South African Reality

The world cheered as Nelson Mandela was freed from prison to rule over South Africa, in what now seems a one party state.

Now the world would see what the majority race of people in South Africa would be capable of.

Well, today I’ve read another story of this country’s demise. It seems Johannesburg is a big crumbling mess of a city, with criminal gangs taking over derelict buildings and illegally renting rooms out. Mostly to illegal immigrants from other African countries, whom the natives want out of the country according to this article (Diversity is a strength…just in honky countries though).

Because of some daft housing laws brought in by the ANC, they can’t do much about it.

Let’s have it right…South Africa has gone to shit since the ANC took over and it gets worse every year.

Can’t think why though. It’s a mystery to me, I can tell you.

Bbc news

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71 thoughts on “South African Reality

  1. There’s a young south African lad works in the pub we go.

    Nice Kid.

    He seems to be more ‘together’ than UK kids his age.
    His family ran safari tours and he was telling me about poachers

    Rhino poachers.

    His dad shot one dead 👍
    And this kid shot and wounded one👍👍

    I was VERY impressed!!
    Bought him a drink.

    I think it’s good for young people to shoot a sootie.
    Should of finished him off like, but he’s just a kid.

  2. It pissed me of no no when old Nelson was released.

    Television South West (TSW) were showing their angling programme with Ted ‘tight lines’ Tuckerman. Compulsive viewing.

    They interrupted the show to carry the live ITN broadcast of the sainted one being set free, I never did see what old Ted had on his rod that day but saw plenty of dancing pavement apes.

  3. This is the score with Saffas.
    Afrikaaners are mostly good honest people who know the score with Africans. Their kids are polite and respectful, like ours were 50 years ago.
    The English ones (rooineks) are often fucking hypocrites who were happy to exploit Apartheid but now talk bollocks.
    They are caught in a rotten corrupt country ruled by rotten corrupt savages who are voted in by fucking black idiots who havent a fucking clue how corrupt and rotten they are.
    I go back for holidays because I love the country but despair at what it has become.
    I am very careful because murder is common. And guess who the murderers are?

  4. Well Ireland face the all Blecks, oops sorry South Africer, this coming Saturday
    A brusing encounter awaits, inflicting pain and injury to scuttle any chance from a brave squad who just don’t have the numbers in reserve but one never knows.
    My parents loved Hout bay and Cape Town when they visited my brother in 1996 7
    It was a big trip for them, a one off.
    My Da couldn’t get over the Quality of the food , he loved a steak with peas an mash.
    A person said to me, they saw the best of it

  5. I worked with a South African lad (white) this was his routine before/after work.

    Check/conceal your weapon.
    Get in your car which is in your secure garage.
    Lock doors windows up in car.
    Open electric garage doors.
    Check outside area before driving to electric gates.
    Leave garage checking no native sneaks in behind you.
    Open gates, drive out checking no native sneaks in behind as you leave.
    Go to work, never open windows, stop only for red lights.
    Clock in, stay armed.

    Repeat the above for return journey.

    No wonder he thought Blackburn was nice…!

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