Rishi Sunak [12] and Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai

Rishi promised to stop the small boats, well 2023 is here and so are the boats, hundreds have arrive since the new year, it’s not going well.

To the substance of the cunting, an Afghan cunt who arrived claiming to be 14, real age 19/20, has been convicted of murder after stabbing someone in Bournemouth, it was also revealed that this cunt had shot and killed two people in Serbia.

How many more are already here with similar backgrounds and how many more incidents will it take before these cunts are just removed, no claim accepted, no appeal allowed.

It appears that he tried his luck in Norway and was told to fuck off, we are just fucking mugs.

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67 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak [12] and Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai

  1. Oh yeah, he was tortured and his parents were killed by the Taliban. I can see the weeping libtards right now and the leftie lawyers stuffing their pockets with our money to keep the bastard here. You know why this filth are being imported here don’t you? It’s our punishment for voting brexit. That wasn’t supposed to happen and they will never forgive us. They intend to rub our noses in it for that transgression.

    • I watched some of the Nigel show on GBNews last night, there is some Jihadist group using the number 313, allegedly with links to the Taliban, operating in Dunkirk getting cunts to the UK.

      313, something to do with the Mohammed cunt and some battle with his band of 313 rag heads.

  2. The moral of this story and others like it that have been reported recently is very simple – if you want to stay safe, leave Britain.
    Norway seems like a good bet.

  3. The UK is heading towards the shitpile that is Sweden and their open borders idiocy, which has now turned a rather attractive progressive (small P) almost crime-free indigenous-dominated country into a rathole of murder, rape, vandalism, riots and general anarchy due in no small part to their “we welcome refugees” mantra!

    Inevitably the liberal media rarely report the details and just gloss over the bad bits and blame it on the locals rather than the arrivals.

    Nothing to see here…. and all that jazz!

    • One of my tutees was a Swedish lass living in the U.K..
      I asked her what was going on in Sweden and she burst into tears.
      Diversity? Fuck off!

  4. This is what worries me. We enough of our own nasty cunts living here already without letting those who shouldn’t be here come to commit crime.

    Can’t we just helicopter this cunt out to sea and push him out?

  5. Another vile actor in that pantomime that is modern Britain.

    The perfect liiustration that illegal migration and multicultural societies are completely toxic.

    How many murders need there be by such vermin?

    How many raped children?

    How many terrorist attacks?

    How many drug dealers?

    How much expense,lies,propaganda and fifth column activity…?

    How much will there be before we end up with our own Hitler?

    The alternative is a medieval caliphate organised by savages.

    All in the span of one lifetime our country has been ruined.

    Fuck knows what it will look like in another fifty years..unrecognisable even compared to the open sewer that we are being forced to accept.


  6. I’m thinking of self identifying as an Afghan or some other form of foreign trash. Nice hotel room, three meals a day, fag money in my pocket, prime access to doctors and dentists while the British wankers have to queue. Do a bit of shop lifting , drug dealing to top up my money and no cunt can touch me. I might even do a bit of sexual assault if I’m feeling horny. Might even get invited round Linekunt’s mansion, who knows?
    Fuck me, I’ve got it made.
    Alan’s Snackbar!

  7. How many more with similar backgrounds are already here? Fucking hundreds, I’d imagine, if not thousands.
    How many more incidents before something’s done about it? How long’s a piece of string?
    Government, civil service and Border Farce; selling the country out dingy by dingy.

    • Indeed Ron.

      Not only the hordes of vermin to contend with but also the Quisling rubbish that attempts to hide the true nature of what is happening.

    • Just a final thought. Is this cunt actually still wanted for his crimes in Serbia?
      Perhaps we could ship him back for the Serbs to show him what the thick end of a truncheon looks like.

      • No we can’t send him to Serbia, they might hang the fucker. We’ve got to protect his yewman rites. Never mind the yewman rites of the three people he killed. Fuck them.

    • Rightly so Ron. We’ve shown our anger. Let’s wait for some individual laughable twat to be nominated who will give us some light relief.

  8. There should be no ifs or buts.
    He should be deported to Serbia to serve his sentence there.
    If still alive at the end of it, could we negotiate with Serbia that he serves his sentence for the UK murder in Serbia?
    We don’t want him here, he adds no value to this country.

    • I am surprised that Serbia haven’t called dibs, I wonder if anyone has actually survived for 20 years in a Serbian jail.
      They should get first call he did kill two over there.

      • He’s a fucking Peaceful so he’ll have a good life in a British jail. Much better than being free in the shithole he came from. These cunts have got it made. No wonder they are falling over each other to get here.
        It might have helped if Blaircunt hadn’t invaded the bastard’s cunty country, not to mention all the other goatshagging shitholes he wasted good British lives for. Not him , or any of his fucking government, ever attended the home coming of a coffin or a single funeral. Not fucking one.
        The bastard should hang, no question.

  9. Any objections to scum like this are dismissed by the libtards because the complainant made a spelling mistake

  10. Hang him. Maybe if we get tough on these heaps of shit that come here they may think twice about turning up. He brings the world nothing, ask the Serbians and Italians. Just do the world a favour and hang him

  11. Oh dear. Nobody comes out of this one very well do they?
    UK Border farce clearly as incompetent and disinterested as ever.
    Dorset old bill more worried about speeding motorists and seafront car park overnight camping.
    And then we have the ‘foster mother’. Did she not suspect anything about this alleged 14 year old? Was her vision impaired by the sizeable carers allowance she received? Or blinded by her own wokeness perhaps.
    What a crock of shit.
    Not long before we read about the next cultural enrichers court appearance either i bet.

  12. And now this murdering bastard piece of shit gets permanently fed and sheltered here at our expense for many years to come?


  13. The social contract is broken: we give up some small freedoms in exchange for our “leaders” keeping us safe from harm.

    They don’t-they have overseen the capitulation of Britain to ideals and beliefs that are alien and incompatible with true British core values: Family, Tolerance, Fair Justice.

    They are quislings, 5th collumnists and virtually all CUNTS!

  14. I can’t donate too much headspace to this shit as the thought of what is happening truly brings me down.

    And you know what the worst part is? We, as voters, are completely and utterly fucking powerless to change the status quo. Reform UK will not make a dent due to the FPTP voting system we have in this country. You can choose for CONservatives (AKA Labour Lite), Labour led by IKEA Starfish or a coalition of tripe with the mad old Limp Dumps ably assisting either of the above.

    I will protect my own property and family as far as I need to. If that ultimately involves turning some filthy immo cunt into a colander and I end up in front of the beak then so be it.

    • Quite right Paul, it’s every cunt for himself these days. You can’t expect any help from the coppers, not unless you’re a bender, a trannie or some posh cunt glueing himself to a fucking motorway.
      They’re too busy painting rainbows on their cars and raping women.

  15. I’m sure it may have already been said, but there is only one place fit for this low life vermin. The fucking Oven.
    Gas mark 1000+. (Instant incineration) and piss be upon his name. That also includes Sunak. The grade A CUNT!!!!

    • That’s interesting Littering Cunt. I’ve been looking for a decent sword stick in antique shops. The trouble is they have to be over 100 years old or they ask for ID and pass it to the Bill. You can bet your life if I bought a newer one the bastard coppers would be waiting at my front door by the time I got home.

      • I have a walking stick that has been adapted by my lovely son-in-law.

        I’ll refer to him as sil, for future posts.
        He’s filled the handle with lead shot.
        I feel so much safer.

        I’m a bit of a wimp, when it comes to physical, but my golf swing is to be envied.


      • Any whippersnappers try an snatch your pension JP give it em in the throat.

        A dented windpipe will take all the swagger out of them.

      • @JP. I made a Shillelagh out of a holly stem and root. Drilled the root and poured in molten lead.
        It’s the most powerful Shillelagh…..in the world, and will knock a cunts head clean off.

      • Evening Jack 👍

        I’ve a shillelagh.
        It’s bound in bronze straps.

        For dog walks🙂

        And working on a antler handled seax at the moment.
        I’ve carved Celtic knotwork into the handle and working on the sheath at the moment.
        Looks the bollocks 👍

      • Alright, MNC. 👍
        I’d like to make a flamethrower 🔥
        For dog walks also. 😂😂
        Seax, eh ?
        Nice 👍

      • Plain clothes female coppers have a short telescopic truncheon. When you open them up they look a bit wimpy with a ball on the end of a long thin wand. I tell you what, that fucking ball must be filled with Osmium! I wouldn’t like to be the target of a full_blooded swing.

  16. I do so wish some of these refugees would cause a bit of anarchy, vandalism, rioting and perhaps the odd rape or two in those woke safe-spaces in London. It would be a nice wake-up call for those middle class touchy-feely types had a taste of their own medicine up close and personal.

    They don’t importing these cunts into the country, just so long as they don’t end up anywhere near them.

    Imagine the drama if the homes of Polly Toynbee, Jon Snow, Gina Miller, Owen Jones, Diane Abbott, Naga Munchetta and a few other refugee meda luvies were torned and vandalised by refugees.

    How would the media spin that? Would they ignore it? Choose not to show the faces, or reveal names/origins of the troublemakers? Would they somehow twist the blame game on the usual things such as hostile reception, perceived racism, bigotry etc etc.

    • It’s the legacy of Colonialism Techno, everybody knows that. In other words it’s fucking whitey’s fault again. 🇬🇧

  17. Off topic but did anyone else see that story about the newborn rescued from the rubble of the earthquake? Fucking hell.

  18. Don’t expect any help from Stinking-Richy Sunak. He and the rest of his crew know they’re gone from power at the next election, so they’re making all the unpopular moves right now and saving anything that might be described as popular for when Labour have had their five years. By that time, they reckon, the electorate will have forgotten all about Johnson, Truss, Zahawi and all the other wankers and the daft bastards will vote them back in again. And unfortunately they’re probably right.

  19. I am still smarting about the ‘reaction’ to the Manchester Arena bombing.🙄

    Flog cheapo tat with bumble bees on it?✔

    Play crappy dog dirt Oasis dirge?✔

    Trot out the usual ‘A few bad apples/lone wolf/religion of peace’ bollocks?✔

    Oh, and ‘But… But… Retaliation is letting hate win’?✔

    No arrests whatsover at the fleahole mosque where that piece of filth came from?✔

    Town centre shops promoting ‘Happy Ramadan’ only yards away from and days after the bombing?✔

    Also applies to the deaths of Lee Rigby, Sir David Arness, Westminster Bridge attack and so on. This country is in Hell….☹

      • Too right, CG.

        In fact, Manchester’s ‘tourist trade’ has got on my onions something rotten. After not having one for decades, there is now a Manchester ‘gift shop’, on Oldham Street under Affleck’s Palace. Aside from all the bumble bee tripe they flog, one window has Oasis lyrics painted on it (the shite that is ‘Wonderwall’). While the other window is festooed with the words ‘Are yer ‘avin’ a brew?’

        Well, for a start, those bluenose Gallagher bellends fucked off to Primrose Hill the first minute they could. There are plenty of great musical acts that could be celebrated in my home town. But fucking Oasis?!!

        And second, I despise all that cliched Peter Kay/Paddy McGuinness style ‘northerness’. And, neither Kay or McGuinness is from Manchester either.

  20. I dare say this Abdulrahimzai shitehawk will be on every benefit in the book. Even if the evil little turd gets jailed, he will get special treatment.

  21. My dream is for all of the good people on this site and the millions of decent indigenous white working class people of the UK to up sticks all at once and move to Hungary. Then watch as the wokes / lefties get what they want, a multi cultural UK utopia of imported shit. Then watch and laugh as they ransack and take over the smug bastards in their woke middle class white havens. I can but dream.

  22. We got an army on the Rio Grande.
    Just saying that the cunts have got the same idea over here.
    Then they have the appalling gall to put The Grand Gatherer of immigrants up for re-election.
    What could possibly go wrong?

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