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Global Citizen

You know the sort of cunts I mean. Sparkletits and Hewitt, the Clintons and Obamas and ‘rock star’ progressive politicians. They love unfettered immigration, fighting climate change, poverty and racism, they hate borders, walls and guns but live in exclusive all-white gated communities with private security and travel by private jet.

The idea of nationhood is outdated and racist they tell each other at Davos and the Met Gala fundraiser, open borders for a connected global community is the way forward but have spent the last couple of years hiding in their mansions from Covid in those nice enclaves and not a Beijing tower block or favela in Rio.

Of course they don’t believe in what they actually say, its all progressive window dressing, slacktivism I believe is the term coined. They don’t care about the people they claim to want to help. Eco brat Thunberg has as much in common with a Kenyan goat herder as does Justin Trudeau with a Peruvian coal miner or a Uighur Muslim getting his bollocks shocked in a Chinese labour camp.

If they want their own global community, fuck off and colonize Mars.

Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator.

A Second Helping from Komodo.

(Be aware on opening his link, it is a scary sight.)

Seconded, naive shite, at complete odds with any realistic perception of international politics.

Note that the cunt is objecting to “populism” (code for lying to the masses), when that’s exactly what got him into power in the first place. An important part of global citizenship is pulling up the ladder behind you.

38 thoughts on “Celebrity Global Citizens

  1. “The progressive vision and insight of our Executive Chairman……..Tony BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!”
    You what ? You what ?
    You what, you what, you what?

  2. Our unelected, anti-democratic WEF globalist overlords are slowly infiltrating their way into national government policies and watering them down in order to follow the ongoing narrative that is BBB and the good old Reset.

    Of course when you look at the individuals within WEF you’ll see that most of them are quite influential, have a power-base, plenty of backers and of course money. All of which gives them an ivory tower platform in which to dictate policy to those very same national governments, and subsequently trickle down to local governments and councils.

    There isn’t very much the humble pleb can do about it because the Establishment, the judiciary, the media and our politicos of all colours are of the same globalist voice – “conform or be cast out!”

    Therefore the plebs are forced to make dramatic changes to their lifestyles, while the globalists continue with theirs unabated. And I thought Kim Jong-Un (president of North Korea) was a bit of a dictatorial cunt!

    • Spot on.
      As for getting the celebs to bugger off and colonise Mars, I’m all for it. On a lower level, why can’t all the libtards all go and live in the same places, 15 minute ghettos, and let normal people live elsewhere.

    • So are the WEF cunts trying to oust the Common Purpose cunts or are they the same?

      Tell me what I’m supposed to be scared of this week BBC /s (that’s end sarcasm for “normal” people)

      That Klaus guy will be dead before me (fingers crossed, and calm down on the ale) so, problem?

      • You’re joking right?! BLiar – I voted for that cunt, got me like a proper mug. I will take that shame with me to the grave – the Mrs thinks my hatred of him is a bit wierd.

  3. We are better together with N.Korea, Iran, Burma, China, Afghanistan, Cuba ……. as for the Grusome Twosome I hope I get to see South Park.

  4. The 15 minute city, can’t travel anywhere, no meat to eat, obey your masters or be banished from the Manor. Our Lords know what’s best for us.

    Welcome to the 21st century Feudal System.

  5. Plebrities is a term I’m most comfortable with if they’ve never achieved anything and the glorified legend is over used, especially if they’re still alive.

  6. The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change? Oh please tell me this is a fucking wind-up! Please!

  7. There’s always something similar about these turds. Lecturing, preaching hypocrites. Emma Thompson left to live in Italy because she was do disgusted with Brexit.

    Then returned.

    • To be fair Cap’n, I think she did spend all of a couple of days there before fleeing back to her secluded house in the Highlands to ride out Covid…

    • That’s right, Cap.
      She was granted citizenship and made an anti-Brexit media circus of it, claiming she was now an Italian and loved her new European countrymen and their customs.
      Then demonstrated this love by fucking off to her remote Scottish farmhouse, the minute the Plandemic started😂😂😂

      The fucking hypocritical, champagne socialist cunt👎

    • Wasn’t Emma Thompson the one who flew in from the States especially to side with the climate loons who were blocking Oxford Circus? I was there a few days after and asked Plod if I could do a counter demo.

  8. Fucks sake. What was yesterdays man doing plastered on the front of that load of bollocks. Tony shove ALL that crap up your fucking asshole. Be a good chap fuck off home and do a murder suicide job on each other. There’s a bottle of fizz waiting the day you fuck off to hell.

  9. Saw that giant knobhead Grant Shapps , Secretary of State for Net Zero, licking the arse of Bill Gates at some climate conference.
    Sorry, but what the fuck does Gates know about Climate Science? What’s his fucking qualifications? Can I read his published works on the subject? I’ll tell you his qualifications……he’s stinking fucking rich beyond imagination. That gives him the right to rock up all over the world (in his private jet obviously) and tell governments what he wants. We’re being well stitched up by these elite bastards. Gates, of course was big mates with Epstein , along with many other rich cunts as we all know. Yes, another aspect of the Feudal System…….the Lord of the Manor got to fuck the plebs daughters.
    Know your place.

  10. The Clooney’s are another pair of cunts that fizz my shit. A millionaire human rights lawyer and millionaire Phoneywood actor…yes, I’m sure they feel our pain. I must have missed them digging out earthquake survivors in Turkey but maybe they tweeted something about it?

    Oh and Angelina Jolie too, she collects kids from war torn shitholes like Blair collects dictators on speed dial.

  11. Great comments by all in this excellent nomination. All I can add is that someday there will be a reckoning and Madame Guillotine will show no favor to the woke.

  12. Messianic looking cunt, “our team of thought leaders ” , please somebody take a contract out on that ego maniac world class expert and CUNT

  13. Tony Blair changed the UK irrevocably during his 1997-2007 tenure.

    This country needs even more of his brand of “change” like a goldfish needs a Harley Davidson.


  14. These types of cunt are the true enemies of the common man. Wherever in the world he may reside.

  15. AKA ‘globohomo’, the creed of the glasto-wanker and BBC worshipping lib dem voting Londonoids who hold up their lighters to ‘Hey Jude’.

    ‘Bhut what about Arrrfrikaaahh?!’

    Fuck Africa. Fuck the planet.

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