Thangam Debbonair MP

Apologies in advance for another political cunting, but here is the case of an ugly raddled man-woman dripping with self importance and virtue signalling.

A woman whose very name should see her prosecuted under the Trades Descriptions Act, Thangam Debbonaire, a Labour wimminz of course.

This arsewipe seems to think children should be taught about “white privilege” – a fucking liberty considering this ugly cunt benefitted from an All Women’s Shortlist, and changing her name from “Singh” (her dad was a Tamil), to Debbonaire but still plays the race card when it suits:

The cheek and entitlement of Starmers party of shitty cunts passes all belief. Christ help us if this idiot becomes a minister. She even makes Angela Rayner seem vaguely fuckable.


Nominated by W. C. Boggs.

69 thoughts on “Thangam Debbonair MP

  1. She can, as the yanks say, suck a bag of dicks.

    This spoiled narcissistic twat thought being told to get in the sea constitutes a death threat.

    Stupid cunt who hates free speech.

    Get in the sea.

  2. Another one from Nutty Labour
    If you vote for these cunts you need your head testing 👎👎
    If you think things are bad now wait till the snake charmer becomes PM 👎👎

  3. I want children in schools to study the enquiries into the Rotherham and Rochdale grooming cover-ups.

    Forewarned is fore-armed.

  4. Where’s me privilege forking out on taxes, VAT, council tax, daft money for food and fuel?

    Another dunce of a politician. More interested in half baked ideas than economic reality.

  5. This looks like a doctor I visited when mooching around Thailand. It was for a stomach problem, but she said, “take off jacket and shirt”, so I did. She then said, “Now, lemove sock and shoe”, so I did. Next she told me to take off my trousers and pants. I did, but must’ve looked a bit wary as she said, “You no worry. Having erection perfectly normal in dis situation.”
    “I haven’t got an erection,” I replied.
    “No”, she said, “but I have.”

    Oppa Thangnam-Style

  6. I might have a go at doing a nom on this in due course, but I have just been sat rotting my brain in front of the box with my 11 year old daughter, observing in the course of an advert break how we not only can’t get through a single commercial without a black face, but white faces are hardly anywhere to be seen.

    I asked her what percentage of the British population is black. She paused to formulate a sensible answer, and took a shot at 25%.

    I asked her how many black students there are at her school.


    How many black friends.


    How many black people she sees in the supermarket.

    Fuck all (language adjusted for a well brought up fresh minded innocent with nothing but stars in her eyes).

    I revealed to her the figure she was looking for was 4%.

    “So why do I see nothing but Shines portraying the typical British citizen on TV dad?” she said. Well, words to that effect.

    The gravamen of my conclusion being – kids really are being taken in by all this filthy brainwashing, and is it any fucking surprise.

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