The Response To ‘Bullygate’

‘Oh no, those poor dogs!’ Oh no, the Met are horrible! Mark Rowley is Satan and Hitler rolled into one!’ ‘Justice for the two dogs killed by the Met!!!!!!’ Fuck off you whining cunts, the fact is the idiot owner allowed those two dogs to attack that woman’s dog. That means that, by definition, the dogs were out of control. The Met were incompetent and definitely overreacted but contrary to what these deranged ‘fur parents’ think they hardly acted in cold blood. This silly cult of worship surrounding dogs – and the outrage surrounding efforts to protect the public from dangerous ones – has got to stop.

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56 thoughts on “The Response To ‘Bullygate’

  1. I’m in the dog worshipping cult .
    But I’m a splitter.

    Criminal types , ie- blacks,
    Underclass, gyppos and ethnics shouldn’t be allowed dogs.

    I’m also prejudiced against pitbulls, cane corso, and XL Bullys.

    Put them down and wipe out the breeds in the UK.
    It’s only fuckwits that have them.

    That cunt with the dogs?
    Put all of them down.
    He was a criminal.
    The dogs his henchmen.

  2. I didn’t know there was a magazine called Dogs Today. I wonder if there’s one called “Trannies Today”? There must be, surely, so let’s hope the coppers shoot some of those mad animals as well.

  3. Ps
    Opey I’ve been thinking about your aversion to man’s best friend,

    And you need to confront your fears.
    How about wearing a padded suit for a police dog handler?

    The dogs chase and attack you but you won’t get hurt!

    I think this is what you need!

    • Maybe he’s one of those ‘furries’?!
      Afternoon MMC…👍🏿

      • We could make it a ISAC day out Thomas?
        Get a mini bus and go cheer him on!!

        Take bets how far he can run before the German shepherds take him down?

        How marvelous!!😁

      • You are the only known man to outrun Dicks hounds Miserable, after spying on Fanny Fiddler in the upstairs bathroom.

      • That’s because I’m tall enough to hurdle a Drystone wall LL.

        I avoided the hounds but not the salt pellet buckshot that peppered my arse!

      • Maybe Dick and his hounds should conduct OC’s fear of dogs training? I have always wanted to try being chased by a dog in a bite suit and just hope I don’t inadvertently soil myself.

  4. If the dog is out of control it’s the owners fault. Full fucking stop. I certainly wouldn’t blame the animal for anything it did.

  5. The same Met pig cowards who protect Just Stop Oil ftom irate motorists.
    Overreacting wankers.
    When buying or acquiring a dog, people ought to be forced to take 2 exams, one on canine psychology and the other on behaviour training.
    This spate of recent woofer attacks is because of ignorant, weak humans.
    As dogs, faced with weak or no leadership, will assume control themselves, hence the need for humans to understand the canine mindset and have calm, complete control.
    The dog will relax and not be dangerous.

  6. They should have shot the owner, not the dogs.
    Met Plod need Tony Martin as an armed officer.

    • Shooting the owners accidentally on purpose would have been their excuse and quite rightly they’d have got away with it.

  7. Dogs are like people.
    Easily led,
    And can get in with a bad crowd.

    A XL Bully is pure muscle.
    A mutant breed that if in the hands of a moron and not trained can be dangerous to people .

    Theres one near to me,
    Nice dog,
    Well behaved,
    Always on a lead,
    But , I don’t really trust it?

    It’s like Harvey price.
    It could go off at any second.

    • No need for certain breeds that can rip people or dogs to shreds quickly. Quite right.
      And no need for normal dog owners to get in with the Animal Rebellion mob, or whatever they’re called; they would mandate that all dogs become vegan and wear nappies.
      Total plod overreaction too.

  8. I think the police were right to shoot the dogs.
    They’d already attacked a dog with a woman.

    They’d been in the company of a fuckin idiot and encouraged to be cuntish.

    If a dogs out of control, shoot the fuckin thing.

    Same for the owners.

  9. It’s probably best to shoot the dogs, shoot the owners and shoot the police.

    Whoever refers to themselves as a “fur parent” should swallow a cyanide capsule and wash it down with a litre of Demestos.

  10. When my akita was younger,
    I took her into a enclosed field.
    Let her off lead.
    She and I played and gambled like two newborns!

    When it came time to stop and go back on the lead, she refused.
    I called her.
    She ignored me.
    I demanded she stay,
    The cunt ran off.

    The dog thought it was a game.

    I say down hoping the dog would get bored and come investigate.
    I’d read this and thought it sounded plausible.

    The dog crawled through a hedge into a adjoining field and started spooking the horses.

    I chased the cunt in a furious rage😡

    Now if the farmer had seen a akita chasing his terrified horses what would he do?

    He’d shoot the dog.
    Protect his livestock.
    And he’d of been right.

    Who’s fault would this of been?

    The dogs my responsibility.
    Doesn’t matter I didn’t realise she’d be a naughty little cunt.

    When I got the dog I had to physically restrain myself from battering it,
    I was fuckin seething.

    And I hissed
    “That’s it for you you cunt.
    You’ve pissed on your chips” .

    That was 5yrs ago and she’s never been off lead since and never will.

    She’s been trained, she knew recall , just decided to be a wilful cunt.
    And spoilt things for herself.
    Better than having her head blown off by a irate farmer.

    • In your earlier post you state that out of control dogs and their owners should be shot, then tell us about an occasion where you were the owner of an out of control dog.
      Do you think you should have been shot?
      Just asking for clarification.

      • I’m showcasing the fact that even a trained and well behaved dog can be disobedient and be unpredictable.

        And that this was a one off Incident.
        Which luckily resulted in nobody or anything getting hurt, bitten or shot.

        That satisfy you??

      • Not really Mis, no, because that’s not what I asked.
        Don’t get bent out of shape, I’m not looking for an argument, I’ve been on here way to long for that shit….

      • So your asking me if I should of been shot?

        No, not really although I wouldn’t of blamed the farmer if he had reacted to my dog spooking the horses.

        I see it as a different scenario to the one in the nom.

        I wasn’t in a city environment, in a enclosed field.
        There wasn’t people at risk, nobody about,
        And my dog hadn’t savaged another dog with a woman.
        Also I wasn’t a criminal who’d previously been banned from owning dogs.

        I think it’s fair to say it was a one off, victimless incident,
        For which a lesson was learnt and I’d hope that would spare me a bullet?

  11. It’s a very confusing story, I’ve read several reports.
    The dogs attacked another dog, or
    The dogs attacked a woman, or
    The dogs didn’t attack anyone/thing, or
    The owner had the dogs on a lead, or
    The owner set them on the police, etc., etc.

    If the bloke, who was banned from owning/keeping animals had not had dogs, they couldn’t have been shot, regardless of what the real story is.

    So, Louis, you’re ultimately responsible for the death of these animals, you cunt.

    • Enter stage left Jacinda Ahern, the only source of truth, only she can surely answer that.

  12. I have a dog but if I see one more social media post with the words “we don’t deserve dogs” then bad things are going to happen

  13. The rise of the overmuscled bulldog as fashion accessory to pigshit thick cunts,social media cunts and assorted chav cunts is quite simply a ticking time bomb..

    Almost none are adequately trained so are quite feral,as is their nature.

    Good luck fighting one off once it turns they need shooting.

    The owners? Total oven.

    • Yep anyone that owns one that kills or maims some poor sod, should get a life sentence .

      Same as for using a gun, pretty much as lethal

  14. BTW, I agree that anyone who refers to a pet as a ” furbaby” needs euthanising, along with the pet.

    • The thing a lot of the ‘evil Met’ brigade seem to be forgetting is that if the police were called then the dogs were presumably a sufficient enough risk before they arrived to merit their presence. We don’t know what happened before the footage was taken.

  15. I agree with this general thrust nom, if not the spite behind it.

    Theres no place for dangerous dog as pets, and they slways end up in the hands of the least capable; The Lionel Asbo type.

    Being a responsible dog owner ispretty easy if you possess a pre-frontal cortex.

  16. I think the issue is that the police shot the dogs at point blank range and didn’t kill them outright.

    look at the blood trails in the photo and at least one dog managed to crawl a good 10 feet back towards its owner before it died.

    Police ‘marksmen’ couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn from 6 paces.

    If you are going to hunt or kill anything, you put it down with one shot. painless and instant.

    This is the issue. Not the thick chav piece of shit who allowed his animals to attack in the first place, which ultimately ended their lives.

    • Fair enough, Odin.

      Not clean kills.

      But the banned from owning/keeping dogs person bears all the responsibility, for having the dogs.

      • A fair and reasonable point JP.

        In this case, it is very much the fault of the owner for putting the dogs in that position.

        The owner should have been shot and the dogs tazered.

      • Cannot disagree.

        Stupid man.

        Already playing the “issues with mental health” card. I despise people who won’t take responsibility for their own actions. They are despicable cowards and should be shot at dawn.

  17. fuckin hate dogs, always have. a dog barking is the most annoying sound in the world.

    • True. Mine fucking barks me awake around 3am, almost every day.
      I groggy out of bed, let the little shit out, he has a pee, and we both go back to bed.
      Better than a puddle of piss soaking into the laminate, which is what I get if I ignore the little shit.

      • “…Better than a puddle of piss soaking into the laminate..”

        Mate o’ mine’s got TEN ‘chorkies’ and he’s just had to tile the whole fucking ground floor so the piss didn’t rot the floor boards! At some point hopefully he’ll buy a bastard mop ‘n bucket.
        When I was a diving instructor a bloke used to bring his two Newfoundlands down to the lake for rescue training, amazing dogs, like two freakin’ grizzley bears, paws the size of dinner plates, could tow RIB full of divers round the lake no prob, he had to tile his whole house to dado height!

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