Jeremy Vine (14)

Oh dear, how sad never mind. Cunters I give you the gift that keeps on giving. One Jeremy Vine Esq, spinster of this parish.

Now he’s gone and named (Allegedly) someone who has opposed his daft support of a supposedly dangerous cycle lane this twat uses on a daily basis.

It’s about fucking time auntie grew a pair of cojones and assigned him to the dustbin of broadcasting history. I’m not going to hold my breath, but here’s hoping.

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70 thoughts on “Jeremy Vine (14)

  1. Is there anything worse than a complete and utter cunt?

    Yes. A complete and utter cunt on a bike.

    Fuck off Vine.

    Afternoon all.

  2. If it’s deemed a dangerous cycle lane,
    It’s not just going to be dangerous for pedestrians, or car drivers,
    It’d be dangerous for cyclists too.

    If he’s so interested in the safety on the road of cyclists what’s his issue?

    Any level headed citizens using the road should be conscious of the safety of ALL road users irregardless.

    That sounds too sensible.
    Bit like a headmistress?

    Fuck cyclists 🖕

    • The only cyclists I respect are those mad cunts who actually do the Tour de France.

      Years back, I remember them showing some cunt going up a steep mountain in a 5 or 6 hour stage (they have a stage every day for a few weeks.) The mic was near him and he was continually and exhaustingly screaming, ‘Aaaaarrghhh’ as he pedalled up the steep as fuck, long as fuck mountain road. Agony etched in his old man face, despite being in his 20s. I think he may have been weeping too.

      Those fuckers are fucking mental.

      • I saw Lance Armstrong doing the same but I think he was just jonesing for his next fix.

      • Indeed LL

        These fuckers pump themselves full of all kinds of cancer inducing/heart attack/mental breakdown shite.


        Makes them even more mental in my eyes.

        I respect their drive to succeed at all costs, the mad cunts.

      • It can be an entertaining watch, especially around the Alps. You can get some dippy spectators getting their fat french heads in camera shot.

    • I think he’s being a pedantic cunt.

      Somebody wants to do something about a cycle lane, so they must be up to something.

      He’s a twat, and I think here, he’s being a twat for the sake of it.

  3. The BBC has finally remembered it has impartiality rules and a code of conduct then?

    They should throw the book at this fucking cheese knob.

    Well, if it is anything like the Lineker fiasco it will be more of a wet lettuce and end up apologising to him. Has Jeremy even got enough people who like him to stand in solidarity like the MOTD cunts?

    • The BBCistan is as impartial as Reinhard Heydrich.

      In fact,I’d relish witnessing the Dirlewanger Brigade running amok through the cunts.

      How thoroughly excellent.

    • Noel Gallagher was on Ken Bruce’s new show recently and said he was at the BBC a few days earlier and felt the charisma in
      the place had plummeted.

      • Thought the Fat Controllers at the Batshit Barmy Corp had given Ken Bruce the elbow….
        Everyone else good at their job or with a hint of moral fibre has been binned or is earmarked for the compost heap….

        Canned :- Joanna Gosling, Tim Willcox, Jane Hill, Ben Brown, Annita McVeigh, Martine Croxall

        Targetted :- Huw Edwards, Sophie Raworth, Reeta Chakrabarti, Clive Myrie

        Smug & secure :- Gary Lineker, Zoe Ball, Fiona Bruce, Naga Munchetty, Lauren Laverne, Evan Davis, Nicky Campbell, Scott Mills and naturally Jeremy Whiney Vine

      • They did, the Ken Bruce show went over to Greatest Hits radio, where Simon Mayo also went to. He also brought Popmaster with him.

        The BBC’s replacement is a pile of cunt

        As for Fat Controllers, it’s more Twat Controller; the clueless Helen Thomas.

  4. It’s their way or the highway. They never see any other point of view.
    I thought this aggressive prick would have been scraped off the wheels of a bus by now.

  5. Yes Vine, just another self appointed voice of the people

    Yeah right odious cunt up there with the Lineker cunt

  6. If jezza pulled out in front of me, excessive braking.. nah not a chance.
    Excessive acceleration.

    Got me pedals mixed up.

  7. He should remove the helmet cam, shove it firmly up his arse, he will be able to see all the shit he spouts.

    Total cunt, hopefully he will stick to his Highway Code right of way principles and challenge a 30 tonne truck to a game of ‘I’m coming up the inside while you are turning left’

  8. This cunt should cycle off a cliff or hopefully become a target for a wonderfully diverse moped machete gang.

    His choice.

  9. Surely the day this cunt has tyre tracks across his face can’t be far off? Either that or a, richly deserved, good kicking.

  10. I’ll never forget this pansy filming his pathetic, cry-baby sobfest when he had bat flu last year (roundly cunted here at the time).
    Wetter than Stevie Wonder’s toilet seat.

    • Yeah, crying in his Joy Division t-shirt on his bed.
      Like he’d been fatally wounded.

      Camp as Christmas.

  11. He’s aware that his “popularity” is fading, and like all people of his ilk is scrambling around in an effort to remain
    A. In the public view, and
    B. Garner sympathy.
    Somewhat like Markle and her poodle with their ” dangerous persuit” by papperazi.

    They are all best ignored, out of the Sun light, they’ll wither and die.

  12. I can think of a dangerous cycle lane I’d like to see this twat on, the outside lane of the M6….


  13. I’ll be gutted if he’s banned from twitter, I enjoy commenting on his cunty little pushbike videos.
    Having to make do with Farage at the moment, he’s pleading with anyone who’d listen to vote for him in some journalism awards. Journalist? They don’t have them on Geebeebies, only cunts, and fringe mental cunts at that. Whiny fop Wooton, creeping Jesus freak Calvin, fucktard Fox, that swivel eyed scotch prick, and cosplay Victorian nob Mogg, and Farage.
    I also like reminding Alistair Campbell about gulf war two every time he call someone a liar, so that’s like twice a day.

    • You launching a charm offensive GJ?

      I voted for Farage on that journalist awards thing.
      Simply because if he won it’d irrate a few over their couscous at a dinner party.

      What do you think of Leo kearse?

      I like him!

      • I like Farage because he was brave enough to have sex with Jo Brand.

      • Indeed yes, MNC, about 5 years ago.
        At Camber Sands holiday park in the back of a VW camper, whilst in the next door tent, screams of lust could be heard from Anne Wddecombe as Jacob Rees-Mogg went down on her cobwebby pussy, finding all sorts of interesting substances down there from a lifetime of virginity.

      • Going off Mogg myself. He’s such a pure Purist regarding Brexit.
        Think am moving to a Sunak position where we can have ‘the best of both worlds’.
        Also I don’t know the detail but I hope the Unionist in N I can bring themselves to accept the Windsor Agreement.
        From sheer boredom that it has been going too long.
        I mean the gov. has negotiated an 18bn Japanese deal. And there has been others.

        We have the freedom to negotiate trade deals.

        Badenoch said they cannot get the ‘bonfire of Eu laws’ through the Lords.

        Once again I don’t know the detail. But there are problems for manufacturers getting into the EU market.
        We must get on not waste our time with minutiae.
        I said to Mr Fiddler ages (ah the very sound if his name brings a tear to the eye). That it is a massive political and economic bloc and we have to compromise.

      • The Japan deal is peanuts compared to the business we’ve lost by no longer being in the EU.
        But as Boris said, “Fuck business.”
        At least we’ve now wrestled back control of our borders
        And a nice new blue passport made in Poland by a Frog company.

      • Charm offensive Mis? I’d be wasting my time! Going to war with the fucking fringe lunatics, one side get more than their fair share here, just trying to even things up!

    • GBN is a clickbait machine. All they’re interested is manufactured aggro between a panel of rentagobs, and the weird fake speeches to camera belong on American TV not here.

    • Vines twitter feed is fucking hilarious. 90% of the relies he gets are basically calling him a cunt (not in so many words, obviously).

      You’d think the nauseating, gormless wanker would’ve got the message by now.

      • He’s always going on about the ‘horrendous abuse’ he suffers.
        But you’re a self righteous fucking prig.
        Utterly no self awareness.

    • Fuck me sideways with a pineapple!

      Miles, That’s iconic!

      Oh, my days, I can’t stop laughing!

    • Nice one, MP…the comments underneath are pretty damn funny too.

      • I thinks it’s well worked out Jeezum. See it proves (he’s) she’s a lesbian because he still loves his wife. He loves woman. That makes him the lesbian. And the Cherokee heritage gives him the ‘colour’.
        He has the same name but now it’s feminine.
        He doesn’t have to change it.
        But the best line is towards the end ‘you know gender fluidity is very complex…I might end up where I started’.

        So clever as well as funny.

      • You know if it was shown to most woke they are so fucking humourless, they’re so lacking in nous that they simply wouldn’t get the joke.

        That’s what ‘higher’ education has done to them.

  14. Jezza’s cracking up. The poison of Belfield is still in his veins. The harder he pushes on his pedals, the faster it flòods his mind and skinny arms, his tired lungs and compacted genitals. His bony legs starting to take on the colour and brand logo of the bike frame like tribal tattoos.

    He started going weird when he was rolling about on his bed, filming himself with the mild chest cold known as Omicron variant COVID. I half espected a nurse or his old mum to turn up with a jug of water and bottle of Ribena and say ‘come on sweetheart, sit yourself up a bit’

    I bet he’s terrified of weird-looking ginger blokes in loud shirts.

    ‘Ow do, chunly….’

  15. Fuck the Eu fuck shit hat fuck dame Kweer fuck cunts that can’t stick by a democratic vote fuck cunts that think they know better than us plebs Cunts…
    Oh and Fuck J Vine arsehole , nearly forgot. Fuck

  16. Cunt thinks he’s right and anyone who disagrees with him should shut the fuck up. The BBC loves him.

    He should definitely stay at the BBC and he should be able to say what the fuck he wants for however much the BBC wants to pay him. On the condition that the BBC becomes a subscription service and the people who want to gorge themselves on aunty’s dogs shit are the ones who pay for it.

    Most cyclists are condescending Cunts who look down on mortals who drive.

    If they are going to demand cycle lanes then the cunts need to pay from them.

  17. Haha you square-faced Lycra-clad twat!
    I bet you’re saddle reeks of ass-juice.

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