it wasn’t and it won’t be for that lot.

I dare say the barrel will be well and truly scraped. As Apple/Disney will probably release some home movie footage of George Harrison eating his egg and chips, or John Lennon watching the Magic Roundabout. And an album of them farting after a night on the beer and curry in Hamburg will be released on ten different versions of colured vinyl. Once, the Beatles legacy was respectfully and classily supervised by Neil Aspinall (RIP). But since Apple sold its arse and its soul to UMG and Disney, the Beatles will now flog absolutley anything.

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Nominated by : Norman

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  1. ‘Gimme Shelter’ is better than any track by The Beatles. Better film than any film by them too.

    I liked ”I Wanna Hold Your Hand” and ‘She Loves You’ . Anything from the seventies are just nursery rhymes for dope heads. Disney is their natural home.

  2. At least Lennon had the decency to be murdered 40 years ago.

    He deserved it after releasing that ‘Double Fantasy’ shite.

    It’s a pity Chapman didn’t take that ugly slag Ono out at the same time.

    • Very iffy, how Chapman behaved before the murder.

      As he lurked in the archway of the Dakota, Chapman ‘nodded’ at Ono before he shot Lennon. Chapman is on record saying this.

      So, why did he do that?

      • @Norman Surely you’re not suggesting Ono hired him as a hitman😱I wouldn’t put anything past that slit eyed old hag.

    • He died about 3 months before I was born, which is lucky as i’ve always thought he was a wanker, despite my teachers all singing his praises.

      Paul McCartney showed he was the talented one by writing and singing Live and Let Die (and The Frog Song, of course). Credit to George Harrison with his great song for Time Bandits ‘Dream Away’ and for creating Working Title.

      Lennon was a cunt and did nothing worthwhile outside of the Beatles.

    • Did we ever see a yellow submarine. Only in the child mind’s eye. Get to fuck. Only because I didn’t like their clean image.

  3. Never really understood what all the fuss was about. There are a couple of tracks that ain’t too bad but by and large a load of scouse bollocks. Fucking smiley, wobbly headed, 60’s cunts.

  4. Total shite. Nothing more than the East 17 Zone of the 60’s.

    Sell it any way they like, no cunt’s gonna buy it anyway.

  5. Sorry disagree best band of all time. Retired as a band before any of them reach 30. Let that sink in.
    Song catalogue that surpasses any other.
    Always at the cutting edge of popular music 🎶 before anyone else.

    Ok two left are daft old men now. Bit like some of us on here but that doesn’t count a jot for all the music the made and wrote for others

    • Seconded!
      Their sixties recorded output remains unsurpassed.
      Though couldn’t give a fuck about anything they did post break-up 1970.

    • Agreed.

      Some love The Beatles, some don’t, it all comes down to taste, but I’d say that they’re the most beloved and influential band of all time.

    • ‘Always at the cutting edge of popular music 🎶 before anyone else.’

      Nope.The Beach Boys were the first to release the psychedelic Pet Sounds before the Beatles came up with Sgt. Pepper, and that was their main contribution to pop music.
      They weren’t innovators of anything.

  6. How strange.

    I was just walking down 30 flights of stairs and singing Helter skelter to myself as I went.

    Then this pops up.

  7. I must admit I’m not a fan, they did a few okay songs. However could be worse, as the last nom highlights! It really went to shit with all the hippy shit. They seem to be held up with the likes of whacko jacko, ABBA ect. Those who we are not meant to criticise. I feel so many people have no idea why they like the above, other than the masses/ media tell them to. It highlights how easily lead people are; no idea why they like stuff, other than they feel they have too.

  8. couldn’t stomach the Beatles, to big headed for their own good and that four eyed bugger Lennon believed all the bollocks and adulation thrown at him by fuckwits and critics who do the usual in depth analysis of his work, like the cunts who interpret modern art as something it’s not and use words like juxtaposition. Glad I’m a thick fuck and can only see what’s there.

    • Ive never heard ultimate normie band The Beatles compared to modern art. Their music is as deep and challenging as the latest Marvel film.

  9. Paul let Teenage strumpet Jane Asher go. Ended up with the veg munching mullet adorned Linda..
    That makes him a prize winning cunt.

    • Absolutely mind boggling.

      Macca could have – and did – have his pick of top 60s totty. Jane Asher, some fit American heiress, a Miss Great Britain or two, some sexy lady journo who worked for the Observer. He probably had Twiggy and all. They were like flies round shit.

      But he trades all that in for Linda?! And he takes her on tour so there’s zero chance of any perks on the road?

      Seriously baffling shit, that is.

  10. I see old thumbs aloft was at Springsteen’s Ivor Novello wankfest the other night.
    In what was, hopefully, a lighthearted dig at Brucie, wobbly head mused about the possibility of his being in the Beatles, “When it comes to talent, he’d definitely be in the top five.”
    Even on Springsteen’s big night, he still couldn’t help banging on about a band who split up 54 years ago.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the marijuana addled old cunt charged an appearance fee too.
    He loves an earner does McCuntney.

    • I also see that the wonderful BBC described Macca as having ‘Roasted Springsteen’, whatever the fuck that means.
      Sounds like something Ollie Alexander would have lived to be involved in.

      • I’m only staying alive till I see that awful cunt Springsteen stand in the dock to face justice for crimes against music.

        Hate that fucker.

      • I’ve never understood the attraction.
        Overrated, can’t sing, ugly cunt.
        He’d do well if he was just starting out nowadays.

      • As a well known Manchester recording artist once said,

        ‘Springsteen? Nah. He always sounds like he’s having a shit.’

      • Springsteen dances like he is having a shit (see Dancing in the Dark vid.) and sings like Homer Simpson.

  11. The Beatles popularity will ebb and flow.
    Some young kid will always ‘ discover ‘ their music.

    They aren’t my favourite band.
    But I think they were the Greatest band ever.

    I think they’re absolute cunts as people.

    And would of happily reloaded Chapman’s revolver for him.

    But the music?
    Fuckin ace.

    No cunt can top.that.

      • Exactly Norman.

        The music of the Beatles will keep being discovered by young lads bored of the current music.

        Same with all quality bands.

        As a teenager I sought out stuff none of my mates were listening to.
        Patti Smith, Gong, velvet underground, small faces,
        Bonzo dogs, doors, stooges.

        Part of it, finding something old that’s new to your ears.

      • I picked up Love’s ‘Forever Changes’ just because I liked the album cover.

        Needless to say, I never regretted it.

  12. Apparently the next cash-in will be the ‘anniversary’ of their first visit to the USA.

    What always baffled me was how and why they were such a hit with the birds?
    Macca was a fanny magnet in the 60s, granted. But the other three?! Ringo has a conk that rivals Manilow.

    Same with the Stones. Apart from Brian Jones they were all ugly cunts.

    • If you look like a bashed knacker form a band then you’ll have to beat the birds off with a shitty stick!

      • Apparently Pete Best was a bona fide crumpet magnet.
        He pulled the best Hamburg strippers and prossies. Best also had the Liverpool girls screaming like banshees at their early gigs.

        This allegedly made McCartney steaming jealous,, so he got Pete the sack.

        Macca, eh? What a cunt…

  13. Lennon still has a lot to answer for.

    He inflicted both Cilla Black and Yoko Fucking Ono on the world.

    And how the fuck did he ditch Cynthia for that? Did acid addle his brain?

  14. Pop songs….!

    Not important in any way, just mildy entertaining.

    Never understood the adulation these turds garner.or the amount of money people pay to see them…!

    • 29 takes, and one of them 27 minutes long.
      John said ‘How’s that?’ after take 29, and Ringo shouted the infamous line and threw his sticks at the wall.

  15. Yoko (or Sean, after her stroke) have a say in the biz, yes? I remember going to the cinema to watch “Let It Be” when it was released. I was all of 11 years old.

  16. It’s not so much their original musical output. They did some great stuff.
    It’s the modern marketing of the Beatles, and how they still want to be relevant and compete with modern acts.

    The fuss about that ‘last’ single ‘Now and Then’ was stomach turning.
    All that crap and hysteria about it getting to No.1 (yeah, for one week). Everyone knows that the singles chart is now both irrelevant and worhtless. If a twat like Ed Sheercunt or Taylor Swift can clog up the thing for months just by knobheads streaming their insipid watered down shit, then it has to be worthless and a lost cause.

    The Beatles were kings of the singles chart when it really mattered. Both here and in the USA. But to see what’s left of them them (well, I can’t really blame the two dead ones) cock-a-hoop because they were briefly top of the current shitheap that is the Top 40 is sad to see and an insult to what they once were.

  17. Every time there’s a nom for this overrated bunch of cunts, it splits opinion. Some think they’re just the best thing ever while others see through the hype and over-stated influence and legacy.

    Based upon what I’ve (accidentally) heard, I just don’t get what the fan boys are on about. They wrote some catchy (if you like that sort of thing) pop tunes, had stupid hair cuts and were worshipped by the young females of the day. That is not new. It’s been done to death by any number of bands up and down the years. As for being ground breaking, cutting edge, changed music forever – do give me a fucking break. I’d argue the Sex Pistols had a far greater influence on pop music and culture generally than those Scouse gits. With ONE album no less! I’d argue Gary Numan was infinitely more ground breaking by almost single handedly popularising the use of synthesisers on pop records. Now THAT was a blue print to be followed by countless others. I’d also argue Killing Joke have had a much greater and more profound influence on music, lighting the flame for so many genres while having their own unique sound.

    “She loves you yeah yeah yeah”….what was that the blue print for? Puerile, shallow, throwaway, meaningless drivel that’s been done a millions times over, sometimes better sometimes worse. Not unique. Not genre defining. Not ground breaking. End of.

    If you’re a fan, good for you. Enjoy what you like. But please – for the love of dog – don’t buy into this idea that they were anything other than a passing fad that somehow has managed to out last and shine brighter than their contemporaries.

    Two down. Two to go. Can’t wait!!!

  18. It’s amazing how many comments in Beatles Videos on YouTube refer to the conspiracy theory that Paul McCartney died in 1967 and was replaced by a lookalike called William Shears Campbell (Billy Shears). Not only that, some believe that Billy also played Vivian Stanshall!

    Now Vivian Stanshall was a real person who died in 1995 so if this is the case then the Paul McCartney now must be being played by a different person.

    Or – and this has been bugging my brain for days – perhaps the real Vivian Stanshall that died in 1995 was rather unreliable in the 1960s so maybe Billy played him if the real Viv was not available. The real Vivian Stanshall was as massive 6 foot 4 inches and Paul McCartney is 5 foot 9 inches but in some Bonzo performances Viv is wearing built up shoes and is skinner than reported in other places in the same year. His hair also changes from being ginger to short blond.

    Probably rubbish but check this out:

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