The Pointlessness of Referenda

Fluff referenda about nothing of merit while other huge issues go untouched.

Arfurbrain’s mention of the 1965 capital punishment Bill earlier got the old noodle going … going-on 60 years since that, society has changed SO much, that (it will NEVER (‘be allowed’) happen) … it seems nigh-on time to review the decision. We all know that politicians can’t be trusted one bit to take any action besides the usual heads-in-the-sand nonsense so instead “referendum” came to mind. Which, of course the politicians have to set in motion, so catch-22.

Come on, the completely blanket-against even ASKING bleeding-heart brigade, sez I, … if you’re so assured of your self-righteous stance, you should be fully confident your righteousness will be confirmed. What are you scared of? The population’s opinion on matters of such gravity should be checked, certainly after five decades and in an undeniably steadily-decaying society, I reckon.

The link will show the Oirish bunch of political cunts are in a tizzy currently about a ‘big’ upcoming referendum on ….. changing the (supposedly offensive, now)wording about a woman’s place in the home, to reflect modern times or some such nonsense.

A decade ago it was about whether the word ‘marriage’ should be bastardized (😄) .. (gay stuff, it was, and – of course – passed.) Plenty of space left on the sheet for other questions that day but there mustn’t have been anything else important going on back then.

Now they want to add a second question to the forthcoming one re: diluting the word ‘family’, this time …

Why not make it 10 questions(a decarendum?) seeing as the hullabaloo will already be going on, on the day?

I can think of a few off the top of my head. FAR more important than the shit in that link article. Simple Y/N responses, (and non-binding)…just a feeler(s) for now on what way the wind is really blowing.

*Legalising the aforementioned voluntary human euthanasia.

*Death penalty for the heinous.

*Castration for the perverts.

*Continuing to treat illegal immigrants preferentially to their own born Nationals.

And so on.

It’ll never happen. Afraid the silent majority (busy working!) might just show ’em they’ve had ENOUGH of the shit about nothing that really matters, when everyday life for Joe Normal who has various grownup responsibilities & thus is generally too busy to spend their days arguing with the UNbusy circus that seem to be eternally pontificating about the rights of self-aggrandizing generally useless people to make their hobbies and perversions the most important thing all the time ….



Nominated by: Cunt ’em all

56 thoughts on “The Pointlessness of Referenda

  1. The last big referendum stung the establishment. Therefore the establishment will not allow the will of the people to sting them again.

    • Too right.
      They learnt a hard lesson.
      Even if you’ve spent millions on propaganda,
      The stupid Joe public bastards still voted the wrong way!😄

      They are still having dizzy spells and weeping fits about it.

      Shan’t think they’d allow us to spanner up anything else by referendum.

      • Ps

        As for the death penalty,
        It’d be my number one priority if near the levers of power.

        Child cruelty/ murder
        Child sex crimes

        All would feel the rope around the throat.

        So strongly do I feel about it that I’d offer to train as a hangman.
        Do it as voluntary work if it got me the role.

        Some say what about if it’s a wrongful conviction?

        Just pardon them.
        Bound to be guilty of something!

      • Naw, that’s a minor matter.
        Decriminalise it.
        Let the BBC find funding through donations buckets.

        Same with anyone cheating the tax man, or flashing.
        Minor telling off.

        Have to be proportional.

        Anyone invading from France,
        Straight off the dinghy straight to the gallows.

        It’d stop within 48hrs

      • I’d support any political candidate that would make this their platform for election.

        Or restoring the gun turrets along the coast, and manning them with the modern day equivalent of machine guns.

        We poison rats, though, don’t we?
        Job in the kitchen of the Barge for me, then.

      • Remainers snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, mostly down to pathological arrogance, and they remain as blinkered as ever regarding identity politics and immigration.

  2. I held a referendum on whether I ought to cheer up Kate Garraway by indulging in a sloppy 69 with her and the result was in the affirmative.
    Anyone got her address?

    • Unfortunately I have already offered Kate the emotional crutch of my clam hammer, Thomas.

      You will have to take sloppy seconds or scrape the face frosting off after I’ve finished with her.

      To be honest, it would be like chucking a chipolata down the blackwall tunnel, so you may as well go for trap number two straight out of the gate.

  3. The political cunts don’t like referendum, who cares what the people think, just fuck off and take it up the arse, the status quo shall be maintained….. forever 😂

    • I hope they don’t discriminate on age grounds, when selecting Death Squad applicants ☠️☠️☠️

      Us Baby Boomers still have much to contribute to society 👍👍

      I declined Ethel’s kind offer of a Gin and Tonic, earlier on. 😲

      I fear that I may be starting with some infernal malady. ☹️

      Dash it.

      Evening Unkle / All 👍

  4. The Irish seem to have more important things on their mind, like their government flooding the place with foreigners. They’ve resorted to torching the hotels, and probably aren’t that bothered about the constitution and the wording of the womens place in the home.

    • Good for them👍

      We should do the same.

      Immos kick off in Ireland they’d better remember that it wasn’t so long ago the Irish could make things go boom much better than a suicide bomber.

      • With the added bonus of being nowhere near the explosion when it happened.

        Clearly the bog trotter cunts are nowhere near as stupid as the jihadi cunts.

      • IF : I were Irish
        and had been involved in terrorism during the troubles I’d feel a patriotic duty to put those skills to good use .

        Maybe targeting mosques and asylum centres!

        I’m not condoning the idea of terror attacks,
        God forbid!!!

        Just saying that’s all.

        Nope, I’d truly disapprove of that.

      • @MNC. There’s lots of bother with immo’s in Ireland.

        Won’t be long before it kicks off big time.

        OT….. I spat a tooth out today. I’m holding you personally responsible for starting this dental apocalypse. 😁

        Now I’ll have to go and see my smiling Korean pickpocket ☹️

        Who’s next ?

        And when will it end ??????

        Good evening.

      • Hey up Jack👍

        Hehehe 😂
        Yesterday I went the dentists so he could look at the hole where they’d taken out my teeth,
        £25 just to look at a hole!!

        I asked him about my wobbly front tooth.

        Dentist ” you can have a implant,
        Be 3 grand.”

        MNC. ” Forget that.”

        Dentist ” you can have a tooth affixed to a plate on another tooth.

        MNC ” that’s not happening either”.

        Dentist ” Or, a single tooth denture? Maybe about £500″

        MNC ” Or could have a gap and it costs nothing. .
        I’m not particularly vain doc”

        Dentist ” or you could do that”.

        I’ve heard that it’s a sign of virility Jack , and women love men with hardly any teeth!

        All the birds fancied Joey Jordan and Jerry Dammers.

        And we’ll save money on toothpaste .

      • Ps

        I hope this is contagious and others on ISAC start losing teeth.
        Hehehe 😂

        Especially the yank cunters!
        Those big Donny Osmond toofy pegs are coming out sunshine!

      • I feel left out now.
        Shall I bash a tooth or two out?
        I could always take up smoking crystal mesh and they’ll drop out organically.

      • Get with it Thomas!
        Everyone’s doing it,
        Have some PCP to numb the pain and use some pliers on your front teeth……. fashionable and cool😎

  5. I was in France 2016 when GB escaped the claws of the EU, talking to the locals to a man/ women they where desperate for a Frexit vote.

    No fucking chance me and my fellow bikers said.

    Plus the cunts couldn’t make us vote twice ( despite the house of commons) like they did the numpy oirish….💩

  6. I recalled after typing the nomination, that the government in question have already proven the null value of referenda IN Ireland, … when the vote on the Maastricht Treaty didn’t go the government’s WAY in 1992, .. they added a few bells and whistles and asked the public again – not even a full year later – and this time got what they wanted.. which is an abomination as I always thought that even the cunts who voted the govt’s direction first time around should have been disgusted at the tactic, and subsequently voted the opposite as a protest. A wide oprn chance to show the useless cunts a bit of denial/backbone.

    But folk don’t think much beyond what THEY want at all. Bigger picture bedamned.

    So/anyways.. trivia about hurty words and cunts feelings remain the order of the day. Expensive little undertakings, too, I’m sure, these ‘votes’ about fuck-all as dystopia beckons in the background (for now) …

  7. Never see another referendum unless the cunts are sure of victory..

    It’s a bit like those parliamentary petitions,over 50,000 of them have been started.
    Have any of them achieved change?

    My policy would be to write your grievance and attach to a brick and hurl through your local MP’S house or car window, or if your really lucky their front teeth.

  8. God I loved Brexit ❤️

    I’m so proud of us all for kicking those globalist little shite hawks square in the bollocks.

    Oh I knew they’d punish us.
    But it was worth it.

    Always vote the opposite of what they tell you.
    Can’t go wrong.

    • But there was no benefit to leaving the EU…oh, of course there should have been many benefits, but folk like us never see any of them.
      Since “leaving”, thanks to the traitor politicians and civil service, we’ve got higher than ever before amounts of:
      Waiting lists
      I too thought/hoped it would be sunshine and rainbows after leaving, but the country is more fucked than ever and only a bit of it us down to chınkyflu.
      I blame Les Dennis.

      • And that £400m has gone to house the so very welcome summer fruit pickers, that are flooding our country, ’cause the benefit baby generation won’t work.

        Well, fuck that! In King JP land, you get fuck all unless you pick fruit and veg.

      • “But there was no benefit to leaving the EU…”

        Well, err, we can now have nice new blue passports.
        Also we’ve abolished our freedom of movement.
        Those two things alone make up for us being the first country in history to impose economic sanctions on itself, lol.

  9. General elections, by-elections and council elections are nothing more than glorified referenda.

    However, doesn’t matter what the majority want and hope from their elected party, they will ultimately end up shafted with policies that didn’t even know about, or were so well hidden in the party’s manifesto that no one picked up on it until it was too late to do anything about it.

  10. They never let you vote on anything that matters. The one time they did they lost.

    Anyone thinking voting labour will change a fucking thing need to watch Sir Keir my dad worked in a factory Starmer trying to define working class.

    No chance we’ll ever get a party that’s not owned by the corporations.

    The only referendum that would count would be a revolution, fat lazy cunts and emotionally crippled youth don’t riot unless the media manipulates them.

    We are being fucked while asleep!

    • Spot on Sixdog.

      Brexit and the Poll tax riots.

      Both blips in the machine I was happy and proud to be a part of.

      There’s no political party that represents the people who are likely to post on here.

      ISAC s are all individuals and different,
      But I bet to a man we agree on
      Traditional values of family, community,
      Hard work, etc

      Political classes?
      They don’t have a moral compass,
      They are happy to lie, steal, fuck over anyone and everyone,
      They have lip service patriotism
      They regard ordinary working people as stupid,
      There to be manipulated.

      Utter scum.

  11. I’d vote for Capital Punishment even though the majority is now against it. Some of the crimes that are done are so vile and we can’t even deport the cunts properly. In my opinion, their death should be related to their crime:

    • Terrorist who killed by stabbing: death by a thousand cuts
    • Animal torture: chuck them into a pen full of starving boars
    • Spiked drinks then raped: inject them with drugs and dump them at a Barrymore pool party

      • Yeah.
        Raped by two competitors from world’s strongest man.

        Roughly twisting his limbs into more suitable shapes to get access and 30 stone of muscle pounding his sphincter to bloody jelly.

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