Theatre Royal Stratford East

The Theatre Royal Stratford East is urging white people not to attend a black themed play so that there can be a safe, private space for an ‘all black-identifying audience’ which will be ‘free from the white gaze’

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I expect Lammy and that hideous racist Shola Mos Arrogant Loudmouth have already booked their tickets.

The play didn’t exactly go down a bomb in the US, but I’m sure the Guardian and Indy will be wetting their knickers over it.

What better way to eradicate bigotry and division than by creating more of the same?

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52 thoughts on “Theatre Royal Stratford East

  1. Was the play a midsummers nigs dream?
    Or much ado about nuttin?

    Free from the white gaze😄

    Dim the lights and the audience dissapear.

    • No MNC – it was The Importance of Being Rastas by Ombongo Wilde.

      Or maybe it was Nigmalion by George Bernard Shaw?

      • I could take offence but I know it’s usually true to conform to a stereotype these days ,your b day coming up as I recall ,arfurbrains was same day as mine lol

    • MNC you are Bernard Manning reincarnate and I claim my £5 money off voucher for MNC Removal Services Ltd.

  2. Exploring 300 years of African American history..
    Ancestors got defeated by another tribe,sold in to slavery, worked a couple of years picking cotton.

    Freed from slavery by honkies 150 years ago, never shut up about it.
    Have I missed any thing?

  3. Would I put them at ease if I attended as a minstrel or black Pete? Mammy.

  4. I believe they had a similar policy in certain parts of the USA back in the day. The Jim Crow laws I think they called it.
    Thank God that’s all gone eh?
    We’re much better educated today, as Professor Rio Ferdinand would no doubt agree.

  5. Same old story.

    Rozzers won’t investigate through fear of being branded raciss n sheet. So another example of the firebrand feargals chalking up another notch on the black supremacy post.

    How about a nice “Evening With The Klan” instead? Special guest Jim Davidson. Imagine what would be the uproar from the usual shit-flinging suspects – Hirsch, Flabbot, Lammas, Andrews, et al.

    • I’m quite happy to have non whites attend the Leni Riefenstahl film festival. Someone needs to serve the drinks and canapes.

  6. This system has been tried before – apartheid. It didn’t go down well.

    Where that white saviour cunt Curt Smith and Tears for Fears when you need them?

  7. Great stuff, building on Hendrik Verwoerd’s legacy.
    Honestly, who the fuck would want to go anyway?

  8. D’Mbones: Ooga, dems a show on in da Strratord East fea’er.
    Ooga: Ooga.
    D’Mbones: It abowt da repression stuff by dee Whitey.
    Ooga: Ooga.
    D’Mbones: Discown’id tickets. You wan see?
    Ooga: Ooga.
    D’Mbones: £55.
    Ooga: What? Dems is raaayyyy-cist.
    D’Mbones: Cha. Spend dat on fried shit.
    Ooga: Ooga

  9. The only whities who would want to go are posh, middle class virtue signallers and they don’t live in fucking Stratford!…..and they ain’t gonna leave their Chelsea Tractors parked round there!
    Not that they have Chelsea Tractors of course…….that would be a death sentence for the fucking Polar bears.

  10. Oh well. At least the audience might do a better job of recreating Hillsborough than they did at the Brixton Academy last December.
    They’d better ensure the security staff are honkys though. They can blame them when a few ticketless Mtebe’s get squashed.

  11. The director of this masterpiece used to be a DJ for bbc radio one what a shocker..

    Under the name DJ Excalibah..

    So may I humbly suggest incasing in stone and see if anyone wants to remove him.

  12. White gaze? £25 a shot, cheaper to go to the zoo and gaze at the monkeys if you are into that….

      • The make up departments easiest night of the year!

        Just a bloke with a marker pen and few bits of fuzzy felt.

        Transformation complete.

      • There is a video on youtube of a schwartze shitting in a phone box in stratford. the place is an absolute shit-hole.

  13. If only George Mitchell were still alive, as MD of Boggs Televisual Productions I would personally produce a real night of old East End fun at that hallowed theatre – so near the International airport, imagine the bums on seats we would get. This would be the IDEAL show for Lammy and friends to really let their hair down to:

    • I don’t even go to the theatre to watch REAL plays never mind this minstrel shite.

      It’s full of Schofield types in neckerchiefs and large hats,
      Men in makeup is unnatural.
      Deeply ducky.

      Besides they get snotty if you take your own snacks.

    • That’s going to give me nightmares, so many Papa Lazarou’s and his wives.
      Hello Dave.

  14. Free from the white gays?

    I’m ot sure Douglas Murray and David Starkey wanted to see it anyway.

  15. Stratford is a an absolute shot-hole. I had to go there a few times on business several years bsck and, despite the all-shining Westfield monstrosity, walk five minutes in any direction and it’s foul, filthy, and crime-ridden. It’s akin to being in Islaamabad, Somalia, Afghanistan, Gdansk, and Bucharest at the same time. Worse than Birmingham.

  16. Wouldn’t it have been less controversial if they’d have asked us none blacks to stay away because it was shite ? What was it anyway. A West End farce about an Alien Pygmy who gets a job chopping wood without his trousers on ? Sounds most likely to be for cotton. Sorry I meant forgotten.

  17. Are the Black & White minstrels appearing there ? or Al Johnson impersonators ?

  18. From now on white people should boycott the venue, and see how it affects the owners bank balance when it has to be supported by blacks only.
    When it goes bankrupt, they can be pleased it will be converted into 5* accommodation for illegals from Africa.

  19. I don’t need to be urged not to attend anything fucking black, unless it’s a Bon voyage party for the cunts leaving our shores.

    White plays for white audience, like to feel safe don’t ya know.

    • Of course it’s not a war, whites aren’t allowed to fight back. It’s a takeover, pure and simple. And a fucking hostile one at that.

    • It says ‘all black-identifying audience’ so you should be fine.

    • Indeed!I live in inner London and I never feel safe out at night. No problem in the day though. They’re all in bed.

  20. Using race as a tool to divide us once again. Couldn’t make this shit up. The UK is one of the least racist places on the planet yet the extreme left and the virtue signallers have to keep opening old wounds to stir the shit. This is starting to piss off the black community as well, check out what some of the UKs more conservative black social commentators say about all this. Calvin Robinson is a good start, he can see right through this horse shit. And all the BLM wank.

    They divide us and then they rule us

      • I like both presenters, although Nana is a bit strange looking. Esther though, phwooaaarrrr!!!!

  21. If these “people” follow their stance on not wanting anything to do with whitey to its natural conclusion, then surely they need to remove everything white from their lives. This of course would include all of the white devil’s inventions and social economic systems. Good luck being naked, half starved, disease ridden and drinking dirty water in your mud hut back in Bongo-Bongo Land where having a coconut is considered a good day.

    The funny thing is, I bet at the bottom of this nonsense is some white, middle classed Marxist with purple hair and rainbow framed glasses with unhealthy appetites for children. The very people who would be robbed, raped and killed first should their simian “bros” and “Mohammadan” wallahs be given power.

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