Black Pride

This is where the snake eats itself. Where the wokeist of the woke reveal themselves as closet segregationists.

You may have formed a vague notion of wokedom aspiring to be “inclusive” (wokedom’s buzzword). And been anathematised for being selective about your friends. But, although old Pride includes ™ every possible abnormal permutation of human sexuality, now we must clearly distinguish Black Pride from the old Pride, and ensure that white folks are not represented in the new movement. Seriously. It’s not for whites..

Still, the move to factionalism among these people is highly encouraging.

Nominated by Komodo.

60 thoughts on “Black Pride

  1. Black and gay? Oh dear how sad..

    Do they end up stabbing there selves, seeing as they don’t like the batty boys.

  2. Yes, highly encouraging. Hopefully this movement will be part of a new and growing trend. Bring it on!

  3. Intersectionality. That’s what they call it. It means I’ve got more wokie points than you because I am a bigger victim. Black batty boys score higher than whites. Black lezzas outrank the batty boys and black trannies top the fucking lot. Cut your fucking leg off and I suppose you can be King of the Hill.
    Wokies are just fucking nuts!

    • Use your own water fountain.
      Then get to the back of the bus.

      No probs.

    • To be fair, disabled people seem to get overlooked by the wokies.
      look at how autistic people are being treated by the police and disabled people truly are the most vulnerable, not some black female ‘professor’ of racism studies, or white-hating black transoid Munro Bergdorf.

      It’s all race and gender as most suffer from white guilt or chippiness and some sort of sexual perversion.

  4. In the southern states of the US during the 50s restaurants and all kinds of things were segregated.


    Like on Mike Reid’s Runaround,
    You jumped in your spot.

    They had different swimming pools.
    The black one was shallow as they can’t swim,
    And all the lockers had been broken into as stealing is cultural.

    • I was that bus driver Rosa Parks day would end in tarmac rash the awkward old cunt.

  5. Perpetually Offended Top Trumps?

    I assume the loser gets “cancelled” or possibly burns to death in an illegally overcrowded shitheap council flat?

    The fucking cunts.

  6. And why not? Being black is as much an achievement as being bent. With the added bonus of belonging to a race that has never achieved anything of significance.

    • Give credit where credit’s due, CC. The Afros had established a thriving slave trade centuries before we joined the party.

  7. The more of these groups/agendas come into being, the greater the disconnection in society, you end up with a mass of righteous zealots bitching and fighting each other whilst those who have the real power screw them in the arse. Divide and conquer.
    That cunt of an Italian started all this shit when he proposed culture should be the weapon of revolution cos everything else failed dismally.

  8. So black, gay stabbers [ in the arse dept], who would have thought it, you can imaging the size of the attention seeking chips on their shoulders, oooh the indignation.
    They will be demanding black gay water [previous posting] banging on about their ancestral family carrying their chips from the ships to the cotton fields and getting a wiff of the cat and nine tails at the slightest hint of a mince in their step and how its all whiteys fault and he should be forced to apologise for past and present wrongs done to shades and fruits.
    Any excuse to bang the drum [pun intended] and get on their soap box…..cunts

  9. I just love the header photograph. Its what I call a “Target Rich Environment”.

    Elimination to commence immediately.

    • Indeed, Trebecular.
      A stray exocet or two at one of these rallies would do the nation no end of good.
      Something the rest of us normal citizens could take pride in.

  10. Black Architects is a thing. National Black Police Association is a thing. Music of Black Origin is a thing. I saw a black road sweeper the other day. He needs to get himself organised.

    Good morning, everyone.

    • There’s always s tension with MOBO awards. You expect one of those attending to be a paranoid maniac after years of substance abuse and start kicking off because another artist had disrespected him twenty years ago.

  11. Do these arseholes want integration, or segregation?
    If it’s integration, they already have it enshrined in law, so shut the fuck up.
    If it’s segregation, shut the fuck up and piss off.

  12. In a photograph in the link are two chimpettes, one of whom is wearing a black beret and dark glasses. Could it be sasha before she got the extra hole? (Bonus hole? hehehe!) Dunno. They all look the same to me.

    • I would laugh if there was such a movement, just to see the usual cunts shit themselves and the Guardian to suffer its usual editorial dissonance (it being labelled at once pathetic and dangerous), but magnified to the point they’re following Huw Edwards to the mental hospital, gibbrring about their safety.
      The best thing the people of this country could do is drive the idiotic staff BBC, Channel 4, Guardian and Independent to a complete psychotic breakdown without using the n-word once, or laying a finger on a black person.

  13. I thought all the ‘Black’ ideology was old school, shovelling in all the Latino, Asian and assorted other off whites under one umbrella of Black wasn’t PC anymore.

    BAME has gone, now it’s P*ki, N*gga, Rag Head, W*g, so everyone knows exactly the background of the victim

    What day s P*ki Pride 😂

  14. Bring on the separation. I’m all for it.

    We’ll go over here and they can go over there…to fucking Africa.

    Get to fuck

    • If you sent all the Scousers to Somalia, they’d call it Paradise.

      Bazza: “Da Merrrrrsey looks diffarunt, dunnit, Jobbo?”
      Jobbo: “Yeaaahrrr! And da fookin’ weather is gettin’ better!
      Must be dat climax change, Baz.”

      • Gizmo ‘Are you telllin me dat der Mersee looks different?’

        Teh ‘ Yeh, I am! Woddaabardih?’

        Sinbad ‘If anyone sez de Mersee looks different, I’ll be sayin it! A’right?’

        Divvy ‘Break id up, ey! What’s goin on ere ey?’

  15. More of ‘Planet Gayblack’ as the Angry Bootneck calls it. The BBC seems to have relocated there. Only yesterday the radio 2 phone in was focused on the suffering of the gay and trans suffering in our relentlessly hostile society.

    Given the attitude towards the light of feet by most black men, I don’t imagine it will be a roaring success.

  16. Another problem raises its head, we all know that the majority of stabbins in Londonstabistanobad are committed by persons of a dark hue. Now the conundrum, what type of stabbing is being carried out? Now so much is clearer/ queerer. Fucking glad I moved away, your money, wallet and pants bro. The stuff of really horrid nightmares.

  17. Chinese Expeditionary Force: “No Engrish! We take Africa! You had chance, but you got ashamed of yoh empiah. We Chinese now exploit jungle bunny chocolate people, make them build us naval bases and we blow up your navy in beeeeeg, BEEEEG Atlantic Ocean War!”

  18. It seems to be Black History Month every fucking month.

    Also, what is more revered and sacred to the BBC and the hated Grauniad than a poof?

    Answer: a black poof. We we will never hear the end of this crap.

  19. And, on the subject of woke bollocks, I hope that the England Wimmins Team don’t win that daft kickabout that is masquerading as the World Cup.

    Yeah, it’s meaningless and a load of overhyped woke shite. But, if they do, the likes of those BBC bastards will wet themselves. We will hear endless shit about how the ‘Lionesses’ are ‘up there with the all time greats’ and how they are on the same level as Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Gordon Banks and comparing some tart’s ‘wonder goal’ to Pele or Maradona. Absolute arse.

    • The bbc will then interview loads of teenage girl aspiring footballers, we won’t hear the end of it for ages, even if they lose.

    • Being a male chauvinist football fan and therefore worse than Amon Göeth and Josef Mengele combined, I haven’t watched a minute of this shit.

      I don’t need to be told by febrile gaslighting cunts that Tesco value blackcurrant concentrate is Chateauneuf-du-pape.

      I’d rather watch a mens game in the lower local divisions than support this Emperors New Boots bullshit.
      Of course women can have their own tournaments and leagues, but dont pretend its to the standard of the professional men’s game. You’re lying to yourselves and to young girls.

  20. How very dare they!

    I recently identified as a bl@ck lesbian.

    Surely they have to include me in their club?

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