Eddie Izzard (9) Goes Green

There’s good news and bad news on the electioneering front, fellow cunters.

The good news is that Zippy clone Caroline Lucas, the UK’s only Green Party MP, is standing down at the next election. The bad news is that Eddie ‘you can call me Suzy, big boy’ Izzard is looking to be chosen as Labour’s candidate for the Brighton constituency.

I can see him/her/they/it whatever actually been selected. I mean, what better way for Labour to secure the seat (no pun intended) than to parachute a self-promoting transvestite big girl’s blouse into the constituency? This is Brighton we’re taking about.

And if Izzard does gain the seat at the election, it’ll sprinkle a bit of real Labour stardust and excitement around the House of Commons. Will he turn up in a suit or will she turn up in a skirt and fishnet stockings to raise an environmental issue at PM’s Questions? There’s that real ‘celebrity’ glamour factor to bring into play here. A front bench seat is guaranteed in next to no time.

Go for it Labour. You know it makes sense.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

78 thoughts on “Eddie Izzard (9) Goes Green

  1. Brighton that’s too easy..
    Make it stand for labour in a peaceful area..
    See how tolerant they are of that freak..

    What a laughing stock this cuntry is..

    • He tried for Sheffield and was rejected. The weirdos of Brighton will take to him like raw sewage takes to a British river.

  2. Anyone seen that appalling advert on Channel 4 for the Climate season of propaganda where they show the House Of Commons full of weirdos acting like chimps in their underpants that all have skid marks? I kid you not.
    Well we’re nearly there if Eddie turns up in crotchless panties. Sorry if you’re eating breakfast!

  3. That little knob-shiner is a closet homosexual he will fit well into the band of perverts that is the Labour party. When he snuffs it, I wonder if the undertaker will present it as a male or a female. He really is a disgusting little pervert, ideally suited to the mincers and benders party.

    • Morning Odin…Brighton’s drugs problem could be easily resolved with a nice batch of fentanyl or tranq.
      Come on, Brighton’s junkies, pull your fingers out, heroin’s for pussies, get some Xylazine in your veins!

      • Morning Thomas.

        Psychonaughtic connoisseurs like you and I are a million miles removed from the K-hole and skaghead filth that reside in Brighton.

        If a dodgy batch of tranq hit the streets of Brighton, I don’t think anyone would really notice.

        Apart from the alphabet squad.

        They’d be busily bumming anything that couldn’t run away.

  4. I hope this twat does get elected and takes it’s seat in the commons, it will highlight to the world what a completely fucked up country the UK has become…!

    What the UK really needs is a British Gert wilders. The Tory/Labour cabal would shit themselves and after 60 years of betrayal rightly so…

    May a curse be upon them….☠️

    • This is the standard of British politicians today. An ex shadow minister for education, with no fucking “EDUCATION”…

    • Will be difficult , ITV are already cutting down Farage’s air time on I’m a Celeb due to everyone seeing what a sensible , decent chap he is whilst dealing with that French bloke and the black girl.

      They definitely wouldn’t want people to start getting ideas that they could vote for him once the Tories get electorally eviscerated next year .

      Keep voting him in on I’m a Celeb . Good luck cutting him out of the show if he wins ITV, you fifth columnist cunts

      • i feel ITV get off lightly on here, compared to the beeb. the funding model might be different but it’s the same sort of cunts producing and presenting and sharing The Message.
        ‘gayblack gayblack gayblack.’

      • Idiot tv are crude thieving bastards. Wouldn’t know if class was staring them the face. I was there from the beginning of their crudity. Adverts covering up for time that should be for entertaining the public. A lifetime of this shite before we were able to get rid with recordings and catch-up.

    • Morning, AS,

      All well?

      After Wilders, I have a sneaking feeling that this has given an enormous amount of hope to the “silent majority” in Europe, and the British mainstream parties are up for an almighty kick up the arse come the 2024 General Election.

      Damn, I’d even settle for a Robert Kennedy Jr. type to come and fuck stuff up right now.

  5. Izzard doesn’t even look good in a frock.

    just some big awkward mental in a dress .
    Brighton should tell him to fuck off.

    if he’s not good enough for Sheffield why should Brighton have to suffer him?

    Anyway all been said before.
    9 fuckin times.

    If Owen Jones is the next nom or fuckin Jeremy Corbyn I’m not playing.

  6. Whilst swapping the lizard for Izzard would greatly enhance the nation’s merriment, I fear Labour High Command will veto any such candidacy.
    In the mean time, may I prevail upon our resident wallaby shagger, Shackledragger, to arrange the lizard’s repatriation to the Antipodes? What would really cheer us all up would be her subsequent demise, preferably filmed, either
    a) eaten by a croc
    b) poisoned by a spider
    c) stung by a jellyfish
    d) kicked to death by a roo, or
    e) asphyxiated by a python.

    Your choice, Shackles.

    • Head on a stick as per Wolf creek, just thinking some mental Vietnam veteran may as well have some fun before he or she (nurses) goes to the Mai tai bar in the sky.

  7. Comedy gold? The sight of Izzard schlepping around Brighton in his size 11 sling-backs knocking on doors will be a real horror show. As for him getting elected, I will believe it when I see it. The cunt has been about to be elected for a decade or two. But, if he is, Starmer should stand down so the the revolting comedienne can be PM. It would serve the cunts in the Cabinet Orifice right and make us look ridiculous around the world. Imagine a re-elected President Trump, Geert Wilders and Giorgia Meloni sharing the same conference table as the Izzard thingy!

      • Brighton is fucking weird. Went with my wife and felt really out of place as a white hetero couple. And I stitched almost £30 for car parking. Cunts.

  8. I appreciate that not everyone in Brighton is a cunt (99% probably) but imagine being a decent, normal person living there and having it as your rep in Parliament .

    I’d be moving quite quickly and I say that as someone with Mark Francois as his MP and he’s a totally useless cunt

  9. Suzy is female and, like most trannies, has the bollocks to prove it.

    Knee must be cancelled for misgendermentismphobia. The cunt.

    • If it’s successful in it’s endeavour, what’s next to up the farcial shitshow ante?

      Give ‘Leah’ (nope!) Thompson one of those [free-for-all-foreigners, it seems] blue passports (a wonder the freakshow haven’t demanded rainbow covered passports yet) .. and make him Minister for Sports?

      In 1996(!) btw, I predicted Izzard’s ultimate agenda would be politics… not in the name of the people, mind you, … but in the name(in his mind) of bringing cross dressing to the fore. I did not, however, predict that his efforts would be small beer by the time he got around to it because of society having gone insane on the topic in the interim). Next thing will be first tranny(not Izzy though) mincing around on the MOON for fuck’s sake … a million quid to add a skirt & feather boa to a spacesuit …

      Oh! .. and I’ll just take the opportunity to say fuck the Greens as well. Looking to save the planet for future generations, while every human produced wholesale does massive (more than EVER before per unit) damage in itself … so hypocrisy AND stupidity there.

      Also there’s a huge difference between saving the planet, and ‘saving the planet’ … (solely) in the cause of : for more and more people to live on it.

      I’m all for saving the planet .. but VHEMT style, only. (The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement)… I’ve done MY part (early vasectomy as mentioned recently) .. more than most if not all of these ‘Green’ cunts, ironically ….

    • Absolutely one of those delightful ‘new women’ we hear so much about; five o’clock shadow and no fanny.

      I do apologise for misgendering them. I am indeed a cunt.

    • Are bollocks now considered beef curtains ? I thought they were for giving a good kicking, rather than a chew on.

  10. never found anything remotely funny about this comedian.
    would be funny is ISIS got hold of the cunt.

  11. When cunty Izzard arrives at Westminster, which loo will he use? will he be hiking up his dress, flipping out his John Thomas, and standing next to the men at the urinial, or will he be hiking up his dress, flipping out his John Thomas, then fixing his mascara in the ladies’ room?

    The perverts have won.

    • Still awaiting moderation after several hours.

      Is it disallowed to call Izzard a cunt now?


  12. After a thought, the twat does have a resemblance to Hilda Bracket. There was a time when the likes of Hinge & Bracket were accepted without any fuss and used to make you laugh without politicising everything.

  13. Oh, I hope he gets in, PMQ’s ‘Suzy Izzard’…..choke

    Does the PM (Dame Keir) refer to ‘it’ as the honourable gentleman or lady, comedy gold

    Lee Anderson would refer to ‘the honourable freak’

  14. What a mess.

    Still, at least it looks like the green party are about to snuff it. Just Stop Oil and Extinction Webelion have done their job.

    Well done, you clueless, useless, middle-class fagg0ts.

  15. This nonentity can act in straight roles, its the crudity of the persona he brings across, is were the problem lies.

    • It should have been….

      ‘Encyclopedia Britannica: The Weirdos, No-Marks and Narcissists Making Us Cringe’.

      I only recognized a few cunts including Vanessa Redgrave who looked like Saruman from LOTR.

      Morning Ron.

      PS, I saw a bit about thousands of Albanians ‘celebrating’ their independence day in London by blocking roads and throwing bottles and fireworks at police. No mention of it on the BBC unless it was buried somewhere but then again they weren’t the ‘far-right’.

      • Celebrating on the proceeds of cornering the drug market here no doubt.

        How do all these fuckers get in here and stay here to start with is what I’d like to know.

    • What a pack of cunts.

      ‘Cecilia: The British are not limited by ideas of what they should be wearing. We don’t follow rules.’

      Tracksuits at funerals for instance.

  16. It’s a conundrum for Labour.

    If Suzy gets chosen as the candidate and then elected as an MP, Labour can then trumpet itself as diverse and inclusive.

    On the other hand, how might the ‘peaceful’ Labour vote across the country view such a development…

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    • I think the Labour vote is already fracturing in those areas that don’t agree with Starmer’s view on Israel. What with the Tory vote imploding, the next election will be interesting. Unless we have another wishy-washy Lib-dum brokered coalition.

      • Indeed m’lud. Throwing Suzy Izzard into the mix can only add to the unrest for Labour.

        Fascinating stuff.

  17. I would make the cunt Foreign Secretary…..send him on diplomatic missions to the Middle East and Africa. See how the dirty bastard gets on with that.

  18. No need for ballot papers, just walk round Brighton with your shirt lifted if you want him…(as your MP, I mean)

  19. I see the deviant n.nce at Kings Cross tube station once. He gave me a dirty look. He’s only about five foot one from what I could tell. The general vibe I picked up from him was that of a pedarast.

  20. The bloke is mentally ill, he needs flogging and then put into an Asylum for the insane but no not in this Circus, he could now be representing the U.K’s Gay capital.! The shame of it all.

  21. Imagine Izzard became PM then she would have to attend the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. Would she wear the boobs and frock in front of the King and in front of the nation?!

    • Gawden Bennett what a thought.

      It’s not just the PM either is it? Senior government and opposition party figures are also in attence. Suzy could be there under a number of circumstances.

      ‘Why the fuck did I bother?’
      A veteran

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