18-24 year olds Affected by the Cost of Living Crisis.


Hankies ready, this is a real tearjerker.
18-24 year olds affected by the cost of living crisis.

Excuse me, are they the only sector affected?
No, so why select a bunch of children/youngsters to give a voice too.

Oh dear, Wah! Wah! You’ve had to move back home, into the heated house, comfy bed, home cooked food, hot baths, washing/ironing done, no bills, and no rent ( because it wont occur to you to offer)

I despair!

Nominated by Jeezum Priest. The link brought tears to my face; of Laughter NA.

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  1. Take a blowtorch to the cunts or use them to power Unkle Terry’s oven. That’ll melt the snowflake, soppy, millennial cunts!

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