Middle Class Hypocrites

Attached is a drone pic of the aftermath of the Leeds Festival. Litter, tents and general shit left behind.

Left behind by the same woke lefty cunts who support Greta, Jeremy, Net Zero and all the other trendy shite.
Tickets start at around £100 up tp £300. You can ‘Eco Camp’ Perhaps that is what abandoning tents is? Who knows.

Who but middle class trendy wankers can afford this?

Bbc news

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68 thoughts on “Middle Class Hypocrites

  1. It all goes into landfill. Pity they don’t carry it off there with the occupants of the tents.

  2. I wouldn’t go to a festival nowadays if you paid me. This sort of behaviour incenses me. The cunts should be locked in until they’ve cleaned the whole area. Then charged £1k to leave. After a kick in the bollocks or cunt depending on what they’re identifying as that day.

    • That’s just it as far as music festivals are concerned, after paying through the nose for the privilege of sitting in the rain and mud for three days listening to shit bands, the only pleasure to be had is by leaving a whole pile of shit behind for others to clear up.

  3. They’re missing a trick. A good business proposition would be to sell the tents to the US government.
    All those permanent tent cities in the US are going to need more and more in future and replacements when the permanent occupants wear them out.

    This time next year Wodney….

  4. I look on my IG feed occasionally and there are all these people who enjoy festivals.

    Hundreds of pounds to sit and watch a band that is probably shit anyway and sounds infinitely worse live

    They all tag it as ‘living my best life’ though

    Sad sad cunts

    • Just looked at Just Stop Oil’s Instagrump page. Every one of the silly shits looks and sounds the same.
      I fantasise about kicking the fucking shit out of each and every one of the deluded cunts and the revolting scum that post comments praising them and calling them “heroes”

  5. This reminds me of the XR and JSO demos in central London. Thousands of so-called protestors doing more about looking for likes on social media than actually protesting in principle. Andyet afterwards they left over 20,000 tonnes of plastic waste.

    Any comment from XR or JSO?

    “Not available for comment.” apparently.

  6. Bollocks to a barn dance these are the same Jonty’s and Jemima’s currently crying into their M&S vegan wraps about Rishi Sunak.

  7. Loads of unwanted tents? Wouldn’t that help to relieve the pressure from the dinghy riders on 4-star hotel accommodation?

    How unfeeling of me.

    • Charity organisers used to collect left behind camping equipment, but so much of the shit they haul in is “single use”.

      So, of course, being the tofu knitting, over fucking priveledged cunts they are, it’s left for the plebs to clear up.

      Ban Glastonbury, and any other open-air event, or pay for your exit with a bag full of rubbish.

      No shit in a bag, fine!

  8. In fairness that could be a few parts of Leeds on an average day.

    When these cunts talk about the environment and being green they mean us not them. Like the cunts pushing harder for green fuckery who fly around the world in private jets these woke cunts believe the green tyranny won’t apply to them.

    • These little cunts are no different than the little cunts at festivals back in the 60s.

      White, entitled, know better than thee,
      Just back then they were called hippies and we had skinheads to teach them manners,
      Bad acid to shut em up
      And Vietnam to thin them out.

      We need another Vietnam 👍

      • Agreed, you miserable bastard, except that the wankers you mention managed to avoid Vietnam with daddy’s help. It was the like of the skins and their social equals that were sent overseas to fight the slopes. Same today, nothing’s changed.

      • Agreed.
        The Peter Fonda and film stars kids ducked out,
        As did the university kids

        Poor white and black lads that ended up in the jungle.

        This time no loopholes

        No one under 30 left in hollyweird and the universities can be used for induction.

        Kiss your mom bye
        Your off to Loas!!!

      • I asked my dad about his time in ‘Nam, he gave me a wry smile and said “miles and miles of vertical smiles”.

  9. I’d rather shag Annelise Dodds than attend a modern day music festival.

    I went to a few British music festivals back in the day and you could see the cuntishness starting to manifest itself with each passing year.

    Used to really enjoy the whole camping experience and the roughing it element.

    It was though, a mix of relentlessly diabolical weather, snowflake cunts, increasingly shit music and new stalls springing up which offered things like “GHD hair straightening” services that helped me reach the decision that I’d not bother anymore.

    The last festival I went to was over in Hungary and that was a vastly different, more enjoyable experience but as far as the British festivals are concerned – they can all fuck off.

    Regarding the recent Glastonbury cunt fest – who was the clown who was shouting “no borders” and “refugees welcome” during his set to the lame brains in the crowd.?

    I can’t be bothered to find out who he was but the irony of his virtue signalling whilst being enclosed in a huge fuck off compound complete with security to help keep assorted undesirables out was obviously lost on the thick twat.

  10. Everything is all about feelz and social media likes now. I guarantee you that every one of these cunts would’ve been boasting to each other, in an orgy of smugness, about how environmentally aware they all are by living in tents for a few days. Despite leaving a shitload of waste as in the photo. All for show, like almost everything these little cunts do.

    We now have a generation of narcissistic, vindictive, smug, know all but know fuck all little bastards.

    The good news is that I might just live long enough to see the looks on the faces of these cretins, once the reality of this ‘perfect’ society they demand kicks them hard in their knackers and cunts.

    Once Greta cuts off their (not hers, of course) internet for a week and makes them live with no power in their houses (not hers, of course) for extended periods, due to the demand on the grid, they’ll lose their fucking minds.

    Still, they know best, eh? I’m just an out of touch, silly old gammon.

    • Suddenly not being able to access the internet causes actual withdrawal symptoms: agitation, insomnia, erratic appetite, and general malaise.

      Unfortunately it’s not enough to kill them.

      • Indeed, Connecticut Yank, a veritable shame indeed.

        How can we escalate this.
        Post on Twatter, Facefart and Instagag that Elon died and all social media sites will be down for 24 hours, as a mark of respect?

  11. They look to me to be more like LBGT ‘I’m a complete wanker’ coloured ear plugs than tents. I could understand if they were.

  12. Reminds me of the carbon offsetting cunts. I think paddling pool Elton did this after flying about in his private jet. A few others have done it.

    Now I think the effect man has on ‘man made climate change’ is overstated.

    However, if you believe this crap, Fat Reg’s offsetting is like killing 4 kids but then getting 5 women preggers (with a turkey baster if you’re like Elton) and being let off a jail sentence because you did a ‘murder offset’.

  13. Of course if this was a Brexit festival or True-Blue Conservative gig, the MSM would be all over this with their usual “You’re killing the planet!” narrative.

  14. Seems a good location for all our hotel pampered immo’s.. electrify the fences and leave the cunts to starve..

    Live stream it for all the cunts massing at calais..

    This has been a political broadcast from your future home secretary.

    • I have an idea about these illegals. If they serve six months on the front line against the Russians they can apply for official refugee status in Russia.

      Seems fair!

  15. On the local news Hull College was collecting and washing sleeping bags from this shit fest. Good I thought for the homeless of Hull, until they said they were sending them to fucking Calais.

    • The migrants in Calais/Dover will tell them to stick their 2nd hand sleeping bags up their arses and insist on more 4* hotels otherwise they’ll be accusations of racism etc.

      • As someone previously remarked, they aren’t coming from a 3 star hotel to get here, why “must” we house them in 3 star hotels here?

        Just cut the middleman out and put them in a 3 bedroom new build straight away. I’m sure Alice and John, who’ve been on the waiting list for years, living with Alice’s Mum in her 2 bedroom flat with two kids, will totally understand.

        This is going to lose you the election, I’m so Richie.

  16. The middle class tossers who go to music festivals regard leaving the clear up to lackeys as being part of the natural order of things.

  17. Able to throw away tents and sleeping bags,
    In a cost of living CRISIS?

    Must be loaded£££

    Normally have names like sage( no onion) Jolly, Crispin, Cressy,
    All in higher education,
    Mummy and daddy have a big house,

    Paid £300 for the privilege to camp in the mud .

    Have floppy fringes.
    And no nailed on sexuality.


    • I also wonder how many thousands of these cunts commuted to and from the gig by EV or public transport?

      I suspect it would be next to sweet fuck all, but no one questions that do they!

  18. The same retarded cunts who attend these corporate shitfests are the ones bitching about the cost of living and saying ‘yeah but no but the toreez’.

    Fuck ’em.

  19. After the wild experience of a camping festival that they paid for.
    It should be on the campers to clean up and take there shit with them or be charged via there credit cards that they booked the event with
    T@C applies and the place would be spotless

  20. If a child of mine had attended this shitfest, I’d not only cut off her allowance, but also written her out of my will.

    Speaking of which, I really need to see someone about my will.

  21. It’s a load of shit,just like being lectured by your TV or phone about climates changing,refugees and all the other fucking bolshie yet blandly corporate lies.

    If you take anything you read or see broadcast its likely to be a mountain of pigshit.

    For all the virtue signalling via social media everyone is the same,”I’ve paid a fortune for me ticket so everything is some other cunts problem”.

    Every cunt involved in protesting against oil,weather,cows etc simply need gassing for the time wasting windbag vermin they are.

  22. I go Henley Regatta.
    Same crowd as Glasto but you get to wear a straw boater.


  23. Going down on hippy chick on the last day of a festival is like licking a 9 volt battery.

  24. Fuck me that’s worse than when the pikeys leave the industrial estate. Though at least some of the gear can be recycled, not a lot you can do with two ton of shit filled nappies and the remains of some poor old bastards garden.

    • On a side note, just watching match of the day. Premier League..

      Am I in England, there all black.

      Thought I was in Fucking Africa..!!

  25. Yep eco cunts are only eco cunts when it suits, the rest of the time they are just cunts, preaching eco bollocks one second and leaving crap everywhere the next, or preaching about emissions one second while flying in private jets [ fun fact, did you know jet fuel still contains lead] armoured car enteroage and even a red arrows fryby sorry flyby in France ala =Charly boy or David Attenborough and film crewsjetting, sailing, driving to the far corners of the world to film the worlds demise, all while contributing a hefty chunk himself, and then telling us its our fault the polar bears are getting a tan.
    So its no wonder these empty headed fucktards so no wrong in it.

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