South African Reality

The world cheered as Nelson Mandela was freed from prison to rule over South Africa, in what now seems a one party state.

Now the world would see what the majority race of people in South Africa would be capable of.

Well, today I’ve read another story of this country’s demise. It seems Johannesburg is a big crumbling mess of a city, with criminal gangs taking over derelict buildings and illegally renting rooms out. Mostly to illegal immigrants from other African countries, whom the natives want out of the country according to this article (Diversity is a strength…just in honky countries though).

Because of some daft housing laws brought in by the ANC, they can’t do much about it.

Let’s have it right…South Africa has gone to shit since the ANC took over and it gets worse every year.

Can’t think why though. It’s a mystery to me, I can tell you.

Bbc news

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71 thoughts on “South African Reality

  1. I didn’t cheer Nelson Mandela getting out of jail.
    My dad certainly didn’t.

    They should of hung the cunt.

    They’re bringing back White Farmers .
    No shit
    After slaughtering them and stealing their land.
    They’ve realised for crop rotation, land maintenance and livestock rearing you need a white man.

    Not just any monkey can run a farm.
    It’s not easy.
    It’s hard work…
    Therein lies the problem

    • I would of loved to of been a Soweto police officer in the early 70s😁

      Setting my dogs on them and smacking the snot out of them with them .sjambok clubs,
      Marvelous!! 👍

      I’d give them something to write a song about…

      • My son was suspended from school for correcting his ‘history’ teacher about Mandela

        He told him, and the class, quite correctly, that Mandela was not in prison for being black, he was in prison for terrorist offences, including murder, that his wife Winnie was a murderer of small boys, that he refused release from prison 13 years earlier than he was actually released because he would not publically renounce violence and that whilst in prison, as head of the ANC (no better than the IRA) he sanction the racist atrocity that was the Church Street bombing, claiming dozens of victims, all white.

        A classic example of media brainwashing of the masses.

        Should have necklaces the fcker on primetime tv.

    • MNC – the country is fucked. I live in a part of Londonistan where there’s a big SA contingent (who I often get pissed up with – beucase some of them are hardcore) and I kid you not, most of them went to school with each other – quite a few from whitey farmers who literally saw their lands ripped apart. Biltong is also delicious, if you don’t mind the fact it looks like dried up skid marks.

      The irony is, back in the old day, these farmers were landowners and employer (yes, paid work) and now everything is back in the hands of the niggynoggy it’s all gone to shit.

      Fuck Rwanda – lets send the dinghy chaps there.

      • The white flight is gathering pace – English cricket is stuffed with South Africans fearful for the future for their families should they remain in SA. Australia and NZ are other destinations for them.
        A Boer mate of mine, airline pilot ,fellow radio ham and all round good guy is selling his beautiful home at a rock bottom price and moving his family to the USA.
        You have to look after your family.

      • You licensed then Guzzi? Care to tell us your prefix? I’m a G3, 1969 vintage. Fuck me, I’m old!

      • I am G6XYZ -no kidding. I got my licence in August 1983. I relinquished in the late 1980s when the £18 pa fee was introduced, two infants and a non working wife to support. However, I returned to the fold in 2015 and was able to reclaim my callsign.
        We now live in a valley in Cornwall with dire reception. I rarely transmit, I’m not on QRZ but listen avidly especially as we head towards the next sunspot peak. I have some lovely vintage kit, indeed I received a mint ,barely used Icom 736 today from MLS, just comparing it to my FTDX 101D.
        Many apologies to my non ham colleagues on IsAC, please humour a couple of sad old gits.

      • FB Guzzi. My main interest was VHF contests. I did every VHF NFD from 1968 to 1987 with my old club G3OXD, now defunct as there are only two of us left still alive. I was inactive for some years but renewed my licence every year since in those days had I let it lapse I would have had to take a morse test again. At the moment all I have out is a wire dipole on 20 metres which I drive with a TS120S. Works well though, into the States regularly. Know what you mean about your site. I heard a cornish amateur say of Cornwall many years ago that it doesn’t have hills and valleys, it’s a flat plain with holes in it! We have friends via family connections in Cornwall going back a hundred years. They live in Tywardreath. Reminds me we must get down there to see them again. 73s, see you further down!

    • Quite right … he was simply a murdering terrorist cnut. I have written a chapter on him in one of my chapbooks.
      SA started to turn to shit sooner than I thought and I revelled in my correct prophesies, and even more so in the knowledge that the stupid fuckers (the bleck fuckers, that is), wanted him, so now suck it up!
      I know it’s a tough thing to do, but if I was a whitey farmer in SA, I’d pack my bags and fuck off as soon as possible.

  2. I spent four months there in 1995..
    Beautiful country,I had a amazing time, they had just won the rugby World Cup..

    But violence was always in the air, but I never felt scared..

    I have always wanted to go back,but i shudder to think what it is like now..

    But that what happens when they get too much power..

  3. I spent a little time there late 60’s (Smith blockade) when apartheid was the norm.
    I remember thinking that it couldn’t be right.
    How wrong was I?
    Speaking to locals wasn’t allowed unless in your employ and public transport was quite an experience.

    • For a short time Infidel I worked with a man who had left Rhodesia for the UK. He was actually a blood relative of Cecil John Rhodes but arrived here with just the clothes he was wearing. He told of how everyone knew that when the blacks took over the country would go straight down the shitter and he had been in the military down there trying to prevent such. He did tell some heart warming stories of how they would have a fire fight with insurgents. When they were quiet, which in fact was most of the time, they would spend hours cutting the nose off the .22 ammunition they used in their Uzis with a pair of side cutters. When they subsequently took out an insurgent with such bullets the body would have a neat .22 hole on entry and when turned over would have an exit hole big enough to fit an air conditioning unit.

      • My maté’s brother lives there, chased and shot a burglar in the street. He phoned the cops who told him to drag the robber back to his land then phone again.

    • They do make a decent drop of wine though, do the Saffas. Or at least they used to.,

      Has that changed since The Dark Hand made its presence felt?

  4. I left 20 years ago. It was clear where it was going. Black savages out of control, decent blacks seemingly in the minority. It was getting more corrupt and lawless by the week.
    Black South Africns attitudes to black immigrants would do the Klan proud.

  5. Them Boer are rude cunts though aren’t they?

    They’re the reason the Great British Empire invented the concentration camp.🇬🇧

    Only thing that’d shut the moaning bastard’s up.

    I once had a row with one about Black pudding.
    I’ve never forgiven him.
    I said it was English
    He said German.

    Cunt was clearly puddled.
    The British invented everything worth inventing.

  6. Yes it’s a fucking dump all right..yet our “leaders” seem hell bent on having a bunch of lazy foreigners running our country whilst simultaneously turning the rest of it into a dumping ground for the worst vermin of the Third World,and we get to pay for it all.

    South Africa can fuck right off..indeed if the whole continent should face a stark choice..submit to totalitarian white rule or face being nuked.

    The danger from being overrun by these savages cannot be overstated.

  7. Desmond Tutu coined the term ‘rainbow nation’ to describe the diversity of South Africa’s different ethnic groups.

    Now the only diversity are the different crimes and social deprivation in which they lead the world.

  8. Here’s an apt song:

    Day-o, day-o
    Daylight come and we want go home
    Day, is a day, is a day, is a day, is a day, is a day-o
    Daylight come and we want go home

    Work all night on a drink of rum
    (Daylight come and we want go home)
    Stack banana ’til the morning come
    (Daylight come and we want go home)

    Come Mister tally man, tally me banana
    (Daylight come and we want go home)
    Come Mister tally man, tally me banana
    (Daylight come and we want go home)

    Lift six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch
    (Daylight come and we want go home)
    Six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch
    (Daylight come and we want go home)

  9. I always thought Mandela was rightfully banged up.
    I was of course shouted down by the left wing do-gooders as a racist Nazi.
    So how come no-one’s writing songs, waving placards about, and banning Norwegian sports participation, in an effort to get Anders Behring Breivik released? He was also a rightfully convicted terrorist who disagreed with a political party in his own country.
    Anyhow, the Mandela supporters can take responsibility for how the country has spiralled into a cesspit in less than a generation. They all got what they asked for.

    • Always looked scruffy .
      Nelson Mandela.
      Even when he’d got out of nick and the western politicians were all kissing his arse,

      Jumble sale .

      No class, and Winnie couldn’t iron worth shit!
      The cunt had more wrinkles in his shirt than a tortoises ballbag.

      Penny for a guy?

      • Ah yes, I forgot about the lovable Winnie, who everyone revered too.
        I’m told she did a nice line in necklaces.

      • He never seemed to wear a tie, MNC. What kind of leader doesn’t wear a tie? Could never take the cunt seriously.

      • Stabbed Bill Clinton in the hand with a fork when he thought he was going for his pudding at a White House dinner.

      • When I was working in BH in 2019 Twenty, I doubled the number of men on site who wore a tie and the other was NOT the DG.

      • Good man, Arfur. Standards must be kept up by High Quality Men like us!

  10. My ex wife’s aunty and uncle have just packed up and fled to Australia. Don’t blame them. Last time my ex in law’s visited they were told if you’re in a car accident just drive on (if you can). Don’t get out the car. No wonder it’s all fucked there and no wonder mad Vlad has his novichok paws in the door.

  11. “Die Stem van Suid Afrika”

    Sending apartheid was the worst mistake in South Africa’s history. I recall one of my late grandfather’s friends returning to live in the UK in the early ’90s, couldn’t wait to get back here, he said it had become unsafe even back then 30 years ago.

    Fuck knows what it’s like to be Afrikaans in that shithole now…

  12. Nelson Mandela was rightfully convicted by a nation state as a terrorist. Yet as we see so often today, history was rewritten to make him a freedom fighter.
    And freedom for his people he most certainly gained.
    Freedom to behave like savages being the main result.
    ‘Diplomatic immunity’

  13. Interest how the BBC article doesn’t mention the ANC – the root cause of SA’s decent into the cesspit we see today!

    SA was a far cleaner, safer, more economically stronger prior to Mandela’s release. Yes, apartheid was a bad thing but at least places like Cape Town, Bloemfontein and J’burg had far better social cohesion to the free-for-all we see today.

    But this is what the liberals wanted, so they can go ahead and stew in their own shite!

  14. Was in South Africa a few times after the ANC took over. The internecine and mysterious black hatreds – SA v immigrants, and tribe v tribe – made the Balkans look like a tea party.

  15. Nelson the freedom fighter left office when he realised the country was heading down the toilet rapido as he well knew it would.

  16. All the white South Africans ive known have been alright. They used to get shit from the guardianistas of Surrey. One lad I knew went with one bird from South Africa and his gang of mates used to mumble about her being a ‘racist’ just because she was white south African. The irony of their bigotry was lost on them, the worthless cunts.

    I shall be supporting the Springboks this weekend.

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