Why Why Why Banning Delilah is a Cunt


Why, why, why has the Welsh RFU banned the song Delilah? Because they are a rabble of sheep snagging, woke ridden, leek munching cunts. that”s why.

The song has been a staple tune on the pissed up singalong and karaoke circuit for decades. And it’s taken decades for some self absorbed, officious, woke twat to ban it because it might ‘offend’ woman.

I urge all Welsh Rugby fans at the Six Nations to protest in the best possible way – break into a rendition of ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ by the Prodigy every time the ball goes out of play..

Rugby officiating cunts.

Nominated by: The Birdman of Cuntytraz.

27 thoughts on “Why Why Why Banning Delilah is a Cunt

    • Saw them last summer, it seemed more intense than all the other times I’ve seen them due to Keith’s absence. No bitches were smacked during the performance, despite everyone shouting for it a lot.

  1. Suspect that their virtue signalling will have the opposite effect, and the fans will bawl it out constantly. At least I hope that’s what happens.

    Afternoon all.

  2. Somebody please elucidate. People willingly go along to watch this dreary “sport” that stops every five minutes so players can have a chinwag and the referee has to tell the fat cunts the rules whilst the crowds sing corset-wearing cunt Tom Jones songs….. and they have to pay for this?

  3. Isn’t that dirge the rugger fans sing at England games, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, considered waycist? Is so it obviously should be banned immediately in case someone is offended.
    We could be left with a single note to sing. Doh!

  4. Do a load of pissed up sheepshaggers at a Rugby match actually know the fucking lyrics anyway? Surely they only know the chorus? I didn’t know it was about some cunt killing a slag until the wokies pointed it out to me.
    Now, I’m all upset and I have to find a safe space to have a little weep. Thanks for that you insensitive cunts.

  5. The Wokies want it every which way, don’t they?
    On the one hand they want to ban the singing of Delilah on the flimsy grounds that it celebrates male violence against women.
    On the other hand they think it’s perfectly appropriate to sentence a male rapist to serve time in a female only prison.

  6. I bet that they wouldn’t want to ban “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywoke or “Glad to be Gay” by Tom Robinson. Ditto anything by Boy George or any other raving homosexualist.

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