The BBC [104], Russel T. Davies and Doctor Who [8]

Just when you thought this programme couldn’t get any more woke or absurd, it has done.

The Time Lord hero and his/her/its companions have already been woked to buggery. And the less said about the stories, the better. To see the female dark personage ‘Doctor’ in the official BBC 60th anniversary line-up of all the Doctor’s incarnations is nauseating enough. She had a small part in one episode (as – wait for it – a ‘Doctor of the future’🙄). The great Peter Cushing – who starred in two Doctor Who/Dalek films – is not included because he is not BBC or official, yet she is?! A curling woke turd of the highest order.🤢

But… But it gets worse. Because now they are woking the villains too.🤣

Executive Producer (‘showrunner’ my arse) Russell .T. Davies is making Davros an able bodied man (and white if he’s evil, naturally). Apparently Davies claims that it’s ‘offensive’ and a ‘stereotype’ to portray ‘dIsabled people’ as evil.

Somebody should tell Russell .E. Coyote that Davros is not a person. He is an alien Kaled from the planet Skaro. Davros also isn’t disabled. He is a Kaled/Dalek hybrid. He does not go around in a wheelchair and claim disability benefit. Davros is also fucking fictional, always has been.

Once again, the BBC and their lackeys are turning entertianment and escapism into a politically correct lecture, by shoehorning ‘real issues’ into it. The cunts would put sambeaus, poofs and climate change into the Magic Roundabout if it was still on.

Davies said (about the original and classic Davros) that ‘society has moved on’. Why doesn’t this mincing ninny get to fuck? What has society got to do with a ficticious alien mad scientist?🤔

And as for disabled people not being evil? Has the cunt heard of Oscar Pistorius?

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Nominated by : Norman

127 thoughts on “The BBC [104], Russel T. Davies and Doctor Who [8]

  1. Davros’s mam smoked and drank while pregnant.
    They warned her down the clinic to no avail.

    so he was born a spastic and was named after his dad’s favourite light entertainer.

    Bullied at school he fell in with some far right wheelie bins.

    He went on to be a menace to the universe and opponent of the NHS.

    kill the Doctor!!!

    • Regarding Eccles…this was doing the rounds after the shitshow hit the fandom t’other day

      ‘…The actor took on the role in 2004 when writer Russell T Davies gave Doctor Who a massive overhaul. But despite widespread critical acclaim, the ninth Doctor moved on after his first series.

      Explaining why he left, Eccleston said: “I was open-minded but I decided after my experience on the first series that I didn’t want to do any more.

      “I didn’t enjoy the environment and the culture that we, the cast and crew, had to work in.

      “I wasn’t comfortable. I thought ‘If I stay in this job, I’m going to have to blind myself to certain things that I thought were wrong.’ And I think it’s more important to be your own man than be successful, so I left. ..’

    • Eccleston tried to play him a bit weird, not everyone’s best mate as Tennant did.
      I read that Eccleston got fucked off with those running the show. Typically the BBC lied about the reason he left, saying he feared being typecast’, which was complete shite. Eccleston never said that.

      Weird Doctors are better, as the character is a fucking alien

      • Matt Smith also did the weird Doctor pretty well. But he was hindered by Moffatt’s lame storylines and increasing woke crap.

        And some of the cunts he had to work with. The insufferably smug and misandrist Clara for a start.

        Mind you, ;poor Peter Capaldi had it worse, With that ‘Me’ cunt off Game of Thrones with a head like Tweety Pie, that daft bitch as a female Master, that other minger who was a Doctor ‘superfan’ wearing all his old costumes, the creepy bald poof from Little Britain, and the horrible up herself horse faced black lezza.

  2. oh and I think of all the disabled as evil.

    staggering about like extras from Michael Jacksons Thriller.

    can’t the disabled just stay indoors?

    • That’s very naughty of you Mis. Just hope you don’t end up being disabled like me, with my rheumatoid Arthritis. Tongue in cheek maybe. But I wouldn’t want to wish it on you, a funny fellow Northerner.

      • Please don’t take it seriously Sammy. If I’d taken notice of some things Mis has said to me over the years, well I’d be as bald as he is!

      • I’m sorry Sammy.😞
        only joking.
        nowt against the infirm and disabled really.

        I like them really.
        couldn’t eat a full one though.

      • That’s fine Mis, I’m just boasting that I have one of the worse arthritic diseases and it means I can also take the piss even more so.

    • The ‘Who family’ are as cliquey as the’ Bond family’ at Eon.

      They used to blow smoke up each other’s arses when they met at some pub 20-30 years ago.

      They’re arrogant as fuck and think any property they get their hands on is theirs to defile.

    • Anything that Russell Cunt Davis is involved in will include wokery.
      He is obsessed with pedalling the gay and gender-war bullshit.

  3. The only ones that annoy me are the jet black gingers from the Deep South, that come on singing Mammy. Who also have a part time job raping, pillaging, murdering and being plainly obnoxious.

  4. That Chibnall cunt killed it stone dead. It finally became unbearable when that bird took over as the Doctor, and I ain’t watched it since.

    Bringing Tennant back briefly looks like a blatant attempt to try and recover an audience, but reports suggest that it’s still in woke overdrive, and things will only get worse now that there’s a trans-sexual character and an effnick Doc lined up.

    It’s not an entertainment anymore, it’s an utterly unsubtle, ‘progressive’ punch in the face, with all the charm of a dog turd.

    I’ll remember Hartnell, Troughton, Baker and co with fondness, but the show now bears no relation to the classic times. The BBC has done what no enemy could do to the Doc; they’ve destroyed him with their pandering to a wanky agenda. Cunts.

    • Unfortunately Ron, Tennant is only back to add support to the deviancy as he’s as woke as fuck himself, and one of his weans is ‘trans’ and himself and the wifie pander to the poor little deluded darling…

      • Yeah I saw him burbling on about his kid as though it was something to be chuffed about and boast.


      • Tennant was vastly overrated as the Doctor anyway.
        Eccelston and even Matt Smith were miles better.

        Tennant’s last proper episode was so over the top, the tantrums and scenery chewing were unbearable. And using the Doc’s dying moments to pair that phag Captian Jack off with that big eared bumboy Russell Tovey was the fly on the top of the dog turd.

        John Simm is a good bloke and a good actor. But his Master was ruined by Russell .T. Davies. I well fancied the Master’s Mrs though. Well give her a good going over with the old sonic screwdriver.

  5. The Doctor has to be white because there was fuck all diversity on Gallifrey, they had the good sense not to allow any soots, chinks or Asians.

    Russell T , big fucking puff 😂

  6. is that alternative time-line Stephen hawking in the header pic..

    Using his mathematic skills for evil..
    Proving to libtards that maths isn’t racist.
    Equation-ate Equation-ate.

  7. Off topic but ever since I got my phone repaired the entire site has looked really cluttered and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change it. All the text is slanting off to the left, the big nominations button at the bottom of the screen has gone and there’s little to no space between individual cuntings. Does anybody know wtf is going on?

    • It’s probably WordPress being WordPress and trying to be too fecking clever…you do not want to delve too deeply into the mess that is the source code behind running this site and so many others.

      As a work-around, switch your browser to ‘desktop’ settings

      On Chrome, poke the three dots in the top right hand corner, there’s a menu option marked ‘desktop site’ with a check box, select this, and you should at least have a readable site

      On Opera and Firefox (and it’s derivatives), it’s the same procedure, though it’s a slider to select.the desktop site option.

  8. Roy castle was in one of them Dalek films.

    The only thing he’s been in and not played a trumpet or tapdanced.

    The urge must of been crippling for him?

  9. Well fuck my old hat, I’ve just posted a nomination for ‘New Who’ myself

    Even the Guardian think it should die (although they didn’t mention the woke shit).

    • What were their reasons at Graniad Towers? Just reading the sanctimonious shit in that Radio Times article made a little bit of vomit come up.

    • It can’t compete with streaming TV budgets and it’s bogged down under its own increasingly broken lore.

      I put the blame for the latter on Moffat and Chin-balls.

  10. I remember playing with my cousins and watching Dr Who at teatime.

    Davros and the daleks truly scared us.
    I’d of been about 4yrs.

    Now I’m older he doesn’t scare me.
    I’m slightly repulsed by his ugliness and pity him a bit.

    Bet his carer is African and mistreats him?

  11. I was always suspicious of doctor who, waving that Psychic paper about to gain entry into places he shouldn’t be..

    Turned out he got that from Jimmy Savile..

    • I’d have used that psychic paper on Rose Tyler and Amy Pond.
      It would say ‘I am a from the Ministry of Sex, and you must let me shag you across the TARDIS console.’

  12. Agreed that disabled people can be villains. Dr. Strangelove was a bit of a cunt. Strangelove would no longer be a name but a mandatory instruction in any BBC remake.

    • and that cripple Kaizer Soltze.

      from usual suspects.

      turns out as well as being a serial killer
      hes also a sex pest.

    • James Bond was always mangling the disabled. They had to find ever larger carers to stop him brutalising them. He even sent one down a chimney, leaving his Persian moggie without an owner.

  13. When I become Director General of the BBC I’ll have Dr Who renamed Dr Whogivesashit, incurring crippling rebranding costs for all the associated merchandise. Then I’ll set about implementing other expensive measures such that the BBC becomes bankrupt. And when I’m eventually sacked I’ll be able to say to all the BBC’s redundant employees, “My work here is done.”
    Finally, I’ll wake up and say to myself, as Tom Jones said in The Green Green Grass of Home, “Ah, I was only dreaming.”

    • I’d turn him from a quirky foppish cunt with a fez and dickie bow into a cauliflower-eared, shaven-headed, sexist, racist, neo-nazi rapist from Glasgow who always wears a Rangers shirt, nuts Daleks for not being right-wing enough, fucks Cybermen with his nuclear hammer drill (after trading in his sonic screwdriver at the Gallifrey branch of Screwfix) and steals his companions’ lunch money, gives their mums a Chinese burn, then pimps the female ones out to revolting aliens while turning a blind eye to Captain Jack’s treatment of the younger male characters.

      ‘POLICE BOX’ replaced with ‘NO W0GZ’

      From ‘Timey Wimey’ to ‘Aye, we gonna do that time shite ageen!’

    • I wonder how long before the cunts introduce a species of alien that ‘befriends’ human kids and has the doctor explain how normal it all is.
      They could use a currency made from butter candy pellets.

      The Nonsarians.

      They build a hive in Westminster and – shock! – underneath Broadcasting House where they worship a statue-like entity that creeps up on children when they aren’t looking – The Ee-Gill

      • The TARDIS will materialise on Savileillia.

        Where weird peroxide haired aliens all have cigars and say ‘Owz about that then!’ and make a horrible siren noise.

        We all know what happens next…

      • Doctor ‘it’s the tendrils of Savile… stand back… they get everywhere!.. even the script!’

        ‘Now then now then Doctor owz about a few young companions of my own!’

  14. Raymond Burr demonstrated that disabled people can often be clever. Even in black and white. However, I would not fancy ‘A Man Called Ironside’ in a face off with Davros.

    Good afternoon, everyone.

  15. And why couldn’t they have brought back one of the Doc’s more fitter companions for this 60th anniversary comeback?

    Billie Piper or Karen Gillan would have done. Or even Alex Kingston being saucy. Instead, we get Catherine Tate again doing her ‘Oi! Shat ap, Sunshine!’ gobbing off.

    Still, nobody tops Louise Jameson as Leela. Sexy as fuck.

      • I liked Peri’s tits.

        Dear old Peter Davison, bless him.
        Trying to die/regenerate on the TARDIS floor.
        But he kept looking up at Nicola Bryant’s cleavage.
        Perfectly understandable.

      • Not forgetting those three other 70s beauties.
        Katy Manning, Elisabeth Sladen and Mary Tamm.

        Going from Tennant’s last proper appearance, Donna Noble married a dark personage in 2010. So, her kid would be 12 or 13 years of age now in this new one. But instead, it’s in its early 20s and is a transbender. Not only is it woke drivel, it’s inconsistent drivel.

  16. How about a Davros who is in the limbo of being a bit disabled but not quite?

    ‘Beadled’, after comedy and all round entertainment legend Jeremy Beadle.

    Davros? Oh no, his hand is a bit weird and he’s a bit goggle-eyed.

    He’s Beadled.

  17. I don’t think I’ve watched a single Dr Who episode since William Hartnell. However Shane MacGowan is how I’d imagine one of the Doctor’s alien enemies to look these days, so it’s an appropriate day for this nom to surface.

    Every time Shane’s song with Kirsty ‘LOOK OUT!’ MacColl came on the telly in the Christmas compilation programmes I used to say to my daughter ‘There, that’s what’ll happen if you don’t brush your teeth’. Happily she’s now grown up and has perfect gnashers.

    Thanks Shane, RIP.

    • Mark .E. Smith was a fanatical Man City fan, but he was a dry funny bastard. I still laugh about what he said about Morrissey.

      Interviewer: ‘Does it disturb you, when you see Morrissey dancing around onstage with a Union Jack?’

      Mark .E. Smith: ‘Yeah, it does, Considering he’s fucking Irish.’

      Good riddance to McGowan. Provo loving cunt. Now he can join that other twat, Sinead O’ Connor,

  18. How I love this time of the year. Life at its lowest ebb. Cold and dark = cunts dropping like flies. MacGowan, Darling and now long time favourite Henry Kissinger, old Doctor Strangelove himself, at the ton. Wonder of wonders I have the cunt in The Pool. Happy Christmas.

  19. I’d have thought the majority on here would’ve preferred the beeb blackie lovers would give the main parts to the bluest-black-pig-ugly cunt with an attitude, that every viewer would believe and turn the clock back on racism by decades.

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