Boeing, Boeing, Gone! (2)

I’m sure you’ve all seen stories in the news, recently, about plane doors flying open mid-flight.

One recently where a panel from the body of the plane fell off, Google it.

This is extremely concerning, but what’s absolutely terrifying is this news report about a whistle-blower.

John Barnett, about to testify in a trial about Boeing using sub standard parts in the construction of their planes, is found dead, an apparent suicide.

Well, that’s me decided. Guilty!
Won’t be flying a Boeing anything, any time soon.

Bunch of cunts ( that’s English for mafia)

Sky News

BBC News

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36 thoughts on “Boeing, Boeing, Gone! (2)

  1. Perhaps they’ve been infiltrated by an elite unit of Eco Warriors who are hell bent on sabotaging aircraft production to save the penguins..?

    Or perhaps Boeing are a bunch of profit obsessed Cunts?

    Fuck em and their rattling tin cans.

    • I don’t leave Blighty anymore, if I want to smell shit encrusted foreigners there’s always a local shopping center open somewhere

  2. Right. Fuck that – neither ‘report’ there putting any effort into the Barnett story.

    I – coincidentally – watched this 14 minute vid specifically about the whistleblowet story last night.

    Just the right balance between length and content, if anyone wants a bit more insight.

    Am only putting it here, now, because sky and bbc are details ‘light’ at best Deliberately lenifying more likely. Plain laziness or sinisterly … who can tell anymore?

    (Also Boeing and their suppliers full of underqualified DEI hires).

    • I’ll watch yer link later.

      Curiosity got the better of me. Does Mr Whistleblower take a swing at a specific Tier 1 subk?

      No names.

      • All testimony already given … is privileged to Boeing & the solicitors now that Mr Barnett is deceased, so if he DID, we don’t and most likely won’t ever know.


    • Just watched that. Excellent, measured, not hysterically dramatic, calmly delivered.

      Serves to convince me that John Barnetts alleged suicide was convenient, not for Boeing, as pointed out, it damaged them further.

      Who are Boeing rivals?

      • Airbus, I guess.

        It left me thinking last night : if not Boeing itself, how about a high level employee, complicit in the many emergent shortcomings and the covering-up of them etc. ; who acted alone to save his own skin … same net result. Or ditto but a supplier with huge financial interests?

        That’s more than once I’ve seen/heard the ‘told a relative he wouldn’t be self responsible if found dead’ angle in this case.

    • Have you SEEN their dozen-fat-black-chicks ‘dancing’ in the office DEI ‘ad’ or ‘boast’ or whatever the fuck reason they made it for?

      Brutal. DEI fine, I suppose, for Starbucks or whatever, … but aerospace? .. There HAS to be a line somewhere ffs…

      It was no *small* mistake/oversight with that door plug that failed .. and several more have been found in a similar defective state on subsequent inspection..

      Or so I read. Y’cant really trust anything you see anymore.

      • I’m not ‘down’ with DEI one iota, by the way. ^ That just meant if cunts insist on the nonsense. then do it in trades where it doesn’t really matter in any way when the prancing is over and some important work needs to get done.

        There were probably a couple of
        XY types in the video mentioned that like their toast done on all three sides, as well… I didn’t look too closely.

        Here’s 2 minutes on their DEI priorities.

        Got anything nice booked for the holidays folks? It was one thing being constantly tormented over this woke shite. Potentially literally DYING because of it, though? … 😤

        I suppose we should be glad the 400-450 Boeing-built nuclear missiles currently sitting in U.S silos were manufactured before the world went completely mad… 😃

    • I wrote a long rant previously about the danger of these DEI enforced hires.

      It took just two of these fucking cretins to sink a fantastic company. That’s a 1:2000 ratio.

      Please attend your African History mandatory training.
      It’s African American STEM week.
      Have you forgotten to attend your compulsory Alphabet Soup training
      Did you just ask for Black coffee? No Sir, it be coffee.

      We used to raise money for Veterans; company events, challenges etc. All this was cancelled.

      Oh and don’t forget your modern slavery report. Fuck off.

      We all quit.

    • Virgin airlines used to have adverts with sexy airhostesses, now its hippo lizo with piss stains on its thighs, and have you seen its mammary glands, like mud flaps on a bin lorry

  3. It was the Feds, man. Boeing are right in the middle of the military industrial còmplex.

    That or he killed himself like Dr David Kelly. It all became too much.

    • Boeing, like Lockheed Martin ARE the industrial pat of the MIC.

      The UK MoD certainly like procuring stuff from them.

      Tanker Aircraft, Surveillance Aircraft, all Boeing products operated by the RAF.

    • knifed himself to death with a apple peeler did he, exactly like kelly then, he tried to zip himself into a suitcase but he wasn’t flexible enough.

  4. No problem to me. I have a private jet that runs on cheese and wine that I get from the Duchy of Cornwall.

  5. I propose this.

    We buy their most dodgy ‘falling apart’ planes and use them to ship illegals to Rwanda, ensuring that all life jackets have been removed.

    Job done, happy days.

  6. “We can’t wait to meet you”

    I imagine it will be your maker, if your engineers are making tik-tok videos..

    Air carriers should always carry a diane abbott or dawn butler for such emergencies..
    Nothing plugs a hole like a fat porch monkeys arse..

    The titanic would of made it to new York if flabbottus had been around.

  7. There used to be a big sign on the wall of the Boeing Final Assembly line in Seattle.
    It read, in aviation, ‘Quality is King’
    It was removed when some wag from the shop floor scrawled under it ‘but in Boeing cash makes the Empire.

    If it’s a Boeing, I ain’t going.

    • 2 more Boeings that lost doors back in the 80’s.

      How either crews landed them, I’ll never know.

      In fact the captain of 811 said if he’d been shown a pic of how extensive the damage was in the air, he never would have landed it successfully … (United 811).

      But as bad as THAT was, … Aloha 243 just takes the prize…

      Both worth a minute of anyone’s day to stick in yer search engine.

      Apologies, folks, .. I’ve seen every episode of any show to do with this type of thing.

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