UK Brain Drain

As some regulars on here may already recall, over the last few months my wife and I have been looking at our options of emigrating abroad.

It’s been a hard decision to make, especially after moving from Birmingham to the relative calm and tranquillity of the Lake District – far removed from the woke, virtue-signalling, multi-culturalism and diversity of the big cities.

However, even Cumbria won’t be free from such nightmarish distractions as there is ever more demand from the Islington Woke Mob to make sure the length and breadth of England offers itself up to international inclusion and diversity (Islington and other rich areas of the South East excluded of course.)

On top of all that we have a Left-leaning so-called Tory government offering rich rewards for bone-idle cunts and migrants while taxing the workers and the socially & fiscally responsible.

Not only that but they have crawled up Greta’s shitty arsehole and made Net Zero its number one priority and at all costs, regardless of what most people think otherwise.

And it also hates the self-employed and the whole entrepreneurial spirit – which up until 2019 was one of the Tory policy totems. Instead it throws more bureaucracy and taxation at us and more or less killing off small and medium enterprising businesses.

We’re going to try our luck in Denmark in early April – at least for the first 90 days before having to apply for a visa. Residency in the country is quite tough for countries outside of the EU, but there seems to be many IT vacancies up for grabs that tick my particular boxes , so perhaps that might be enough.

I’m not saying Denmark is the perfect haven because it certainly isn’t. It has similar problems to most other EU countries and of course the UK, but to a far lesser degree.

But it would seem I am not alone in thinking the UK is finished. Thousands upon thousands professional and semi-professional people are leaving these shores and heading either to the EU or the States/Canada. Some of this is down to Brexit, and some down to similar reasons to my own.

And yet the government is totally oblivious in doing anything about this mass exodus. Instead it seems to be lowering the bar until its touching the fucking ground and all you’ll have is cheap labour at cheap prices at unskilled jobs.

To paraphrase Ruff Tuff (and others) – This country is well and truly fucked, and our politicians do not seem to give two shits about it!

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92 thoughts on “UK Brain Drain

  1. Good luck Techno 👍
    Hope it works out for you and the missus.

    Danish is very similar to the Brummy dialect and they’ll have no trouble understanding you😁

    Alas, I will never…play, the Dane.

      • @Mis, I reckon a lot of the Scandies speak better English than most of the natives.

        Although Jan Molby did turn scouse.

    • Danish is best spoken with a soft Edinburgh burr.

      If Techno can start to think in terms of Shakespearian English, that is how the grammar works.

      Once you get it, Swedish and Norwegian follow really easily.

    • Another light fading into the distance, wish you and yours all the very best. The sickness of woke is creeping throughout the country nowhere is safe from the destruction of culture, morals, ethics that the illness destroys. Problem is apathy, that is why this has managed to dig so deep into every nook and cranny of our lives. I mean, ofsted inspectors marking down a rural primary school cos the children did not know enough about peacefuls and gender types even though most of the new arrivals to the town moved to the town because of the fantastic primary school. One letter of “protest” in the local paper that was it. The school will most likely have to employ transbender pole dancers and anal sex advisors or get closed. Oh to be in England as the awful woke drives in.

  2. Brexit- free us from continental red tape and cut immigration. Two things that are under our control and yet getting worse.
    So we killed our trade with Europe for this?
    What a monumental fuck up.

    • Im afraid its the candle that attracts the moths. “The Land of Free Money”. Rape one Rape 2. Get out of Jail Free. and of course “Power over Whitey” with an enforceable whip.

      • I’ll think you’ll find it has.
        My company lost a 3rd of our online business because the tariffs made it uneconomical to sell our stuff to Europe.
        A £10 item would cost almost £30.

      • Not surprisingly, UK exports to the EU fell by an average of 22.9% in the first 15 months following Johnson’s “oven ready” Brexit deal.

      • I think Johnson is oven ready.
        He is such a greasy fat fuck he could keep the nations chippies going for decades, the lobby toddler.

      • Works both ways too. I, and quite a few musicians I know, used to buy musical equipment from a German music shop. They have a massive range, and we’re considerably cheaper than anywhere in the U.K.
        Now, with the tariffs, it’s more expensive than the U.K, so that’s the end of that.
        Of course it was all worth it to save the NHS……

      • It was worth it just to regain control of our borders.
        Not to mention freeing us up to pump sewage into our rivers and on our beaches.
        Plus you can have a nice new blue passport (manufactured by a French company in a factory in Poland).
        Fuck me, what more could you want?

  3. If I wasn’t as close to retirement as I am (with my ‘gold-plated’ pension), I’d be giving it some serious consideration, too. As per my recent(ish) Nom. about the state of this country.

    Good luck.

  4. Britain has become the home of foreign vermin and the super chav,all encouraged by successions of grubby political cunts.

    Good luck in Daneland.

  5. This country has gone to the dogs,all the powers to be seem hell bent to win the race to the bottom..

    Net zero, endless flow of immigrants, heavy taxation. GDP at ridiculous level.

    Someone should just lite a match and hope we can claim on the insurance.

    • I fear, Barry if we did that, it would be like when Harold Steptoe was going to burn down the house and yard, only to discover they were only insured for 200 pounds.

  6. Brum used to be called the city of a thousand trades. Now it’s the city of a thousand races.

    It’s fucked. We’re fucked.

    Good luck Techo.

    • I went there once. Sad to see the area where Boulton and Watt sparked the industrial revolution to be in such a monumental decline. Diversity has really improved this country hasn’t it?

  7. If you want peace and tranquility to escape the on coming train disaster, you will have to live rough life the nomads used to. Its easier than having to up sticks and leave the country. The onslaught of riffraff only want to live in comfort like you were trying to do.

  8. Wandering around our new home in Cornwall a couple of days ago left me depressed- litter, dog shit, obese adults, feral children and a worrying number of darkies.
    The only good thing is I’m on the death side of 65.

  9. If I were years younger – back to the days when I was a young Matelot without the spouse and my son, I would – indeed, I should – have emigrated but it would have been to a hot country – Australia probably, South Africa, even Israel, oi vey already!. Now this country gets dirtier, damper infested by illegal immigrants and nancy boy MPs, militant wimminz and the woke mob, I realise that the last 59 years have been a total fucking waste of time.

    Wouldn’t live in Europe because the whole of it will be a shithole within a few years, for example with it’s “race riots” the formerly civilised Sweden is about 15 years behind us, but they will all catch up. If I HAD to be in Europe, you get a better class of scum in Switzerland. But it’s too bloody cold there.

    • I was in CH for 8 years, providing you aren’t fully alpine, the weather isn’t bad. Can get quite Mediterranean in the summer. Beautiful place. If I won the euro, Iv’d be off like a bat out of Hull.

  10. You could claim to have Danish ancestry, all that raping and pillaging 1000 + years ago and the Danish settlers in ‘England’ there is a fair chance your Saxon blood has some Danish DNA.

    Good luck and whatever happens it can’t be any worse than here, I assume all the IT work is carried out in English being an international industry.

  11. Thousands of continually-whingeing, cry-baby Remainer EU-apologists are leaving to go to live in the Reich?

    Hoozaah! We lost some cunts. The country just got lighter.

  12. All the best 👍.We are alas up diarrhoea drive 😢.Vermin to the core.Feed the rats in Westminster to the wolves.

  13. But how long before Denmark’s as big a shithole as the UK? The EU won’t stop until it’s turned every member state into a multi-cultural hell. Denmark already has strict immigration rules, much to the dismay of the EU. That said, Denmark has to be a better bet than here.

  14. I don’t blame you Techno. Denmark is clean, prosperous and it’s Government looks after the interests of it’s own citizens, unlike the useless cunts running Britain. Okay it’s in the EU, but that’s sensible given it’s size and location, the EU being by far it’s largest export market. Wisely they’ve kept their own currency, and they got a clause written into the Maastricht treaty banning foreigners from owning property, basically to stop rich Krauts buying up the whole country. As I say – their Govt looks after Danes (what a quaint notion).

    Most of them speak excellent English. If you make it a permanent move though you ought to try to learn the language, but by all accounts Danish is a bugger to learn. Like others I’m genuinely envious, as I think the UK is finished. I can speak French, so looking at the state of our nearest neighbour and if only I was younger, I’d be looking to emigrate to Fran…….oh, hang on a minute, maybe not.

    Best of luck and keep us informed on how you get on!

  15. I can’t speak to the UK Brain Drain but it does seem that Woke is everywhere. The problem is that the Washington Establishment…or in your case London Establishment…is now populated and represented by what we in the states now call the “Uniparty.”

    Republican, Democrat…Tory or Labour…as my old man would have said; “There ain’t a dime’s worth of difference between them.”

    I understand what you are saying Techno and I sympathize. But I have come to the conclusion that while the grass may look greener somewhere else, sooner or later the Progressive Left will, like dogs piss all over it and turn it brown.

    Somewhere we must make a stand.

  16. Official statistics on net migration wil soon be covered up I’m sure.

    I have heard the argument, “Yes, 600,000 came here but 400,000 left” or whatever.

    Well, look who’s coming in. Again, they won’t tell you but you can see it. It’s mostly family of the new immigrant and a lot of unskilled crap from the third world. Sure, you get the odd engineer (they get sent to Lineker’s mansion to ‘prove a point’.)

    The NHS? Some good nurses etc from the Philippines etc sure, but has anyone got the link to the BMA (or whatever they call it) malpractice case list? I have seen that before, albeit a while back, it was almost all foreign names on it.

    Half of my family had a GP for a few years who had false papers and was jailed for it (a peaceful). It was in the local papers at the time. Would prescribe fucking Sudafed for everything. Even poor cunts with cancer.

    So, with a few notable exceptions, we mostly get dross. What do we lose?

    Well, most who leave do not leave to go and live in Shitistan or some African hell hole. It’s places like Australia, New Zealand, The USA, Canada etc. These places don’t just let any (honky) cunt come. It’s skilled folk with a few quid.

    And I don’t fucking blame them.

    We lose some of our best and get some of the worst.

    We are fucked, but hey…it’s a conspiracy theory and I’m fear mongering.

    Well, let’s see who’s right twenty years from now.

    I sincerely hope to be proved wrong.

    • Canada? Fuck me – their population increased by a million last year. Where were the fuckers from? Yep, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.. That will be a shit-hole in a few years (it’s already full of Chinks and Pakis)

  17. Consider Poland Technocunt.
    After much soul searching my Polish wife are moving there. Wokeness does not exist There plus they take a very dim view of poofery and Shwartzers .
    Culturally and socially a bit like Britain in the 60’s but with all the modern technology etc.
    It’s one of the last bastions of common sense .

  18. Having lived in Daneland for six years, if there is anything I can help with Techno, please just ask.

    I will be back there in June for a gig in Loppen (Christiania. look it up 😁), followed by an entire weekend of debauchery with some very good friends in Roskilde.

    Mrs Odin and I will also be getting the fuck out of Dodge in the near future to go and be subsistence farmers, Viticulturalists and Apiarists on a remote tropical island in the Atlantic.

    I also intend to grow a fuck ton of my own ganja.

    When we go, the UK will lose one of its best (and last) senior mechanical engineers and Chartered Builders. Along with the £40k I pay HMRC every year for the privilege of working in this shithole of a city.

  19. “ Some of this is down to Brexit” – more likely down to the result of 6 years “anti-Brexit” and which continues to this day with the confirmed annexation of Northern Ireland.

    Good luck in your new venture👍

  20. If I were 30 years younger, I’d be off like a shot!
    Far from straightforward nowadays, since we voted to abolish our freedom of movement.
    Good luck Technocunt sir, you won’t regret it.
    Anywhere in continental Western Europe would be infinitely preferable to Boris Johnson’s Brexit shithole.

  21. Those cunts in Westminster, past and present, should be put on trial for what they have done to this country.
    Treason…….guilty as charged.
    Sentence……execution…..duly carried out.

  22. Firstly, nothing ventured etc so good on you for making the move.
    But, Europe is fucked, its only a matter of what country ‘wins’ the descent race, the others will follow. It isn’t incompetence, its planned.
    I had considered Australia some decades ago, along with NZ, after spending months in both, they offered excellent prospects but look how they turned out after the turbo flu arrived and NZ has a surging mudslime following among the Maori and Islanders but perhaps with less extremism, for now.
    Nonetheless, if contemplating it now I’d opt for a warm country, one less problem to pay for with the advancing net zero bollocks.
    You’re younger and more tech savvy so your employment is secure, you could, and maybe do , work remotely anywhere.
    If cold is not an issue then the Faroe islands are shite free but very insular.
    Given the opportunity, I’d look at some of the far flung corners of the old Empire, the Pacific Islands.
    May good fortune travel with you.

  23. What brain drain? We have 1000’s of highly qualified, highly motivated geniuses landing on the south coast every week.

  24. I have had a few relatives, friends and associates emigrate-Australia and the US being the most popular destinations.
    Er’ Indoors best friend, emigrated to France 20 years ago-she has made an incredible life for herself and her family.
    Lots (most) have become homesick and returned to Blighty.
    Home is where the heart is, Cunters.

    Sorry to lose anon-woke, educated men like Techno & Odin….but-“You’ll be back!”

    • The only reason I came back was to look after my Mum after a cancer diagnosis.

      She did well and I had another 18 years of her company while I resettled here and restarted my career from pretty much scratch. Sadly the big C got the better of her in 2019 and the only reason I am still here now is to make sure my Dad has company in his advancing years.

      Family are far more important than anything else when the threat of never seeing them again rears it’s head.

      That said, I wish Techno all the best and advise making your peace with everyone you know before you go.

      Then never look back.

  25. Virtually nowhere in Europe is now diversity-free.

    Beautiful and quiet places in Ireland where I used to go on fishing holidays with my dad in the 90s? Now crammed with Dooshkas and the hotels full of gimmigrants.

    Where I used to work and live in Germany? Once a very nice town. Now infested with human muck from various middle eastern shit traps.

    Sweden, with a city now known as the rape capital of Europe.

    Denmark, not much better.

    And France we all know about.

    I think there are only Russia (fuck that) and Hungary and Poland (OK, but too near Russia) that aren’t festering with the cast of Zulu and a plague of peacefuls.☹

    • Techno, I understand how you feel but I would suggest that you give this idea of uprooting yourselves further consideration. Things may seem hopeless at the moment, but there will be a general election within the next two years and the chances are that the present incumbents will be given the old heave-ho and we’ll be able to welcome in a new socialist administration. Good times are just around the corner, my friend. Take a holiday by all means, you’ll long to be back in Britain after a couple of weeks.

      • With all due respect, if you think another side of the shit stained bog roll is the solution you should perhaps think again.

      • It’s gonna be awesome, Allan!

        This country is going to rise like a phoenix from the ashes!

        PS: some cunts don’t get English irony, do they?


      • What was his name before Ruff?

        Jagpig or something lacklustre,

        Fiddler made him cry!

      • Jaguarpig. Once claimed his PayPal account had been hacked by Ukrainians. How did he know it was Ukrainians? Because the Russians posing as Ukrainians told him so.

        Dim fuck.

  26. Can’t blame you. I am preparing to do the same myself.

    I still have time to earn as much money as I can before I hit 40.

    Did well on the stock markets which have saved me subsequently six figures in interest charges over the remaining term of mortgage payments.

    My passion, desire was driven by the desire to get the fuck out of this shit hole country.

    I recently came back from Frankfurt from a business visit and was shocked to see African hair salons, deprivation, boarded up windows and entropy. Walking around the centre was met with people dipping into public bins pulling out McDonald’s bags to eat remaining chips, and I shit you not: I went for a walk when I first got there and within 5 minutes there was a fist fight. Loads of groups of youths and scrotes. (of different races – nicely integrating I see)

    Talking to other European colleagues they echoed the same concerns as I put forward for the UK. Schengen zone not going too well is it? It appears Europe is fucked, the west is fucked.

    I think the idea is to leave the country with money and find a country with a poor economy so none of the lazy reparation grabbing cunts will venture there because there is nothing for them to rape. (other than the women, but you need free money and free fried chicken to sustain that)

    Techno, the best of luck mate. I’ve been planning my exit from this cess pit since I was 13. Never fucking liked it here and growing up around Hyde and Bolton, I witnessed the start of the decline so could start working on getting out.

    It once was a great country, in 10 years it will be a service driven country resembling a third world. You can see it already in certain areas, it’s just a matter of time until the infection spreads…

      • Other cunts are too sidelined by ego to notice.
        Follow the leader,…..over the hills and faraway, baaaah.
        Yap yap.

      • My deep what you illiterate clown ?

        It’s ‘you’re’, trust your phone spellchecker, it’s got a higher IQ.
        Why don’t you just stick with the multiple one liner responses and stay on topic seeing as stringing an entire paragraph together appears to be beyond your capabilities.
        Every time you have a feeble jab, I’m going to hold a mirror up to you.
        Shit or get off the pot, son.

  27. Japan is actually a great place. Been there once and I thoroughly enjoyed it. They don’t tolerate peacefuls or any of that shite. And it’s safe for a woman to walk the streets at night.

    • If the cast of IsAC moved to Japan, it wouldn’t be so safe for the Japanese ladies.

      • Some beautiful women there too, CG.

        And, I hope those Qataris get Man United. I don’t give a fuck about all that ‘But… But … Human rights’ bollocks. Almost every country in this world is rotten, including this one. And a Qatari owned MUFC would make Lineker’s piss boil, which would please me no end.

  28. Things change over time. We all know that and accept that it’s inevitable. However, the changes we’ve seen over the last 20+ years or so have been both rapid and hugely significant. They’ve also been, for the most part, destructive and to the detriment of the country and its indigenous population. We’re just not programmed to deal with huge rapid changes in our surroundings. It’s very unsettling and unnerving. Throw in destructive and financially crippling and you have the recipe for a nation and its population to be forever changed for the worse. What makes it unconscionable is the gleeful intent of those in power to enact and oversee these changes. Governments are engaged in the wanton destruction of their own nations.

    20 years ago, living in the US for me was great. Now it’s not so great. The Demoncrats seem absolutely intent on destroying the very fabric of the nation. Everything it seems must be reduced to the lowest common denominator for the sake of inclusivity, diversity and pandering to the latest fad (alphabet people, climate change, Burn Loot Murder Matters, dumbass wars, electric cars, the list goes on – take your pick).

    Mrs. Yank and I will be moving soon. We are staying in America for various reasons, but the move after this next one may well be to somewhere else. Back to the UK? Fuck off. Canada? Now a communist authoritarian state. South America? Great if you want to get disappeared. Europe? By then Europe will be the new Middle East. The Middle East? Get real. Far East? By then China will be running that shit show. Australia? Already overtaken by ethnic trash. New Zealand? Leftist Utopia. The Poles? Bit nippy and probably has shit internet. Africa? Hahahahaha. Russia? Do me a favour. Where else is there?

    Unless world governments and populations pull their heads out their arses and the values of decency, respect, consideration and fairness return, nowhere is safe. Fact is we’re all alive at a time when humankind’s progress and aspirations for making things better than they were in the past has stagnated. There’s a strong argument to say we’re going backwards. I believe we are.

    Happy Christmas.

    • Stop talking sense, it hasn’t been approved by the torch and pitchfork muppets.
      And their puppy dog.

      • Didn’t Fiddler make you cry once?

        Heeehee 😆

        You went by another name then, can’t remember it though?

        Your very forgettable!

  29. Good evening cunters!

    It was another beautiful day in Central Florida. But as we made our way north we encountered some torrential rain in the Panhandle. However, we arrived safely and are back in residence at The Villa.

    Our next excursion is a few weeks away so I keep the cunters as well as the Torch and Pitchfork Mob updated.

    This was a pretty righteous nomination so I was surprised to see all the hate there was coming from from the Torch and Pitchfork Mob and that it was aimed at some other cunters. (Well maybe not so surprising.)

    And of course as usual they relive the joyous times before their Fearful Leader’s foaming at the mouth rants forced Admin to create the terrible “rabbit” button that made him run away.

    As an aside, I’m not sure the weeping is an issue but if you keep up the gnashing of teeth you will all need dentures.

    Not that I really care.

    Hang tough cunters and keep the 50 lb bags of rock salt at the ready.

    • Salutations GC, the torch and pitchfork comedy duo are still there. The toothless cur is currently licking the scar where his balls used to reside while the puppy protégé gambles around, tongue lolling spastic-like from the side of his mouth yelping for attention.
      His master will at some point toss a small stick from his similar sized arm for his faithful friend to fetch and the charade of buffoonery keeps on giving.

      • Hey Harry,

        Throw ’em a frickin’ bone so they can gnaw on it instead of gnashing their teeth over the loss of the Fearful Leader.

      • You been crying again jagpig?

        Fuck me! Your like Harry Hewitt.

        Come on sucker
        Up your game!😄

  30. Gee that sure sounds swell!
    Been picking peaches in Georgia?
    Oranges in Cal-I-forn-I -ay?
    Where all the movie stars are?

    Hope Ma an Pa are ok,
    And I hear JimBob an BobbySue are gittin Wed?
    How’s cousin Cletus?
    That possum bite healin?
    Goddammit that boy sure as darn likes his licker.

    Happy trails Big Hoss

    • I would have thought a visit to Waco (pronounced Whacko) would have been on the cards last weekend, as Flump had a rally there.
      cue many cousinfuckers screaming allegiance to their mango Mussolini.
      One redneck had a huge flag stuck to his micropenis compensating jeep emblazoned with the image of their cult commander, saying ‘Death or Trump 2024’
      I do hope it’s the latter, for Americas sake, and the rest of the free world.

      • Was Senator Marjorie Taylor-Greene there? Or the odious Kevin McArthur?

        Get back to me when you have a clue.

        (I won’t hold my breath)

      • Lucky no one was holding their breath when you were asked for links about political parties in Ukraine being banned.
        You could always school me on American politics by posting a link, and don’t forget your caveat, and only one link that provides undeniable proof of the stolen election fraud

      • It isn’t my caveat, you moron. The one link and one link only bullshit was the harebrained scheme of your hero.

        I actually tried to post multiple links but the Troll Lord was so rabid the Admin team had to install an abuse button after…in their words not mine…several people complained.

        One look and Chicken Dick flew the coop!

        You’d be well advised to stick to the facts lest I’m forced to use Qannon’s (sic) top secret, space based, Christian Particle Beam on you and the whole Torch and Pitchfork Mob.

      • Alternatively, old timer, you could simply admit you were wrong.

        General Cuntster on December 22, 2022 at 10:31 pm said:

        Hey Gutstick,

        Fact: Zelensjy outlawed all political parties except his own and imprisoned his political opposition.


      • On fairness to the polite gentleman, he did post quite a few links regarding this story, however they were absolutely worthless, and were easily debunked as they were from very poor echo chamber sources.
        I suppose to all relative to how high, or low, you set the bar for acceptable evidence.

      • @Gutstick

        If I offend you Mt. Snowflake I’m so very not sorry.

        What about your bogus claims about Senator Taylor-Greene’s Jewish Space Lasers?

        What about the odious Kevin McArthur? Who exactly is that?

        And of course who could ever forget the man who mentioned to you that he bought the Chicago Bears because he was bored?

        You want to get into a credibility battle with me?

        You better call out the whole Torch and Pitchfork Mob for back up cause you can’t win that battle by yourself and they believe your bullshit. Every time you’re proven wrong they all chime in about how great it is to hear a different opinion…even and especially if it isn’t true.

        All you guys want to do is fight and piss and moan because Fiddler ran away. Stop whinging and let’s get on about the business of cunting.

        Jesus H. Christ Himself in a 1960 Alvis TE21 DHC, but this shit gets old!

      • Evening Rainman👍

        Got a girlfriend yet?

        Jagpig doesn’t count!😆

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