Staffordshire Police Goes Woke

A cunting for Staffordshire Police, who have produced a document that says using the word: ‘policeman’ breaks the law.


You could not fucking make it up.

But they have:

The Sun

The document makes further suggestions for the way officers identify individuals by their jobs: ‘cleaning lady’ should be swapped for ‘cleaner’, ‘spokesman’ should be switched to ‘spokesperson’ and ‘statesman’ should be replaced with ‘official’, ‘diplomat’, ‘political figure’, or ‘leader’.

Apparently the guide is ‘by no means exhaustive or definitive’….

Also, ‘discrimination through language, whether intended or not, causes offence, patronises and may also be unlawful’.

No shit Sherlock!

It also covers disabilities and medical conditions, advising officers to try not use terms such as ‘diabetic person’, ‘handicapped’, ‘confined to a wheelchair’ and to DEFINITIVELY NOT use the term ‘dumb’ because it’s often ‘used as a derogatory term regarding someone’s intelligence’.


Oddly, the document says nowt about referring to police officers as ‘pigs’, so I’m alright Jack.

Fuck them.

Nominated by: Minge Juice Bottler

70 thoughts on “Staffordshire Police Goes Woke

  1. I didn’t think the police identified suspects unless they where white.
    So staffordshire police are ahead of the game..

    “Police are hunting for the suspect in the brutal beheaded, no more details at present.”
    “Any information please contact us.”
    “Stay safe out there..”

  2. So when Staffs Police get a royal visit, what are they to call the King?(Queen, Prince , Princess….etc )
    Another classic example of the planting of left wing loonies in all positions of influence. I dare say Unkle Terry will provide an admirable solution.

  3. No problem if the word “Policeman” is illegal. There are plenty of apparently lawful alternatives like – stupid Plods, the Filth, Pigs and Cunts.

  4. One of the many things that have changed radically since I grew up. The Police are not our friends……..don’t forget that!

    • The police tend not to have friends outside of their own profession.

      Says quite a lot about the characters being recruited. I know of a couple; both pitiful examples of manhood – proper ‘male feminists’; emotionally incontinent and astonishingly thick.

  5. They can’t use the term ‘policeman’ so it follows that they can’t use the term ‘policewoman’ either.

    What are they going to do about this blatantly discrimination……..

    Shut the fucking association down!

    • Wokery doesn’t work like that. Only ‘man’ is banned. Woman is fine, at the moment, although I suspect at some stage they’ll change it to ‘wo’.

      • Also, once there’s enough black and wög cock to go around they’ll try to get rid of white men altogether. Although fuck knows who’ll do the work and pay the taxes.

  6. I kid you not:

    Staffordshire Association for Women in Policing (SAWP)
    Our aim is to ensure women are empowered in the workplace.

    We seek the support of both men and women to help deliver our plan to ensure all women of any rank, grade or role can fulfil their full potential.

    • Morning Odin, wouldn’t you just love to show Owen Jones or James O’Brien this site?! Watch the rage build in their worthless faces as they enquire of you “so you agree with these horrible comments?” and you reply with “agree with them? Hell, I wrote that one that essentially states that blicks are violent, lazy and stupid and that all pakıs are smelly, insidious pædos.”
      Or, at least, that’s my opinion.
      Fuck the pigs! David Cameron-style…

      • It makes me wonder if there is a left-wing version of IsAC out there in the interweb Cunt Engine?

        Blue haired social justice warriors endlessly cunting Suella Braverman and Donald Trump.

        “GB News cant be cunted enough!” they cry and Nigel Farage is their Gary Lineker with about 37 nominations for being a cunt.

      • Morning Thomas, the very thought that there are people out there who don’t subscribe to their brand of leftard bullshit would send those two apoplectic with rage.

        This pleases me immensely.

      • Haha, got there first, Odin.

        The Left have been throwing wobblies over Musk wanting free speech.

        Perhaps they could start one called ‘Is A Gammon’?

  7. They can talk double dutch all they want.
    I still refer to people in the proper Anglo Saxon terms.
    Stinking Paki, stupid spasmo, bent bastard, etc, etc.

    Or just cunt.

  8. I can’t quite put my finger on when the police force became something to be wary of,almost like they are automatons parachuted in and definitely on their own side,not ours.

    I dare say they are trained to be unapproachable and authoritarian,likely in part as a response to these Modern Times.

    Anyhow,there’s something deeply unsettling about it,this rotten woke culture should have no place in the police but now they seem to lead the way to the sewer.

    Whoever composed this guidance should be shot.

    • They introduced ‘zero tolerance’ and sold it as coming down hard on criminals.

      Zero tolerance meant that everything was to be done ‘by the book’.
      Nobody had to think, assess or make any decisions.

      That way they could promote totally unsuitable people into high ranking jobs.
      Which they did.
      Women Chief Superintendents control almost all police forces.

      Cressida Dick, who was in charge of the force that murdered a Brazilian student on a London underground train was subsequently promoted to the head of the Metropolitan Police.

      She should have been charged and imprisoned.

      Pakistani and black police officers are fast tracked for promotion regardless of their abilities.

      There must be some good, dedicated police officers out there.
      But not for long, I think.
      Being constantly passed over for promotion and having to learn a new way of addressing their ‘clients’ will soon see them applying for early retirement.

  9. The latest bulletin from the Staffordshire Police:

    “Policecunt Randkeep Singh escorted a citizen refugee to the local Police Station today for culturally enriching an indigenous oppressor with his knife. According to Spokescunt Ahnad Habbi, no charges will be brought as they might hurt the feelings of the Potential Brain Surgeon.

    At this time we would like to take the opportunity to remind you all that; Diversity is our greatest strength.”

  10. They’ve wiped out the whole of my vocabulary in Staffordshire!!

    The big spastics.

    How am I meant to converse?
    Fuckin sign language?
    Government approved Subtitles?
    Write on big pieces of paper ala Bob Dylan subterranean homesick blues?

    Bunch of fuckin Midlands mitmots.

    She’s fit as fuck in the header pic

    • Boy, oh boy, she is fit. I’d fight a Man-o-war for her. I’d remove a Man-hole cover and swim the sewers. Man, I’m a man for all seasons
      Man, she is fit.
      That’s my Mantra.

  11. Excellent nom about the lazy fatso crybaby tossers.

    Soon it will be illegal to call on the bacon sarnie scoffing virtue-signalling cunts for assistance. Dixon of Dock Green is banned as it gives people the idea that they may get help.

    Still, at least you can see them coming a mile off and they can always be outrun. Even dribbling druggies with no arses can spot and outrun an elephantine pie
    munching wanker who is dressed in a high vis tent.

    Of course we will have to be careful not to show disrespect to the institutions now that the Gove runt is going to make it a criminal offence akin to treason. Ha,ha,ha,hee, heee, hee,hee, ha,ha! Who cares Gove? The huge bellied, toenail painting, tik tok loving, Keystone Plod will not be able to catch us anyway!

    PS Your horses are all gay. Fuck off.

    Good morning, everyone.

  12. Whatever respect the police deserved in decades past is long gone in this day and age. Most coppers now are the lowest of the low who go after easy targets with an us-and-them mentality. All useless pigs and bastards to a man these days, we have more reason to fear them than we do petty criminals. Our police deserve nothing but contempt.

  13. You can see why there’s no Crimewatch or Police 5 on the telly nowadays. Once they’d removed all content that was likely to offend the minorities, there’d be fuck all to broadcast.
    Can you imagine Shaw Taylor trying to give a description to camera with the information old bill give today?
    ‘South London police need your help in identifying a knife wielding maniac after multiple stabbings in Peckham high street on Friday night’.
    ‘They’re looking for ‘a man’.
    ‘Keep em peeled’
    End credits.

  14. The fat, lilly livered wankers have even come up with a new phrase to describe vast swathes of the British electorate.
    Henceforth they will be described as ‘Far right extremists’

  15. I’ve always found that ‘discrimination’ is what keeps the undesirable types out of my life.

    Humans will always discriminate, whatever some temporary law says. We’re hard-wired to discriminate against certain traits, such as strangers who are visibly sick or deformed. Insulting people’s intelligence is just what this PC nonsense does but it’s hardly new.

    Staffordshire Police can jog on, if they coukd after all the kebabs.

    Fuck off, plod.

    • There is much fact behind prejudice I always say. That’s how most people ran their lives in safer and gentler times. Some cultures are sly and old in cunning, others are outright detestable. These days you’re expected to pander to all of them.

  16. I’m an old decrepit cripple and don’t want to hear anything of that soft soaping shite. Otherwise I shall report you.

    I nearly fell down a manhole the other day, when someone silly cunt left the lid off. No it isn’t called a personhole.

    • I’m a man by the way, not a woman. They’ll be calling the opposite to me “wo” or something silly like that, if we’re not careful.

    • Morning Sammy 👍

      You should watch where your going you dozy cunt.

      Wasn’t looking in number 45s bedroom window was you?

      Maybe wear a crash helmet and wrap a single mattress around you in case of falling?😁

      • Morn Mis,

        You are right, I was doing exactly that. The person I was watching had two big sticky out lumps on her, sorry its chest and a hairy minge, opposite to me.

      • Hehehe 😄

        Sammy, do what I do.
        Get a ladder.
        An a bucket.

        Get a better view!
        If they phone the police act nonchalant and keep whistling.

        ” My first day on this round”
        Has been my defence many times….

    • Everyone knows “Old Man River.” I know it (arse about face) backwards, “River Man Hole”, meaning I’m contradicting myself.

  17. Every Saturday in Londonstabistan is now “Gas the Jews Day”, where Peacefuls and middle class commies mob up and take the fucking piss out of the law. It must be costing us a fortune in Police costs not to mention the loss of revenue in shops, bars, restaurants and theatres. Nobody wants to go up the West End when it’s full of primitive savages. The Met, the Home Secretary and Suckdick Khunt all have the power to ban this shit but they do nothing. If you can’t see who’s side the Establishment are on then you need a fucking white stick.

      • Lump that in with the covid witch-hunt, sorry inquiry, now at 70 million.
        Still it’s only money.

    • Why should the police be there? It’s not like the useless cunts actually do anything except arrest far right extremists, i.e. white male pedestrians.

      • They used to be called riots. The police would come along later and truncheon the lot and tell them to fuck off home.

    • I was screaming at the telly last night when those cunts appeared on the ‘news’.
      True to form, the cameras didn’t linger on the stinking, jabbering peacefuls, but on the middle class, lefty blue rinsers.
      Still, it was ‘mostly peaceful’, so that’s nice.
      Fucking commie wankers!

  18. There seems to be a competition between various organisations to see which one can produce the most nonsense and get away with it.

    There was something the other day in the good old US of A, three presidents of Harvard, Penn and MIT we asked if calling for the genocide of Jews broke their harassment and bullying policy… and obvious answer you would think but no, it depends on the context

    Here is a sample

    • The cunt from Penn resigned yesterday Sick but only after some big cheese ex-alumni on Wall Street said they could fucking forget about the $100M he was going to donate.

      • I did some rolling back on a Twitter grovel, the Penn woman obviously trying to save her skin, oops, it didn’t work.

        I liked the style of the republican woman who was doing the questioning 👍

  19. Staffordshire must be a crime free paradise for the police to pander to such people. Once upon a time, police used to fight crime, not the people.

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