The MSM LFC Fan Club are Cunts

If Arsenal, Man United, Spurs or Man City were languishing in mid table oblivion and had got yet another spanking (this time off Wolves), the BBC, Sky and social media would be full of ‘when’s the manager getting sacked?’ and yapping on about how far they had fallen. But because it’s Liverpool, nobody says a fucking word or calls them out for being shit.

Jurgen Klopp and the sainted Mo Salah can do no wrong. And if Fergie or Wenger refused to talk to the press, they’d be called out as cunts. If Manchester United or Arsenal were in Liverpool’s position, the media would revel in their misfortune and be calling for the manager’s head. And there would also be an array of pundits and ‘old boys’ ready to put the boot in. ‘

But… But it’s Liverpool!’

When the then Man United manager, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer was in the same situation as Klopp and Liverpool are in now, the media at large wanted his bollocks in a blender.🤔

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Nominated by Norman.

Addendum by Cuntybollocks

I second this excellent Nom, Norm – if I may?

I’d add that you can include Everton fans (and Jamie Carragher in particular) too. Must be a Scouse thing.

They’ve just beaten Arsenal (top of the league) and recently drew with Man City. But they lose to every cunt else more or less.

To me that means the cunting players only bother turning up when a good side plays them. Lazy twats. Their fans have been protesting for weeks against the owners, who’ve spent loads on trying to move them to a new 60,000 stadium and on players they can’t really afford.

Because the managers have brought in shite, they want the owners blood. They’ve overspent and are in financial trouble because of poor spending.

Now, the owner is being more hands on, making sure money isn’t spunked on shit, and he’s interfering. Can’t win. The board have been far from ideal, the biggest mistake was getting Fat Frank in. Trying to make a bunch of hoofers to play tikka taka, the silly bastard. Dyche is much more up their street – kick and run at 100mph.

The fans are protesting to the point the rozzers have told the board to not come to games btw.

The threats to their life have been deemed serious and credible.

Then, you get a typical ‘never their fault’ comment from Jamie Gozzagher, saying they should not stay away as it tars all Everton fans with the same brush.

No, they’re staying away because the rozzers told them to. They are targets.

Next time a baying mob is waiting for you outside the Sky studio for gozzing at kids, with Dibble telling you to stay away as you might get murdered, you should go in, you daft cunt.

If the fans want to complain and make death threats, they should look at the team and ask why they can play out of their skins against the two best teams currently in the league, but play like a bunch of lazy, can’t be arsed cunts against everyone else.

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61 thoughts on “The MSM LFC Fan Club are Cunts

  1. Liverpool-city of culture and new host of the Eurovision cunt contest. (Europe that now includes Australia & Israel😂).

    The plain truth is very simple.
    It’s Liverpool, a shithole full of thieving, murderous Irish scum, social degradation and high unemployment: “da footy” is all they have to be proud of.

    The Beatles couldn’t wait to get the fuck out-just like any other scouse cunt who makes a few quid-any criticism of Klopp & co would only inflate the bin dippers sense of victimhood.

    If Liverpool is the arse, Everton is the festering pile attached to it😉

    • The Liver Birds were the only decent thing to come from there. Except for The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, with Sir Charles Groves at the helm.

      • Hi Norman,
        Heard (when I say heard, you don’t get the screaming tarts at a drinking club) the Searchers at the Domino Club, that used to be the Princess cinema. Always remember the lead singer strumming away at his guitar just under his chin. Most peculiar.

  2. See Sky have got Bob Carolgees’ hand puppet commentating on the scousers again today. Wouldn’t mind if they were getting tonked but they aren’t.. I need to fucking calm down calm down..

  3. Being a silent football viewer for years, I find it interesting the scouse riff-raff aren’t being criticised. Does that mean Elsie are a nonentity.

  4. I know little of football..I understand wimmin can play it.

    Scouse wimmin playing it whilst phlegming their unsettling dialect must be a sight to behold.

    No,bollocks to that..


      • Oh, and they’ve got an apology from UEFA for last year’s Champions League Final in Paris. Might have known it wasn’t their fault, nothing ever is. Blame the stadium, blame the authorities. Funny how they’re always involved though, eh?

      • UEFA, as we know are cunts. Even more so now for caving in to the scousers
        Seems it not just this country that’ll say anything to shut the fuckers up.

  5. Klopp the Kraut would have been sacked had he been anywhere else. And the minute things aren’t going his way he throws his toys out of the pram, and is seen as the sore sour arsed bad loser that he really is. And those giddy Mickeys who compared the Kraut to Shanks and Paisley look like total knobs now. They were true greats, who could take the good and the bad. And if things did get sticky, they got stuck in and fought their way out of it. But the first real bad patch Klopp gets and he’s whining like an old washing machine and being a bad mannered cunt. And that baldie cunt Pep Fraudiola is no better at the Berties Boo Camp. Those dodgy blue cunts are (hopefully) getting their comeuppance, so Pep Baby rails against the media, saying everyone is against his Gorton Globetrotters. Maybe having a cunt as a manager is just one reason why….

    • I used to be a bit gobby on the top deck of the 53 bus when traveling to Main Road, pretending to show my passport to the conductor when entering Moss Side. It was full of blacks, even in the fifties ! At least you were guaranteed Dave Ewing would be putting one past Bert Traumann in his own net, whenever our babes played there.

  6. They’ve always been the darlings of the media. Back in the seventies before any catastrophic events, the fans were portrayed as football sages, whereas it was actually always a busy day for the dibble when they were in town.

  7. I love reading through noms like this. I have no idea who anybody is, what they do, why, and nor do I give a fuck.

    • Well said Moggie, you and I both! Baffles me how people can be so invested in football matches.

      I’ve been measuring lateral acceleration in the car. I find I’m turning at 0.6g normally and 1.0g if I’m pressing on. What do you think?

      • The nearest I’ve come to being a petrolhead is bottling it at 150mph in a Vauxhall Omega V6 24v estate at 3am on a deserted M69.

      • Yes, agree with your figure there Paul for 1.0g. 0.6g would be about five seconds by my calculation. Be nice to get that performance out of the engine! Might squeeze it out of the brakes. Maybe I do, I’ve not measured it!

      • Yes I remember that Moggie and you said that I was driving too fast! I find cornering on the limit more exciting anyway, especially in the wet.

      • There’s a lovely bend coming off the M69 onto the M6, posted as 40mph, I think. I omce went round at 70mph and had the car at the limit of the grip, you could just about feel it slipping. Braking wasn’t an option so I just kept feathering the accelerator, it was magical.

      • I live near the M45.
        No plod ever. Want to find out how fast your car will go. You’ll find out between Dunchurch and Watford gap.

      • Know it well Moggie, done the same speed on that seemingly never-ending bend. As you say you have to get it balanced on the throttle. To lift off abruptly would be terminal let alone actually to brake.

  8. I notice the bin dipping wankers had their traditional 3 games in hand again up to this afternoon. Happens every season for some unknown reason.
    The BBC and other media wankers are still loath to criticise the scousers for fear of a Hillsborough style whitewash of the truth, but have no problem laying into Everton even though they helped get their wish by seeing Lampard booted out.
    Funnily enough, hardly a word is said about Moyes at West Ham, even though they are in roughly the same position.
    That said, the scousers certainly seem to have self pitied and whinged they’re way to some sort of immunity.
    Shame they aren’t 20 points adrift at the bottom. Though they’d probably get special dispensation for that and stay up.

  9. J C the one in the pic was a good footballer and loyal to the bindippers, for an Everton fan.

    Having read his book I have to say going on what I read a fucking scouse scaly arsehole of nuclear magnitude. Cunt.

  10. My only wish, is for the “sheep shaggers” to end up back in the second division. Another loss today have them nicely settled in the bottom three.

  11. One plus point for Qatari ownership at MUFC is after a new stadium is built we won’t be seeing any Sam Smith concerts or any other LGBT shite.

    • And I’ve gone off that Ratcliffe cunt.

      Chelsea season ticket holder
      Funds borrowed for takeover
      Doubts on infrastructural redevelopment

      Fuck him.

      • Ratcliffe is a weapons grade cunt. “Sir” who moved to monaco so as not to pay UK tax. I find the whole thing with football ownership appalling- it will just end up like shitty NFL. I absolutely believe that 25% of club shares should be owned by a fans trust.

      • Oh yes, and that wanker Ratcliffe also supports uber-cunt lewis “i iz so blek” Hamilton through his sponsorship of the ang f1 borefest.

      • Radcliffe eulogised about the demise of the “True” Land Rover Defender, then announced that he and some mates, whilst sitting in his local pub, The Grenadier, decided they should design and build a true “heir” to the defender-less electronics and more mechanical than modern Land Rovers.

        Thus was born the Ineos Grenadier-a British flag bearer, to be built in Great Britain and affordable 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

        ….of course it’s Austrian tractor running gear and gizmos galore, built in Eastern Europe.
        Costs a fucking fortune too.

        Radcliffe is another lying cunt….

    • Yeah, good old Norman. Always having a pop at the Scousers no matter what. Don’t ever change Norman, your visceral hatred of all things Merseyside is an example to us all. I bet you even refuse to watch the Grand National!

      • Aye, Freddie.
        That time the National was postponed wasn’t an IRA warning call. It was some Mickey pretending to be a Mick, to clear the Aintree course so they could go on a hubcap nicking spree. Gizmo, Sinbad and Divvy cleaned up Saturday 5 April 1997.

  12. Jurgen Klopp is a fucking psychopath.

    Watching him wriggle and squirm like some bipolar sufferer with PTSD after yet another defeat makes for hilarious viewing in a schadenfreude kind of way.

    Eyes and teeth everywhere.

    The man is just an absolute cunt and is perfectly suited to the cunt of a club he manages.

    • The thing is the likes of Shankly and Paisley set the bar so high (and they were both great men and managers) that everybody after them looks shit. Dalglish inherited Joe Fagin’s team and then Kenny bottled it and scarpered. The Souness fiasco. The Houllier and Evans ‘joint manager’ clown show. Rafa. Roy fucking Hodgson. A doddering Kenny comeback. Like Man United after Sir Matt Busby and Fergie, some of them should never have been allowed near the Liverpool job. Klopp has brought success, but he doesn’t have either the cannyness or the balls of steel for Anfield.

  13. After these cunts got English teams kicked out of Europe, they were supposed to serve an extra season or two after the ban was lifted. Of course, that never happened. I remember feeling visceral rage when the BBC – who have had their tongues up the arse of this cuntish club for the past fifty fucking years – ran a series of ads called ‘Liverpool in Europe’ for the 90/91(?) season. Obviously, I couldn’t say much as the girl I shagging at the claimed to be an LFC fan, despite being born and bred in Bedfordshire.

    4-0 to Ipswich*

    * against the bottom club who haven’t won for fifteen games.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it your Emperorship ( that’s not a proper word is it? I just made that up). Most supporters of Man Utd and Liverpool have never been near those cities and couldn’t identify them on a map.
      However, we all have to hide our contempt for dimmos when there is pussy available. Unless, of course, you are a dimmo yourself. ( see Harry Halfwit v Sparkletits)

      • Agreed, Freddie. I hate most out of town fans, especially the post-1993 cunts and the foreign ‘riferong Man U fan’ from those oriental and African shitholes. The cunts don’t know what it’s about. It was a ritual for me when I was younger. Every home game from 1975 to 2015. Many away games as well over the years. Loved grounds like Highbury, Upton Park, Villa Park, and – whisper it – I even had a soft spot for Maine Road. Days that are sadly over now.

        There’s a neighbour of mine, and when he first turned up he had a Sheffield United shirt on. Now, he wears a Liverpool one and cracks on he ‘supports’ them. I hate that sort of ‘supporter’ the most. Kids are gloryhunting cunts (like the twats I knew who ‘supported’ Liverpool and Everton in the 80s and modern little cunts who ‘support’ Real, PSG or Barcelona), but grown adults who do it make me heave.🤢

    • The “Culture Club” v “The Crazy Gang” in the 1988 FA cup final (which the cunts went on to lose)

      Culture Club my arse.

  14. Did somebody mention ‘Fussball’…

    I’ve just plucked my nasal hairs out with tweezers.

    As for scouse land …

    Low yield battlefield nuke, then tow the contaminated remains over to the Republic of Eire.

  15. And Saint Mo Salah is a cunt and all.
    An archetypal gloryseeking play for money mercenary.
    He loves Liverpool FC even less than I do.

  16. When they won that FA Cup Final last year, the BBC mob – Lineker, Micah Richards, Shearer – were licking Klopp’s arse with servile relish. Going on about how he had ‘the whole of foorball in the palm of his hand’ and how he was ‘the greatest’.🤢🤢🤢

    Amazing how after all these years, the Beeb are still card carrying Liverpool supporters. That cringeworthy line from a wanking John Motson in 1988…

    ‘And that has to be one of the best goals of the season, even by Liverpool’s standards.’🙄

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