The Royal Influencer – Prince Harry (17)

I wish I could suppress the identity of the product that Hairy’s endorsing for his septic fans, but this completely confirms the assumption that he’s only in it for the money:

“Now, Harry is sharing their go-to orders, revealing to PEOPLE: “In-n-out (drive-thru burger joint) is the best! I order two double-doubles, animal style, fries and a Coke! And that’s just for me! Meg gets the cheeseburger and fries with sides of jalapeños. I just stick with ketchup and that special sauce of theirs. So good!”

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On the bright side, Montecito’s been flooded and residents have been evacuated.

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And Ron Knee isn’t finished with the Fuckwit quite yet…

Prince Harry the Halfwit; ‘Compassion in Action’

Ok, ok, I hear you; ‘enough already of Harry the Halfwit’.

I hear your pain, but with the publication of our hero’s book, I felt it only right to let you all see, through the generosity of his own words, just what a truly warm and wonderful human being our Harry is. So here he is, letting us all know of his appreciation for a hard-working member of staff at his ‘prep’ school;

‘Pat was small, mousy, frazzled, and her hair fell greasily into her always tired eyes… Pat had many crosses to bear. The biggest seemed to be her knees and spine. The latter was crooked, the former chronically stiff… We went on mocking her as she came down the stairs’.
(extract from ‘Compassion in Action; the Man I Have Become’, Prince Harry. Penguin Random House, 2023. Now available in all good remainder bins, £0.99).

Isn’t it lovely to see the depths of sympathy and concern felt by Harry for those less fortunate than himself? Surely he overflows with the milk of human kindness. All of those disdainful of this man’s contribution to the cause of humanitarianism should hang their heads in shame. Gawd bless yer, yer Gingerness, yer an hexarmple to us all.

112 thoughts on “The Royal Influencer – Prince Harry (17)

    • ‘I tried sooo hard, I really tried your honour, for the sake of the children… but the drinking, the drugs, the raging temper… he was just impozzzable to live with…I’m the victim in all of this…’.

      ‘I see that counsel have had several meetings with regard to a possible settlement Ms Mar…’.

      ‘I’ll take $50 million up front, the house and cars, your honour, plus a further $3 million a year for life. I don’t want to appear mercenary…’.

  1. Harry will either get sectioned in some Californian nut house or get divorced by Meghan, either way he is fucked

  2. I bet that his winnits look like mouldy pork scratching stuck to discarded farmers’ bright orange baling twine.

    • It’s a bit weird, him going on in his novel about sensing his mother in the room while rubbing the stuff on his dick.
      I’ve seen several commentators saying that it’s properly Freudian.
      This guy’s mixed up.

      • This ruff tuff (sorry RTC) fighter/remf* KNOWS what face cream Mummy used, let alone carries it on exercises?

        *Opinions are extremely divided on this. One extreme says he did 10 minutes air time in total, at Camp Bastion, flying round it with a senior pilot holding his hand. The other says wheee dakadakdaka boom, got any crack, Sir?

      • They’ve tried VERY hard over the years to sell us the idea of ‘The Lion of Helmund’, and he’s punting that himself with his alleged Taliban kill count.
        And yet, and yet … the whispers and mutterings persist about the levels of security he had, and how in reality, him and his x-box were kept well away from any likelihood of dangerous action.
        He didn’t come to known as ‘Bunker Harry’ for nothing. I wonder if we’ll ever find out what the facts actually are?

  3. Hoping some disgruntled nutcase with a gun will deal with this fucking Walt, once and for all. And I hope the next person that yacht slut hugs is wearing a bomb vest. Pair of despicable cunts.

    • They could let old ‘Chappers’ out to do the job.
      Then he could make up for not shooting Yoko.😉

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