The BBC [104], Russel T. Davies and Doctor Who [8]

Just when you thought this programme couldn’t get any more woke or absurd, it has done.

The Time Lord hero and his/her/its companions have already been woked to buggery. And the less said about the stories, the better. To see the female dark personage ‘Doctor’ in the official BBC 60th anniversary line-up of all the Doctor’s incarnations is nauseating enough. She had a small part in one episode (as – wait for it – a ‘Doctor of the future’🙄). The great Peter Cushing – who starred in two Doctor Who/Dalek films – is not included because he is not BBC or official, yet she is?! A curling woke turd of the highest order.🤢

But… But it gets worse. Because now they are woking the villains too.🤣

Executive Producer (‘showrunner’ my arse) Russell .T. Davies is making Davros an able bodied man (and white if he’s evil, naturally). Apparently Davies claims that it’s ‘offensive’ and a ‘stereotype’ to portray ‘dIsabled people’ as evil.

Somebody should tell Russell .E. Coyote that Davros is not a person. He is an alien Kaled from the planet Skaro. Davros also isn’t disabled. He is a Kaled/Dalek hybrid. He does not go around in a wheelchair and claim disability benefit. Davros is also fucking fictional, always has been.

Once again, the BBC and their lackeys are turning entertianment and escapism into a politically correct lecture, by shoehorning ‘real issues’ into it. The cunts would put sambeaus, poofs and climate change into the Magic Roundabout if it was still on.

Davies said (about the original and classic Davros) that ‘society has moved on’. Why doesn’t this mincing ninny get to fuck? What has society got to do with a ficticious alien mad scientist?🤔

And as for disabled people not being evil? Has the cunt heard of Oscar Pistorius?

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Nominated by : Norman

127 thoughts on “The BBC [104], Russel T. Davies and Doctor Who [8]

  1. One of the best nominations I’ve read for a while.

    Is there nothing you can watch these days that isn’t just plain entertainment for the fun of it?

    That’s probably why I watch ITV3 a lot – well, the bits they haven’t banned anyway….

    • How are you, Dio.

      It makes me laugh when ITV3 say before Man About The House ‘And now, comedy from another time, with different views’.

      Like it’s Leni Riefenstahl propaganda film, instead of a 70s sitcom.

      You’re right though. Every single programme is now a woke lecture. Even ITV’s last great cop show (Endeavour) ended up woke.

  2. if a man from the BBC tells you he’s a doctor and tries to lure you into a telephone box with jelly babies…..


    it’s happened to others.

    • Transphobia can only exist in the minds of the brainwashed, how can anyone have a phobia of something that has no actual reality.

      Now if ‘they’ said a phobia of someone who believes they are not the biological reality then ‘they’ might have a starting point, as long as the conclusion doesn’t include the word ‘woman’ 😂

  3. I look forward to it getting fucking destroyed by the fans..

    And the world leading cunts at the Al Beebijihad not giving a flying fuck as the totally unaccountable gravy train rolls along just the same as always.

    Those rats don’t give a shit if any of their “discharge” I mean programmes have an audience of zero.

    Old Davros is spinning in his vintage Martian wheelchair,the wicked old cunt.

  4. The only Dr Who’s worth watching are the old ones – especially Patrick Troughton, John Pertwee and Tom baker. They were just innocent fun. Now it’s become unbearable and pretentious woke claptrap.

  5. As a kid I loved visiting my cousin’s in Yorkshire,
    My uncle had made them a life size Dalek and TARDIS that you could get inside .
    Loads of little kids pushing a Dalek down the road arguing over whos turn was next.
    brilliant 👍

    For me the Doctor is John Pertwee ,
    always in a fuckin quarry somewhere with the Brigadier.

    I liked Tom Baker too.

    But after that I lost interest.
    didn’t watch until the manc one.
    He was good.

    But since him I’ve not watched it.
    I despise David Tennant.

    and I know I’d hate it.
    bearing little similarity to the show I watched as a kid.

    I’ll never watch it again.
    no point is there?

  6. I last watched it in 1973 I think, the series about the sea devils, Jon Pertwee’s last appearance.
    The only decent sci fi show is the original star trek, including Shatner’s overracting.

    • Let’s be honest,the only redeeming feature of this ludicrous offering was only ever the sublime soundtrack.

      I never engaged with the show personally even as a juvenile l found it of limited appeal (more Crown Court and University Challenge oriented) and it’s continued existence is to me a dreadful indictment of contemporary morays and degraded cultural proclivities.?

      (all done channelling a Kenneth Williamsian-Carry On Sergeant stylee)

  7. agree Mystic.
    I love original Star Trek..

    Shatners strange hammy acting kind of makes the show better.

    I like how costar George Takei hates Shatner!!😁👍

    sort of how Kato feels about Closeau?

  8. The term ‘showrunner’ also fizzes my shit too Norman. The term seems to have been adopted from U.S TV, probably so twats like Russel T. Davis can fantasize they are in Los Angeles rather than filming in Cardiff.

  9. Tennant and Tate are both cunts, for going along with this woke shitshow.

    Tennant seemingly has no problem with being emasculated and being the butt of a load of misandrist put downs by his ‘betters’ (i,e: fucking wimmin).

    Tate plays the same old bullying loud mouthed chav gobshite of old. Only this time, she is even mouthier and nastier. And she also deifies her rapid fire aging trannie offspring.

    And the trannie creature? What can I say? Well, this…
    An absolute atrocity, as a character and as an actor. They have to mention it was a boy time and time again. And the focus on ‘pronouns’ was absolutely sickening. They have also named the thing after Rose Tyler. I am sure Billie Piper is well pleased with that (I don’t think). Of course, the whole fucking episode revolved around the Papa Lazarou Carnival reject.

    The backlash from fans has been absolutely massive. Scores of ‘Doctor Who is dead’ videos on Youtube and hordes of contempt for the 60th anniversary freakfest. But, what did people expect? For a BBC/Disney production not to be a steaming woke turd pushing the ‘message’ down viewer’s throats?

  10. Everyone knows that disabled people are evil in films.

    Remember the Albino baddie – Dragon, in the classic 70s film – The Eiger Sanction?

    Clint Eastwood had no problem with portraying gays and disabled’s as untrustworthy villains.

    When Clint goes – the last milligram of testosterone in Hollywood will likely go with him.

    Evening Norman/all

    • Evening Herman.

      The Eiger Sanction was brilliant.
      Clint on form, George Kennedy, disabled baddie, tits on top of a cliff.
      Great film.

  11. The ‘Rose’ trannie creature is bad enough,
    But God knows what the black poof will get up to.🤢

    I dare say families with kids will watch as Gayblack Doctor tells of how he was bummed by a six dicked space bandit.

    • The BBC = Pederast Pravda.

      Regardless of Panorama last night. I guess it takes the spotlight off the beeb for once and puts it on posh Scottish schools.

  12. Woke cunts,eh? The thing is, there is no telling them. And reasoning and discussion is impossible. Anyone who says they disliked that 60th anniversary special is automatically labeled a troll, a hater, toxic and transphobic.

    Cunts like that mong on Digital Spy blubbering ‘But… But the ‘critics’ gave it an 89% rating.’

    Yeah, all woke ‘critics’ who love diversity and poofery. Turds like the Metro, the Grauniad, the BBC, and Digital Spite. As the late Charlie Watts (RIP) once said, ‘What the fuck is a critic?’ Critics mean piss all and they do not speak for the public.

    The public have spoken in droves, and they say that is is total shit,

  13. The new upcoming Gayblack Doctor has ‘responded’ to fans and their misgivings about the series being chewed up, spat out and shat on.

    He simply wrote (in caps) ‘TICK FUCKING BOXES!’
    The fucking poof.

    These cunts are laughing at all the old fans and pissing in their faces.
    Tennant (though not my favourite by any stretch) could have kept his standing in the show’s history intact. But he has chucked it away and joined the rest of those bastards who are shitting on normal, decent people and true fans.

    • At least Doctor Who has 26 years of programming to enjoy.

      Star Wars still just has the original trilogy and fuck all else.
      I couldnt be fucked to watch the Mandolorian.
      A)Who cares about some character pulled out of Disney’s arse? it’s not relevant as it’s set after Return of the Jedi.
      B) The baby Yoda is the most blatant and cynical attempt to shift toys ive seen in Star Wars. it’s a gimmick that goes nowhere.

      Once again though, the same man-babies who fell for The Force Awakens fell for this guff as well.

      They carry on watching because they ‘need’ Star Wars.

      Get a fucking life.

    • That pub RTD, Moffat and co sll met in and stroked each other’s egos was the Fitzroy Tavern.
      they’re all known for their refusal to allow anyone to challenge them on anything related to Doctor Who, all had pals and family at the Beeb.
      They thought everyone else who like the show was a clueless peasant.

      Fucking pathetic really.

      • All true Cuntamus.

        Davies actually calls old Doctor Who fans ‘legacy fans’. It’s not meant as compliment. He’s sneering at the loyal and true fans who kept the thing alive when it was off air from 1990 to 2004.

        Moffatt is known to be a monumental arsehole and a bit of a fetishist. Notice how many women he had in Doctor Who in stuff like jackboots, Nazi caps, eyepatches, Amy as a policewoman kissogram and so on. Not to mention Clara’s piss poor watered down dominatrix way of talking to the Doctor.

        They are like Viz’s Real Ale Twats incarnate. Ultimate jobs for the boys and total know all knobheads.

  14. Apparently, there is a cavalcade of dark’uns, mouthy wimmin, woofters, trannies and circus freaks lined up to take part in the next series with the Gayblackdoctor.

    And I dare say the villains will be just like the straight white man. Just like in that Rosa Parks dog shit.

  15. To add to the Doctor Whoke fiasco…

    The Beebscum and Russell .T. Deviant have a 20 odd year old transfreaker playing a 14 year old trans kid.

    The legal age for when a kid can have a sex change operation in the UK is 16.
    Yet people are fine with this and haven’t said a word about it.🤔

    Fucking Beeb woke n*nce cunts

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