CYCLISTS (21)…….especially the Lycra clad , pointy headed club riders

I saw this article below and was compelled to issue a cunting for the Lycra clad berk who it appears has gotten away with a manslaughter charge , by the looks of it.

To quote the article ‘a speeding cyclist (read cunt) involved in a fatal collision with a pensioner could not be prosecuted because speed limits do not apply to bicycles. ‘

Detective Seargeant Ropafadzo Bungo… (what a fuckin moniker that is… D.S Bungo ) goes onto make some very valid points , I don’t want to repeat the article verbatim, suffice to say it’s about time the Law around cyclists was completely overhauled, please read the attached article which explains far better than I can .
P.S. Ropafadzo Bungo , what a fucking moniker😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Nominated by Paul.

57 thoughts on “CYCLISTS (21)…….especially the Lycra clad , pointy headed club riders

    • And of course Cycling UK etc are there going ‘b-b-but ACTUALLY motor vehicles…’ fuck off cunts. I don’t even drive (yet) and even I’m not on your side.

  1. One called me a ‘Prick’ the other day.
    Cheeky cunt.

    Think he expected me to crawl up a hill and stay behind him at 5mph.

    • I bet you’d stay behind the bike if it was carrying Anne Widdecombe eh, MNC?
      What an ass!
      Those strong, shapely legs pumping away.
      Besides, you couldn’t squeeze past anyway, even on an A-road.

  2. Righteous cunting, cyclists think they are above the law and it turns out they are. The rest of us have to accommodate their cuntish road manners.


  3. All cunts, no fucking insurance, no need to prove road sense (test), no identification, no responsibility!

    No one gives a shit because ‘they’ want to get cars off road (the ones that were built for cars not fucking bicycles)

  4. A speed limit should apply to any vehicle on the public highway.

    This is bullshit.

    No way does it stipulate motorcars.

    If you’re on a space hopper or roller skates, it still applies if you’re using the road.

    Probably the judges fuckin boyfriend.

    • OT but how did you get on with the asylum seekers Mis? Hope you managed to insult/offend a good proportion.

      • Afternoon Arfur.

        It went like clockwork Arfur.
        Everything ready and packed in one room for me.

        The bloke climbed on my tail lift and said something in Arabic to his missus who was dressed as a blue Darth Vader

        ” Oi you gormless bitch get carrying these boxes or you’ll get a slap”
        -translated to English

        He was putting everything on the tail lift and we carrying it in with Mrs Vader.

        Give em that they take no shit off the missus 😆

      • I would’ve been too tempted to berate her for wearing such a heinous garment. Indeed, I have done that before when I’ve walked past letterboxes in the street. The things should be banned.

      • I wasn’t bothered Opey,
        More interested in getting paid.

        I don’t blame the men for making them wear that shite ,
        Most look like Rizzo the Rat.

    • There is an offense called ‘Furious cycling’ on the statute books at the moment.

      He could also be charged with negligent manslaughter, so it’s bullshit that Babylon can’t do anything, there’s just no cake involved.

  5. Backing the change, Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “Most cyclists, like most drivers, are responsible and considerate.

    Speaking to the BBC earlier this week, Duncan Dollimore from Cycling UK said he had “massive compassion” for people who had lost family members in collisions but that he did not believe there was a “huge gap” in the law.

    Have you ever in all your life read such bollocks?

    • Basically, ‘this is a personal attack on my community and I feel outraged but I’ll throw in some shit about feeling sorry for victims so the public see me as the reasonable one.’

  6. What a bunch of self-entitled cunts he and his gimp suited mates are.
    How fucking old are they? 12?.
    Riding as fast as they can on a public highway, albeit in a park.
    These arseholes make me vomit, I see bunches of them riding on the road but not using the designated and very expensive to build cycle lane in my area. Utter cunts.
    For the record I ride a bike to get from A to B and not for playtime.

    • Yes, tells you their fucking mindset Cuntalugs. I’ve seen this from London to the Lake District, the cunts ostentatiously riding just outside the cycle lane laid for them at the tax payer’s expense. When I see the result of them misjudging it and mixing it with a heavy lorry in London it warms my heart. See a bicycle there folded up like a piece of spaghetti and think some cunt was riding that. Excellent.

      • That’s it.
        What grown man wants to dress as a power Ranger and jump into traffic?

        Never wave you forward to overtake you notice?
        Veer into the middle to try and stop you.

        I regularly struggle to overcome my impulse to serve and knock one 30ft through a hedge.

        That’d be my Jimll fixit wish…

  7. I loved cycling.. as a child it was your first experience of independence.
    Travelling miles with a group of friends.

    Nowadays it’s been taken over by lycra wannabes.. your not Eddy Merckx. You are a cunt.. a dangerous unlicensed cunt..

  8. Customer of mine had some cunt cyclist mouthing off at her as she overtook him, shouting at her that she needed to give at least 3 metres clearance as she passed. This woman is not a fucking arsehole, and she’d given him a completely safe gap, so she said to him do you want to get your tape measure out then?

    She then got an officious letter from some cyclist enforcement group, telling her she’d been reported to them for abusive behaviour. She has written to her MP making the point that these bastards can easily behave any way they like, can’t be identified themselves, but can make totally unproven allegations against motorists who can be grassed up courtesy of their registration plates and who are convicted of the charges without fair trial. She won’t get anywhere, but a normally very mild mannered lady was moved to describe said individual and his little cycling SS buddies as total cunts.

    • To be honest you do need to give cyclists 10ft of room when overtaking cos of the chip on their shoulders and their huge sense of entitlement and smugness the absolute shower of cunts.

      • No I don’t think it’s a case of action being taken, more just a situation of these two wheeled totalitarians making threatening noises and acting with the smug assuredness that they are morally perfect and the rest of us are all gammons.

        The lady in question is also an incredibly nice and decent person who would never dream of being a cunt to anyone. But this is just so typical of the fascism of these modern identity groups. They’re not looking for people to agree with them, they’re looking for any opportunity to identify you as a dissenter so they can indict you and burn you at the stake. Total and utter cunts.

  9. These mofo, s are literally getting away with murder then, some rule changes are in order for these fuck knuckles…..

  10. If I see a cyclist I see a prospective cunt. Expect any stupid action you could name. I once had four of the cunts riding the full width of the road. Around a blind bend in the road. Luckily it was a country lane and could come to a halt before pureeing the dozy wankers into Strawberry jam.

    Mind you they got a fucking good lecture off of yours truly.

    • They need clothes lining at 40 mph.

      An acquaintance of mine has a bike that cost 5 grand!!! Wtf?

      We don’t talk about cycling because he knows I think cyclists should be used for medical experiments.

      • Funny you should mention a bike costing five grand, a customer of mine was also selling a fancy stunt bike following a clear out and the Facetwat advert said it had only been used four times. I’m guessing it was her older sons bike so it must have been brought for him when he was twelve or thirteen and has been sitting in the garage covered in dust for as long as I can remember.

      • I would have been demanding the little bastard was a BMX prodigy and won gold at the Olympics for that layout.

  11. Took dogs to the woods yesterday, single track road with passing places, sharp bends and hills

    Oh yes 2 of the cunts side by side…

  12. Now that this cunt has got away with killing somebody I fully expect drivers mangling some cunt cyclist on a busy road to be let off. After all, fair’s fair, innit? There’s also the fact that, now this cunt has had his face in a newspaper, the next time we see it there might be lorry tyre marks across it. Let’s hope.

    • Just as they should have done, the flag’s fucking racist, innit. Put up the Palestinian one instead, remember who’s going to be running the country shortly.

  13. Cyclist’s should be mown down with an HGV, or even better, a twin barreled .50 cal.

    The French should have been left to the tender mercies of Adolf Hitler.

    The utterly untrustworthy, sneaky despicable cunts.

    Good afternoon 👍

  14. The French have always been cunts Arch especially the cyclists riding around wearing a string of onions.
    What the fuck is that about? Probably to cancel out the smell of snails and frogs emanating from their slimy skin.

  15. Now the weathers improved, I shall be going out cycling today along the seafront in my old mans clobber of shirt flapping out with rucksack and cycle-clips or trousers tucked into my socks, making sure I travel slowly incase dog walkers and children are at play. Normally there’s few people around and just admire the view. On the way, I make sure my Beach Hut is alright. Then there’s always a chance of a chat with the locals and a laugh and a joke are my favourite pastimes. That’s just about the gist of it. Other days it differs.

  16. I’ve always secretly wanted to join one of these local cycling clubs whilst being super fit under the radar….then turn up on a 1950s shopping bike for one of their competitive road trials and blow them away with all their lycra, 10k road bikes, special helmets, shaving legs etc etc. Like that’s going to make any fucking difference to the performance of a semi retired 60 year old! Wankers.

  17. Why these cunts have to dress up like their on the tour de France is beyond me and they have to have a bottle fucking water as well and funny how the blokes have got no arses and skinny fucking legs fucking weirdoes

  18. Promenades are always full of Old People, hoping they don’t die before they’ve had a 99 with extra raspberry sauce.

    The fact that you’re only doing 3mph is immaterial, to them you are a Road Hooligan just like the henchman death scene in the Austin Powers film.

    Consequently they will inevitably fall beneath your Dunlop shod 1950’s wheels and end up with a broken hip.

    Whilst in hospital they will contract pneumonia and die.

    Meaning you can etch another notch on your bike pump.

    So tell us. How many old folk have you actually killed ?

    I think we have a right to know.

    You wicked man. 😁

  19. If we cyclists criticised motorists for risking thrombosis in the pouring rain, you’d have our guts for garters.

  20. Why do these cunts even bother with having a saddle? You only ever see them riding standing up on the pedals swaying from side to side .

  21. What a beautiful day.

    The Sun is shining ☀️

    And Fury got beat. 😆👍

    A council depot will be reporting the theft of ten ton of tarmac in the very near future.

    Good morning 🌄 👍

  22. The premise that the speed limits only apply to “mechanically-propelled vehicles” (must be fuel-powered) is ridiculous on the face of it.

    What if a person driving a car wanted to save on fuel while going down hill so turned off the engine and floored the clutch but then accidentally hit and killed a pensioner?

    The vehicle at this point isn’t being fuel-powered so theoretically, the same rule should apply. Absolute bollocks.

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