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An eleven year old Kray wannabee walloped three boys and 2 police officers were sent to the boys home to discuss it with him: one a man of 48 with twenty years experience in the job, the other a young tart “P.C. Rich” a real little uni snowflake if ever was.

The boy sweared freely, not least at the older policeman, and was playing with his mobile phone and not engaging. As the boy became aggressive, the police officer shouted at the boy and there was an altercation. The father of the boy asked the two officers to leave the home, which they did. I was just surprised that fragrant PC Rich didn’t offer to kiss the little boy better (he had hit his own head on his own wall during his tantrum).

Now this “old school policeman” (their words not mine), faces losing his job at a tribunal. It was solely through him that the boy hates the police so much and has threatened to kill policemen. He clearly hasn’t been helped by P.C. Rich, who clearly disapproved of his actions. Thanks to him there is the danger this boy will turn to a life of crime. He was well on the way to it, before this policeman came along.

Is it?. He sounds like an out of control little bastard who needed a good slapping from his father, though dad is clearly scared of his own son.

So Hampshire might well be losing one of those rare officers these days who are a credit to their force:

Daily Mail

Proof – yet again – that policing is a man’s job and not for university poofters and daft girls.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

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  1. 3 cunts in the room during the events described. Cunt kid. Cunt father. Cunt spineless partner.

    It’s rare to find a cop willing to put in the effort these days, .. and then when one DOES, .. he’s on the carpet for it.

    Little prick, meanwhile, will probably be a local ‘hero’ amongst the local FB X etc. scumbag brigade.

    No winners in this story. Certainly not society.

  2. p.c. rich thought the officer’s actions were ‘old school’ …………
    you soppy soy latte drinking fanny that’s exactly what is required to sort this shit out, instead of pandering to the ‘oooh i hate you pigs’ little fart, hopefully when he starts up again he seeks you out and shows you what taking the ‘softly,softly’ approach has done to the profession…….proper ‘old school’ would have been a thick ear and grounded for a week and that would have come from the father, pathetic shit show

    • “Put down that fucking phone when an adult is speaking to you” (from cunt senior) at a bare minimum , (and then take it and fuck the thing against the wall if/when defied).

      Bit more effort like that in the past, the rozzers might not be calling to the house in the first place.

  3. The article paints a different picture to the nomination, which neglects to mention that PC Pearson grabbed the boy and the altercation led to the boy hitting his head against the wall involuntarily. That even Pearson’s colleague was surprised and the boy’s father asked them to leave suggests a more complicated situation than the nomination lets on.

    If this is the behaviour of the police with 11 year olds – whatever they say to an officer – it looks completely unhinged and unprofessional.

    Misconduct could be the least of his worries.

  4. I think a reconstruction of events is called for and the old school copper to kick the living daylights out of the cheeky little cunt.

  5. There used to be a thing called a ‘Police Caution’.
    I should know, because when I was very young I got one.

    Your parents were told to turn up with you at the police station where a senior officer would tell you the error of your ways.
    You were then shown the custody suite and the cells, some of which may have been occupied.

    It was made very clear that you would end up in one of them if you didn’t change your ways.

    These two police people turned up at the kid’s house and would have had to be invited in.
    They were wearing body cameras and recorded everything.
    They were not in control of the situation and they knew that they would have to leave immediately if told to.

    Now they are trying to make out that the senior policeman is some sort of old school, hard nosed, no nonsense copper.

    Fuck off!

    With that approach he deserves everything that he gets.

  6. How dare the police behave like that, save that behaviour for little old ladies that forget to pay the licence tax..

    Make him the met commissioner and let him slam that pàķi goblins head against a wall..

  7. “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, ” children should be seen and not heard ”
    These old sayings didn’t come about for no reason, brats are no different from dogs and horses train em properly whilst they are young, you leave the education of right and wrong till a puppy is fully grown and you are in for some serious trouble same with a child.
    Children need fear to help induce respect modern let’s discuss it darling upbringing has raised a generation of twats.

  8. Parents are to blame for a lot. They must even the balance. Too much discipline or lack of will determine the outcome. Love is the best answer.

  9. This is what happens when academics urge for social workers to deal with criminals and not coppers.

    Who’s going to be attracted to the police when shit like this happens? Not anyone who think criminals need to be nicked and prosecuted for sure.

    It used to be that the hardened criminals were the ones who were dedicated to a life of crime and knew there were consequences. Take away consequences and every little scrote can be a plastic gangster. The sweeney won’t be getting a few free digs at you because you’re now the victim.

    There are thousands of these little scrotes waiting to increase the amount of crime and there’s no one to stop them.

  10. Not arsed about the nuances of this situation.

    Gibbet the entire family outside the house.

    Then burn it to the ground.

    Sack the copper but secretly give him a medal and boost his pension by taking the pension from that bitch that ran the Post Office.

    Fuck Off.

  11. Should have pepper sprayed the little cunt and tapered the parents in the genitals for producing the horrible little bastard.

    The experienced copper’s only mistake was not showing the newbie the correct use of a telescopic baton when the opportunity presented itself.

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