The Anarcho-Tyranny that calls itself London

One the on hand you get ordinary people being priced out of travelling into London by ULEZ and congestion charges and various fines and costs, and hounded by the Met and transport police for expressing themselves -perfectly legally, one might add – yet mentalists can stab and maim with little the police and MPs are willing to do about it. Asylum isn’t the problem says my own MP, Gillian Keegan as well as other tory MPs all of whom are now confirmed Blairites.

They missed out one word: Asylum isn’t the ‘only’ problem, as we have enough home-grown fruitloops and young insecure and worthless cunts strutting about in major cities, feeling they should have respect and deserving none, taking to criminal acts because the police are a joke, and too busy policing ordinary taxpaying people who dare pray, sing or play pianos in public..
-the tyranny.

It seems London’s reputation in the international business community may now be under threat, given the sheer amount of muggings happening in the capital, including the more well-to-areas like Mayfair.
-the anarchy

Indian businessmen are warning each other that getting mugged on the streets of London is more likely than in Delhi. How long before it effects the networks amongst other key trading nationalities?

Will the principles of diversity at any cost trump Global trade, the bread and butter of London’s wealth? It’s a bit embarrassing for British trade delegation to go to India and be told your capital is a crime-ridden dump.

When the working man, the middle class professional and the international business elite get fucked off with living, working in and visiting your city, you should worry.

London is threatening to become like Los Angeles and San Francisco; an Anarcho-Tyranny facing an exodus of talent and investment because its feral elements -all part of living in a big city, I guess – are completely out of control.

Hindustan Times

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63 thoughts on “The Anarcho-Tyranny that calls itself London

  1. I’m an exiled Londoner, it will never be the same.
    The tragedy of where I now live is the locals think their rural market town bubble will be safe, well it won’t unless this shit stops, the overflow is happening now and has been for some years.

    • I live in a formerly ICI dominated post-industrial northern town, for decades predominantly white because living and working here was unattractive to the once manageable number of those seeking to start a new life in the UK. Since the 1980s the place has taken on many attributes of a dormitory town, becoming cleaner and more prosperous and remaining overwhelmingly white. Not any more. Over the last few years there has been a large and accelerating influx of uninvited invaders. They have no skills and no work and are seen shambling around the streets, piss-poor and wearing long miserable faces. There’s nothing here for them, long-standing residents didn’t invite them and certainly don’t want them. How long before they turn to crime? And what is the excuse for a government doing about this problem that’s waiting to explode in our faces? Letting more of them in. Only mass and protracted civil unrest will put a stop to this lunacy.

  2. Go full escape from new York and Wall the shit-hole in..

    Instead of the Duke, khan can be the daki, until he is butchered five minutes after the KFC runs out of chiggun.

  3. Agreed and I live near London and attribute this tom fuckery on the Oompa Lumpa that is Khant.

    Most niggy nogs and dakis think he has their backs so can get up to all sorts of tomfoolery.

    That said, the smug Hindustan Times can fuck off, if the rich dakis that walk the streets paved with Silver don’t like it, fuck off.

  4. Gillian Keegan was my MP when I was at uni. She’s also married to one of the scum from the Post Office/Fujitsu (I can’t remember which). Prime candidate for the oven.

  5. Wasting their time bending lammys ear, especially if there is a buffet.. to busy filling his pockets with bombay mix and samosa’s..

  6. Dear dear, millionaire’s don’t feel safe in Londonstabistan.

    Well no surprise, I never feel safe when I travel to a third world shithole as well….💩

  7. maybe Im an anti social cunt, but who the fuck would want to live in a city or large town?

    to my mind its not natural for humans to be thrown together and living in confined areas…it just breeds tension and resentment.

    give me a small village or in the country on the outskirts any day.

    living in london must feel like you are on a constant bus ride…crammed against your will in a small area with a load of cunts who you wouldnt want to pass the time of day with

    • Naive under-30 humanities graduates. who think the world can be a big melting pot and all you need is love and watch George Ezra at music festivals.

      Strange then that all four girls i knew who went to university in London left within months because of feeling unsafe and/or surrounded by people no speaky da English.

      That was back in the early noughties; hardly five-six years into Blair’s time as PM and the influx of Polaks and other animals.

      • Mad Vlad wishes he had one that could do it.

        I’m not sure he has these days.

        Lots of talk about these so-called next gen super weapons.

        I reckon it will be a TU-95 Bear with a classic stand-off cruise missile, same old shit they’ve used for 50 years.

      • London is probably the safest place from Mad Vlad.

        It is where his muckers own most of the expensive property and where their children like to go clubbing and fritter away all the wealth they’ve stolen from their country.

  8. I have to divide my time between London and Hertfordshire because my wife has a business in London. I hate the place and when I’m there can’t wait to get back to the relative sanity of Hertfordshire.

    Look at London and you see the future of the UK. Creeping urbanisation, peacefuls and other assorted third world shite, middle class woke Joaquin’s and Jocasta’s, rampant crime, “ diversity” pollution and incompetent, corrupt local government.

    If you are tired of London you are tired of life, Dr Johnson famously quipped. I say being tired and disgusted with Londonistan is a mark of good sense.

    Shame the Luftwaffe didn’t finish the dump of for good. A shithole.

    • I never got to be tired of London. I never gave t the chance having lived in Central London (Guys Hospital for most of four months in 1995) then working there for most of 1999/2000.

      It has pretty much everything you need and there’s lots to do, but it is too expensive, filthy and full of unfriendly cunts.

  9. When you have that cunt Khan saying “It’s just part of living in a big city” what the fuck can be done? What an insipid, vacuous fucking weasel he is.

    • I first saw a sootie when I was about 6yrs old.

      I was fascinated!

      Wool instead of hair
      Little tiny ears
      Pneumatic lips
      And skin like chocolate.

      I wanted to talk to him,
      He was exotic!

      Like interviewing one of the monkeys I’d seen at Belle Vue with my gran.

      I didn’t hate him.
      His skin made no difference to me.

      Nowadays the cunt would try and mug me.

      Multiculturalism doesn’t work.
      Our differences divide us.
      It’s all been a horrible experiment.

      London is fucked.
      Maybe we can save the Isle of Man.

      • I befriended a half-English-half Sri Lankan lad at Primary school in rural Sussex. There were two sisters with Indian parents as well but no black kids, just a few white saffers.

        Even then though, lots of kids in my school had stepdads.
        It was a badge of honour for some especially if he had an exciting job, like working on F-111s at RAF bases.

        That young lad really upset the teacher who must’ve been a Greenham Common type.

      • Its not a boast Mis, I’ve mentioned on here umpteen times I was twice your age when I first saw mine, walking past the Bradford Colliery where plenty of soot covered white men in the fifties.

      • Just spotted you moggie63. The reason was being away on a short break and the trains were completely empty on the 8th.

    • To embellish, I was staying with my lady friend in an out of the way cottage in the hilly area of Amersham, without any contact with the outside world, wanting to have all the piece and quite of a lovely couple of days and even decided to stay an extra day. How fortunately we did.

      • Well it was a day you wouldn’t forget traveling on London Underground in rush hour on an empty train, after just leaving an enchanted cottage I always remembered the days we visited there.

  10. When you import shit, two things happen.

    The place becomes a shithole
    The place fucking stinks.

    Why the fuck do people think other cultures are actually desirable.

  11. Khan’s next rebranding exercise when Labour comes to power and he is eventually made PM.

    Big Ben to be called Big Allah
    Buckingham Palace – Abdul’s Mosque
    10 Downing Street – 10 Mohammed Avenue
    London Eye – London Burka
    St Paul’s Cathedral – Imam’s Mosque
    Piccadilly Circus – Rugmuncher Alley
    Trafalgar Square – Bummer’s Corner
    Westminster Abbey – George Floyd Memorial

  12. They’re right sour faced twats in London.

    We used to wind them up a bit.

    ” Morning!!” We’d shout out the van window ,- blanked.

    ” Alright pal?” I’d say to passerby’s.

    Couldn’t live there.
    Northerners are much more friendly.

    • I lived there from ’92 until 2014 and only got mugged once ! The rest of the problems with the blackies were bicycle theft and threats. Dodging bullets. Shagged a few women from foreign lands. Just of the top of my head.

  13. London has the best and worst things, generally. Best jobs, best public transport, best entertainments. And worst for peace and quiet, worst for crimes etc. What happens there usually spreads to the provinces. Think back to pre- graffiti and shutters on shops.
    Next up is large gangs of feral youths robbing as they please, and silly Ulez zones.
    Shame it seems to be all on a downward trend. Is there anything good that will come out of it?

  14. London can go hang. They voted Khunt in as mayor, which just confirms my opinion that it’s overrun with foreigners. Khunt represents them perfectly – anti-British, anti-white, pro terrorist. The Tories can’t even be bothered to put up a viable candidate: Susan Hall is never going to appeal to the “modern, culturally-diverse” Metropolis. Hell, she doesn’t even appeal to me! Perhaps, after Johnson, the Tories think it only fair to not actually try to win again. Howard Cox is the only decent candidate standing, but he’s a sensible, white, middle aged man, so a racist by default, totally unelectable. Never again will I set foot in London.

  15. It isn’t vibrant. it isn’t diverse. it’s a rapidly deteriorating shithole.

    Having lived in the poshest bit of London for the last 20 years, I have never been mugged, never been burgled and the missus has never been sexually assaulted.

    How is this?

    It’s called situational awareness and eventuality preparedness. If you know you’re going to a shithole area, dress down and don’t wear an expensive watch and wave an expensive phone about.

    It also helps to own a series of fucking massive and well trained guarding breed dogs to take care of the wife and house while you’re out working.

    I’m about to be transferred to a shithole site near the Ace cafe. When I brave the walk from the station to site, I’m wearing Israeli issue body armour and carrying a concealed Heckler & Koch 4″ boot knife.

    If it’s a choice between my life or some uppity sooty’s life, it is going to be the sooty every time.

    Always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    • Hear, hear, Odin! Act like a cunt, and you deserve the consequences.

      For example…whilst living/working in St. Petersburg, Russia, about 15 years ago, I saw a fellow expat giving it large one evening outside a bar waving his British passport around and wedges of dollar bills.

      A couple of hours later when the sun had set, I saw him getting a pasting outside the very same bar by a group of reasonably irate locals who’d had enough of his shite.

      That’s stuck with me, seeing that. So when I go up town for a day out boozing or ethnic food shopping, I make sure to dress down, leave the Rolex at home, and keep my phone to a minimum in public.

      Not hard to learn, is it?

  16. Simple truth is diversity and multiculturalism does not work. We are more different than we are the same, country differs from country. Culture differs from Culture, religion differs from religion, city, school, football team, family .
    Stop trying to force this inclusive crap on us it will never happen!
    Almost never anyway it does happen once we are dead and eventually turn to dust then atoms.
    That’s when we are the same and that’s the only time.

    • The one thing I can guarantee is the instigators of the attack on civilians in Israel are not missing bread…

      Or prostitutes, cocaine, booze, clean water, fast cars, massive intact houses and peace & quiet.

  17. Alright, MNC?!

    I’m pretty sure you’re similarly inclined when I say I’m quite happy with my lot in the Peak District.

    No diversity ’round our parts, is there? We can roam about feeling safe; nae bother when barreling back from the pub at night; not to mention the unpolluted countryside, rolling verdant hills, and Country Cream gates.

    I’ve had to spend a couple of days up Manchester this week. You should see the state or Picanninny Gardens at lunchtime. Like a zoo, it is.

  18. I have to travel in London for work and go to some amazing places the highs and the very lows.
    Having to use public transport is a little scary when you are the only white face on a railway platform .
    However the future is worse .
    Labour has been shafted by the Muslims who wiill vote for their own and complete the takeover with the law changes to follow .
    Our weak government will do nothing to stop it just as they have done nothing about the illegal invaders arriving with no id
    Hope I’m wrong for the sake of our children and grandchildren
    As Carole King sang Its too late

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