James O’Brien (10)

I like to spend some time every day keeping up with what’s going on in the world, and look at a number of sources to that end.

I’ll check ‘The Mail’, ‘The Mirror’, ‘The Express’, ‘The Scotsman’ and ‘The Glasgow Herald’, plus other papers from around the world. I’ll also look in on ‘GBNews’ and ‘TalkTV’ and ‘Fox Australia’, but avoid BBCunts like a dose of the clap.

Recently, I thought I’d go to ‘LBC’ for a bit of a change, and so doing, chanced upon some whining cunt by the name of James O’Brien, and soon found myself wishing that I hadn’t.

Jeez, what a morose moaner this knob is. His whole demeanour is of someone who’s found a tanner but lost a tenner, or who’s just found his beloved pet hamster cold and rigid inside his exercise wheel.

After about half an hour listening to this twat croaking on, I decided that enough was more than enough, and switched to ‘TalkTv’ in search of a glimpse of Julia Hartley-Brewer’s awesome décolletage to restore my good humour.

Talk about dragging despondency and miserabilism to new depths. What a sullen, bitter and sulky cunt.


Nominated by: Ron Knee

And seconded by: Herman Jelmet

I’d like to second this nom.

There are very few cunts I genuinely despise, more than James O’Brien.

He’s nothing but a forked tongued, disingenuous, bedwetting, lefty, Brexit hating wanker.

You know the type – doesn’t see any problems with boatloads of men in dinghies washing up on the UK coastline illegally each day.

Calls you a racist for not being happy about it.

Lives in an almost exclusively white part of the country but still calls you a racist.

Can’t or refuses to get over the Brexit referendum result.

Mainly talks down to, sneers and hits the mute button at anybody who is stupid enough to phone into his crappy LBC show.

Just a thoroughbred cunt basically.

A couple of week back, I found this little snippet of the twat being disingenuous yet again over Dame Kweer Bendy Knee Charmer removing his poppy so he could pander to the peaceful element of the Labour Party.

It appears that Dame Kweer did indeed remove his poppy as it appeared to be on the same day and the constipated looking shit house cunt was wearing what looked like the same suit jacket.

Poppy on one minute then poppy off the next.

Despite this strangely spineless pandering by the future PM (God help us all) our James thinks it’s nothing but a fabrication by the far right.

What a pair of cunts.

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112 thoughts on “James O’Brien (10)

    • Much to be said for not owning a telly,Cilla Black was still operational when l last checked in…Ramsey…Dale..ad nauseum.It had to go.

      • Ron, if you warch GB News, you’ll have noted that for the sake of ‘balance’, they usually have a lefty twat spouting nonsence.
        Chief amongst these if a worthless sack of over-opinionated shit called James Schneider. Drinks at the fountain of Corbyn, and thinks anyone who doesn’t welcome gangs of jihad loving ragheads into their community, is a ‘far right’ BNP stormtrooper who has little right to breathe oxygen.
        Makes O’Brien sound measured & sane.

      • Isn’t Schneider the guy who founded Momentum?

        Another gobshite who’s always turning up on this type of show is that horrible Tessa ‘I’m a Doctor’ Dunlop. What a harpy.

    • That’s one of the many reasons I don’t watch GB news.

      The ‘debates’ are all stage-managed ‘conflict’ to get clicks.

  1. I don’t bother with radio much these days, but it seems ironic that a cuntbag like Obrien can still keep his job despite all the baiting he slings at his guests, and slagging off callers who disagree with him; and yet someone like Laurence Fox is sacked for uttering a few home truths!

  2. Amen, CP.

    I can’t stand the little twat, either. Granted, I voted ‘Remain’ and was disappointed about the result, but hey-ho, life goes on. The majority voted to leave the European Union, we have, the sky hasn’t fallen, and life has gone on.

    The thing that gets me with these Ultra Remoaning types is the sneering, patronising, having a hissy behaviour they meet someone they don’t agree with or are challenged by.

    It’s this sort of “I’m intellectually superior to you” behaviour that’s had me siding more with the ‘Leave’ camp in the last few years and moved me more to a Libertarian political stance as opposed to Liberal Conservative. Live and let live, you take care of your own patch, don’t infringe on mine, and we’ll be pals. It’s worked out pretty well.

    Regarding that matter is the Dutch. Remember when they sneered and laughed and said they didn’t want us spending our shekels in Amsterdam because of Brexit and we’re some sort of “lesser” European… well, how’s that turning out now with man and legend Geert Wilders?

    My God, how I LAUGHED when he won a majority and saw the blue-haired caravan-dwellers go into a “NOT IN MY NAME” meltdown. Well, unfortunately it is and I’m sat here on this side of the Channel with my popcorn ready to see it all kick off.

    Italy, that mad Argie bloke, Wilders, and probably Trump (again, get in!)… the tide is turning, isn’t it?

    • Wilders didn’t win a majority.
      He won 37 seats out of 150.
      Impressive, but if he wants to lead a majority government he’ll have to form a coalition with at least 3 of the other parties.
      To do that he’ll almost certainly have to drop parts of his manifesto, such as banning the Quran, mosques and bringing a total halt to the acceptance of asylum seekers.

      • Whatever. I’m not an expert in Dutch politics. I just know it was one hell of a shock result.

        Still, I’m enjoying watching the smug cunts squirm.

      • Ah, thanks for that MJB. Good to know.

        Do you reckon they’re in for turbulent times ahead?

      • Which tells us all we need to know really.? ‘They’ don’t leave things to chance,shuffle a few politico chess pawns,allow a little steam to escape the boiling-frog pot and then it’s back to the bigger-ticket issues,ergo Kalergic White elimination and a sunlit future of the new-MRNA infused-cyborg human mark-2.

  3. I am drawn to the inevitable conclusion that Ron’s nomination is nothing whatsoever to do with the O’Brien cunt. Rather it seems to be a thinly disguised attempt to write about Julia H-B’s magnificent charlies.

    • Geordie, Ron’s not the only man who fantasises about burying his face in Julia’s lovely rack until he loses his colour vision due to oxygen deprivation…..

      So I’m told.

    • A scurrilous slur on my character no less, Geordie.

      Well alright, I wouldn’t half like to give ’em a rub down with some warm oil, if I’m honest.

  4. The last thread of democracy we have is via referendum and shithouse cunts like this dismiss it out of hand.

    Time warp the cunt east of the Urals February 1937,see how it gets on.

  5. I’ve been checking out James O’Brian’s Wikipedia page.

    Apparently he’s white, therefore a racist.
    He is of Irish descent, so thick as pigshit.
    His parents gave him up for adoption cos they were ashamed of having a white baby.
    He was educated at Ampleforth College, the same posh public school Miles Plastic went to,
    So probably a rabid antisemite.
    In 2000, O’Brien chose to marry a white female,
    Therefore not only is he a white supremacist, but also homophobic and transphobic to boot!
    He enabled his white female woman to bear two white children,
    Making him a climate change denier who cares not one jot about the planet.
    Being a Papist he naturally turns a blind eye to the ubiquitous kiddie fiddling that goes on within the Roman Catholic Church.
    O’Cunt is the David Blaine of the phone-in show:
    A semantic illusionist, highly skilled at misdirection, using clever linguistic tricks to shut down anyone trying to articulate a point that does not fit his ultra Woke lefty agenda.
    O’Cunt remains a privileged, middle class, champagne socialist,
    Living in an ivory tower with his bum-chums Owen Jones and Gary Lineker
    Spunking up each other’s arses.
    Which apparently makes him uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of the white working class oikery and their deep love of uncontrolled immigration.

    A most worthy addition to the Wall of Cunts, and not before time, imo.

  6. I can’t listen to him – my blood pressure goes through the roof and I want to go the studios and throttle the cunt. I wonder if he really believes in his shite or he just does it to get people listening? Let’s hop ehe gets mugged by a darkie immigrant one day.

      • I can imagine it now.

        Everyone pissed up on Eggnog, lots of people wearing red, swinging from the chandeliers in their underpants.

        What a laugh.

  7. James O’Brien doesn’t bother me.

    I don’t know who he is,
    never heard his show,
    I’m in blissful ignorance.
    tranquil as fuck.

    I’m going to keep it that way.

    • Alright, MNC,

      That’s precisely why I’ve adopted a “live and let live” policy…

      … unless its in relation to Tree Swingers, Sand People, Blue-Haired Cunts, or Zelensky.

      That, and not watching the news.

      I was at a well-to-do friend’s house on Saturday. I told you I move in intellectual circles. A guest ask me “what do you think about X newsworthy topic?” to which I responded “fuck knows, pal” and returned to their amply-stocked home bar.

      Ignorance indeed is bliss.

      • *asked. This phone’s gonna be turned into a frisbee if it keeps making me look like a mitmot.

      • I find people who ask you what you think of a current thing are best avoided, especially if they’ve been drinking. They’re looking for an argument.

        I don’t invite any cunt like that to any gatherings, and avoid the sort of cunt magnet watering holes that host such bores.
        Slug and Lettuce? Ha-ha Bar? Sorry, I’m watching a documentary about kids with cancer that night.

    • I was told that Vine and his missus lived in Switzerland I think it was. She fucked off with the millionaire neighbour (Weston was name I think). I can see how jezza has turned into a right arsehole.

    • Listened to a bit of Vine today. What a weird cunt he is. He cannot respond to caller like a normal human.

      I hope Alex Belfield phones him from prison.

  8. I just learned that the bitter cunt’s got a book out called ‘How They Broke Britain’. Naturally I wouldn’t wipe my arse on this never mind actually read it, so I can only hazard a guess as to who ‘they’ might be.

    Probably got something to do with ‘the right’, with those who oppose mass immigration, with the 17.5 million people who voted for Brexit…

    Oh, and Nigel Farage.

    Afternoon all.

  9. Talk radio how dreary, I can listen to my own dulcet tones all day. I imagine James o’bummer sounds like a blocked drain.

    Radio should be for music only..
    And yes I do have a marvellous singing voice as well.
    Afternoon all..

  10. I occasionally listen to this pretentious condescending snake to stress test my mind and circulation .

    If I survive 15 minutes of his self righteous Brexit butt hurt drone I’m good to go.

  11. I know who O’Shithead is but I can’t bring myself to click on the link.

    Impressive wide-ranging reading material Ron. The Triggernometry podcast with Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster is excellent too plus anything from IsAC’s favourite gay, Douglas Murray.

    • Thanks LL. I should own up to looking in on ‘The Daily Star’, but that’s only for the tits and arses to be honest.

      Speaking of the eminently sensible Douglas Murray, I’d put money on him being regarded by O’Misery as another one of those who ‘broke’ Britain.

    • Triggernometry is superb, LL. That’s a proper intellectual piece of media, which challenges the listener. I’ve learned a lot from Kisin and whatever the name of the other presenter is over the last year.

  12. I know nothing about the circumstances of this cunt’s birth but I should think it pretty obvious that his mother was a prostitute and his father was a ped o’phile

    • Foetal alcohol syndrome, congenital syphilis, starved of O2 at birth. Yet the bastard wilfully continues to extort his toll on life.

    • ‘James O’Brien is one of the few possessing the intellectual and moral insight, and the unflinching courage, to allow him to probe the fetid underbelly of racist, xenophobic, Brexit-loving Little England. Stunning and brave’.

      The Groaniad.

  13. It was typing “James O’Brien is a cunt” into Google that brought me to these hallowed pages. I can also tell you that, at that time, he had an entry in Mumsnet calling him a cunt. That’s the breadth of audience this horrible, sneering posh bastard can reach.
    Nobody hates the white working class more than O’Shithead. I imagine during holidays from his posh school he was trapped inside his house while the local kids gathered outside waiting for the opportunity to kick his head in. He’s been shit scared of the lower orders ever since. O’Shithead has many imaginary friends, all of them immos from every part of the world that suits him. According to O’Shithead nobody loves O’Shithead more than the immos, oh yes they do. And he loves them, anybody except those awful working class people don’t you know? I could turn my knuckles into mush punching this cunt’s face into a bloody mess and then wear out my boots on his pathetic little bag. He’s a fucking cunt of the first order.

    • That’s exactly how I arrived here too Freddie.
      No matter how much you hate this utter fucking cunt, you can’t possibly hate him enough.

    • You lot must be dying to hear the wife’s joke on the subject, which she’s asked me to pass on.

      When asked at the office Xmas party what he wanted to drink, James O’Brien replied ‘mine’s a whine’.

      As I type, she’s curled in a ball on the settee, having hysterics. Nobody knows what I have to put up with.

    • At some point in the past Donald has done de Niro out of some money…….or, at least, someone has told him that.
      Like all the gangsters he has pretended to be he’s a man who holds a grudge.

      • There’s that Danny Elfman music again.

        He should know that Donald plays golf with Bruce Wayne.

  14. I’ve never once listened to this cunt.
    Thanks to the reports of ISAC members, who suffer the cunt so I don’t have to.

  15. During his time at Amplethorpe two of the “brothers” went to prison for bumming little boys. Yet O’Shithead claims he never saw anything or heard anything about it.
    Fucking liar! You can bet he was sucking dick every fucking night. He looks the sort……plain as the nose on his ugly face.

  16. I’m watching Alf Garnett.
    Less than 60yr ago.
    year of Sgt Pepper.
    summer of Love, maaaan.

    Different fuckin world.
    cockneys still had a singsong in the pub.
    This country was very white.

    Now don’t get me wrong,
    if I walked in a boozer an it was full of bleedin barrow boys, whelk sellers and chimney sweeps singing like Chaz n Dave id be out of there faster than Russell Brand out the back of girls prep school.

    But, if your a Londoner?
    an I know some of you are,
    well,..be nice I suppose.
    cultural like.
    How London was years ago before the deluge.
    This one’s got Jimmy Tarbuck an Kenny Lynch in it.

    Alf. “serve the Khoōn first”😁

    • I can honestly say I have never seen any type of minority in my local. I could imagine the door blowing open and one walking in with the theme song from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly playing. Clint glowering in the corner nursing his gut warmer.

      • They aren’t good punters your ethnics.
        pubs don’t want em.

        shallow pockets.
        can’t drink an behave.
        wash their feet in the urinal
        demand fruit instead of pork scratchings.

        Hard for em to fit in.
        probably nurse a half stinking in the corner?

        I certainly don’t want em sat next to me when I’m enjoying myself!

        I want to look at that I’ll go the circus.

      • Evening Mis.

        The only ethnic minority I see in a pub is the occasional afro Carribbean type fella or perhaps the odd Afghan/recent arrivals type, sat with some local fat white bird who thinks she’s won the lottery of life.

        To be fair to the fella’s – at least they always seem to be having a pint and good for them

        Having a pint and a good crack with another bloke regardless of background – is somehow reassuring as an Englishman.

        Helps break down barriers

        These peacefuls though, are generally a different breed.
        Terrified of the prospect of a pint of Theakstons Best. Forbidden innit.
        Against me religion innit.

        They’d much prefer to feed vodka to non peaceful children, before sexually exploiting them.

        That’s my general perception of the cunts anyway and I’m sure I’m not alone.

  17. The lefty twats favourite lefty twat. A shit-for-brains, turd breath whingeing bag of ramcid cat piss.
    Yet another coolade drinking worshiper at the alter of Corbynocrity.
    Another boarding pass required for the ship of fools.

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