Revising Shakespeare is a Cunt

Arguably, the greatest English language poet of all time, Shakespeare has been interpreted and reinterpreted thousands of times as different actors, producers and directors have all sought to put their stamp on his literary masterpieces.

Today there is a disturbing new trend that seeks to replace the genius of the Bard’s work with revisionist Wokeist dogma.

First up we have Macbeth starring Daniel Craig. Truth in advertising; I never liked Craig as 007. I’m glad his run is over. And I don’t care what he does post Bond. But I came across this load of manure and was shocked that even a talentless hack like Craig would involve himself in such revisionist, woke nonsense:

NY post

Did you all notice the lack of 11th century costumes? The modern clothing?

How about the fact that 2 of the Witches were Schvartzes and one was a man?

By the way, this wagon load of manure is from 2022 and still running.

Then of course there’s this bit of wokery; & Juliet

That’s right it’s…& Juliet

In this brilliant adaptation, it turns out that Romeo was a player! Quite the Player. Despite his dalliances with Juliet, he was hooking up with the entire assortment of alphabet soup characters.

After his death, Julie found out about his amorous adventures and rather than off herself, she embarked on a journey of self awareness, went to France and had all kinds of fun with her non-binary comrades.

The great Megyn Kelly and her excellent guest Adam Corolla:


Despite the plethora of cuntiness that this nomination invites the IsaC Faithful to comment on, the single most important aspect was brought up by Adam Corolla.

This is about grooming.

And as Megyn’s remarks show, parents must go above and beyond in order to keep their children from being co-opted by the horde of degenerates now operating openly under the guise of artsy-fartsy, woke orthodoxy in our society.

Nominated by General Cuntster.

82 thoughts on “Revising Shakespeare is a Cunt

  1. That moon cricket in the pic is smiling because he and his simian tribe have just eaten that poor honkey.
    Then they’ll cast ooga-booga black magic on the skull.

  2. There is nothing these meddling faģgøts won’t twist to suit their multicultural,bolshie degenerate agenda.

    Cry Havoc and let slip the Cunts into Oven.

  3. They should not call these plays with the names that Shakespeare gave the originals.

    I think that I’m right to say that West Side Story was just a different version of Romeo and Julliet.

    So was Gnomeo and Julliet.

    Leave the originals alone, use some imagination with the titles and try to stand on their own merit.

    Theatre is shit anyway and Shakespeare was a slap head cunt.

  4. Shakespeare is hard going at the best of times, but this kind of self-indulgent tripe renders his stuff unwatchable. Lawd spare us from ‘re-imaginings’ and ‘new interpretations’.

    Afternoon all.

  5. Regardless of whoever performs Shakespeare in hamshankland, it would have its crude stresses unlike our more refined delivery. I’ve heard extracts from their versions and I simply piss myself laughing.

      • We missed you on the Israel/Palestine nom Miserable. Its very unlike you to not stick the boot in.

      • That’s very true LL.

        I don’t really care about a load of desert dossers arguing with each other,
        I was more interested in the fact of Opey getting shouted down.

        I was impressed by his measured tone in defending himself.
        I’d of told them all to go fuck themselves.

        Who said ‘cancel culture,’ is a lefty thing! FFS😁

      • I’ll say this one more time, then I’m done.

        If you believe everything you read you are, simultaneously

        A holocaust denier/believer.
        A flat earther/a person who knows Earth is a globe.
        A mobile phone user/a tin-foiler who’s protecting himself from the alien rays.
        A Labour/Conservative supporter.

  6. Excellent nom General. We have had no shortage of revisionist Shakespeare plays on this side of the pond. Without exception, they have all been total manure.

    I have no objection to modern dress in Shakespeare. That just emphasises the timelessness of his plays. What I strongly object to is modern directors thinking they are smarter than Shakespeare. This trying to outsmart Shakespeare usually takes the form of pretentious staging (as in the Macbeth review you posted) and injecting woke into the bard – random inappropriate shvartzes and all (would a white actor be allowed to portray Othello?).

    Shakespeare was way ahead of anyone else, especially 21st century Homo Snowflakus. I would quote the Bard himself to these impertinent directors – “The common curse of mankind, folly and ignorance, be thine in great revenue!” To which I would add, with less literary flair, “cunts”.

  7. Anyone who loves (or hates) Shakespeare should try this Shakespeare generator which translates modern English to Shakespeare.

    EG. Flabbot is a fat racist darkey cunt – Flabbot is a bacon-fed racist darkey cunt !

    Get stuffed you fucking twat -Receiveth stuff’d thee fucking twat.

    Elton John is a fat queer cunt who will shag anything in trousers – Elton john is a bacon-fed que’r cunt who is’t shall shag aught in trous’rs.

    Don’t tell him Pike – Bid not that gent pike.

    Great fun if you are bored.

  8. Anyone who loves (or hates) Shakespeare should try this Shakespeare generator which translates modern English to Shakespeare.

    EG. Flabbot is a fat racist darkey cunt – Flabbot is a bacon-fed racist darkey cunt !

    Get stuffed you fucking twat -Receiveth stuff’d thee fucking twat.

    Elton John is a fat kweer cunt who will shag anything in trousers – Elton john is a bacon-fed que’r cunt who is’t shall shag aught in trous’rs.

    Don’t tell him Pike – Bid not that gent pike.

    Great fun if you are bored.

      • Even stupid songs by Madness sound sublime in the Shakespeare Generator –

        I’ve been driving in mine own car
        t’s not quite a jaguar
        i hath bought t in primrose hill
        from a bloke from brazil
        t wast madeth in fifty-nine
        in a fact’ry by the tyne

        t sayeth m’rris on the doth’r
        the gpo did own t bef’re
        i driveth in t f’r mine own job
        the gov’rn’r calleth me a slob
        but i very not much careth
        giveth me some gas and the ope air

  9. Bernard Manning called me Will Shakespeare once, I got up for a slash whilst he was on stage at the Embassy club. To wee or not to wee is the question ?.he Said over the microphone. ( Lol club goers).
    I deserved it , at the time my hairstyle was a Scullet..thin on top long at the sides…😂😂😂😂

  10. This reminds me of Alan Bennett’s film version of The Madness of King George lll, of which the third had to be dropped, because the silly yanks thought it was the last of a trilogy and wondered why the first two hadn’t been advertised. I’d have left it and leave the silly cunts guessing. But that would mean cutting ones nose off to spite the face in lost revenue, due to yanks being unable to find the first 2 films that don’t exist and think fuck it, I’m not watching the last one because we silly cunts love trilogies.

    • I really can’t understand that, Sammy, although I find it believable.

      So I’m assuming not a single one of them ever watched the first Star Wars film?

    • Here’s another laugh. The brilliant Italian neorealism film Ladri de Biciclette in English was called The Bicycle Thieves. The thick yanks called it the Bicycle Thief, became only one bicycle was stolen by one person in the film. He,he.

      • I’m still waiting for a septic to die after throwing themselves out of a first floor window in England. It may have happened, only a relative might be too embarrassed to admit it.

      • Here’s a few laughs as well:

        Live Free or Die Hard was re-titled Die Hard 4.0 because the dumb ass Brits couldn’t figure out it was the next film in the franchise series.

        Harold and Kumar go to White Castle was re-titled Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies because more dumb ass Brits thought it was a travelogue about visiting the Tower of London.

        Harry and the Hendersons was re-titled Bigfoot and the Hendersons. Perhaps because even more dumb ass Brits thought it was about a young Prince Harry.

        And finally, American Pie: Reunion was simply called Reunion because the dumb ass Brits thought it was a reality show about baking.

      • Calm down General.
        No need for the trembling bottom lip.

        Sammy was only mildly joking.
        No need to get weepy.

        Get a grip of yourself
        Don’t act like such a tart.💋

      • Sammy’s dislike of Yanks is well documented on the pages of this August forum.

        From the beginning he mischaracterized film title translations because (a) he hates Americans and is grasping at straws to make us look bad. Or (b) he doesn’t understand language differences between different cultures.

        You’re just Butt-hurt because he’s a Brit (and therefore one of you) and I pointed out the fallacies in his remarks. It gives you another opportunity to jab at me again.

        If you don’t like what I have to say, pull up your big boy underpants and move on to a different thread.

      • Your very thin skinned!
        Lighten up luv.

        Sammy doesn’t make you look bad.

        Your more than capable of going it alone in that regard.

        If you can’t take a joke , fuck ya.

        (Take a breath, guys! Thanks – Day Admin)

      • You are correct…Sammy didn’t make ME look bad at all. He made himself look bad by displaying his childish ignorance.

        By the way…after all the shit I’ve taken you say I’m thin skinned? You inserted yourself in this thread because you just want to pile on and take shots at me.

        You really are clueless.

        If you send me your email address, I’ll wire you a few quid so you can buy a clue. You can get it from your hack friend, the Fake Admin.

        Otherwise…take a hike Pike.

  11. “If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun; If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.”

    Shakespeare was a mudshark

  12. We have the free love, anything goes, 1960s generation to blame for all this degeneracy.

    Black “actor” Larry Olivier should not have been allowed anywhere near Shakespeare.

    It’s no exaggeration to say that without “dear” Larry’s pioneering portrayal of Othello, Lenny Henry would never have got a look in.

  13. My Dad often goes to the theatre with one of his lady friends.

    For some reason someone bought her tickets to that & Juliet bullshit.

    Neither of them were impressed with the ‘in’ woke gags and Dad fell asleep in the second half, having taken his hearings aids out.

    His lady friend likened the experience to being stuck in the audience with the residents of the howler monkey enclosure at London zoo.

  14. The only time I ever saw a play relating to Shakespeare that I actually enjoyed was ‘Rozencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’, by Tom Stoppard, if memory serves. It was brilliant.

  15. It also annoys me why an English film title is changed to suit the American market, in case they don’t understand it. Fuck ’em.

  16. Saw Evita at the Crucible.

    Marty Pellow played/sang the Che Guevara part. That bloke really had a set of pipes.

    But generally, I don’t enjoy the theatre/cinema experience.

  17. Id like to see a Shakespeare play.
    Macbeth preferably.
    In a proper theatre.

    But with a all white cast.

    I wouldn’t be able to take it seriously with a sooty in it.

    May as well be Keith Harris and Cuddles on stage.

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