Jamie Oliver – Salt of the Earth (15)

other cunts available on request.

I live alone, and although I still wear the same size clothes I did at 20, I’ve noticed a slight thickening of the belly area. I put this down to an over-reliance of ready prepared meals, and decided to try to cook more.

So I looked about, and found this. Well, the first God knows how many are puddings, cakes etc. When you go a little further in, there’s meals, with meat, that have 5 ingredients, except for the salt, olive oil and ground pepper.

Excuse me, are they not ingredients?
What are they then? Road maps?
Directions on how to assemble an IKEA asbo bookcase?

He’s a fucking annoying cunt.


Nominated by Jezum Priest.

108 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver – Salt of the Earth (15)

  1. As a younger man, Nigella could’ve stood me in her capacious kitchen and used me as a batter dispenser, although if i’m honest, Sophie Grigson and Fern Britton wouldn’t have had to do much either.

    I think it was their tits.

  2. Can’t fucking stand that down syndrome looking cunt.. Can’t wait till he pops his clogs – I’ll bake special cakes and celebrate.

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