Olly Alexander [2]

When he was chosen to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest, young Olly promised (perhaps that should be threatened) to do so ‘ in the gayest way possible’.

Having seen his performance, I have to say that he did his very best; prancing around with a group of half naked young men who spent their time grinding and rubbing up against each other, on a set aptly resembling a seedy public toilet. Add to the fact that it was a shit song to start with, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for failure.

Presenter Nana Akua dubbed the performance ‘lewd and embarrassing’, which pretty much sums it up as far as I’m concerned. The public seemed to agree, awarding this career-wrecking performance a total of… how many votes? Go on, have a guess…

YouTube Link.

Nominated by : Ron Knee

68 thoughts on “Olly Alexander [2]

  1. Been trying to get a link for ‘ Buggery on the high seas by Cheech and Chong, funny as fuck. For some reason this cunt reminds me of the track. Shame I can’t find it. Probably been cancelled…….

  2. with my aversion to your modern bumbardier I would not watch the link, and reading the comments I’m glad I’ve saved myself from the horrendous visual assault of a gang of sausage and gravy merchants swanning around like a lot of retarded jessies, absolute shower of effeminate filth need a few years of hard labour to man the fuckers up, and have their arseholes sealed with hot bitumen.

  3. A fine example of the British art of cottaging Britain at its best. No points. Do not despair fellow cunters we still lead the field in rubber boat channel crossing. Fuck the eu in every possible orifice and as I’m feeling un medicated fuck the green agender as well

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