The Royal Influencer – Prince Harry (17)

I wish I could suppress the identity of the product that Hairy’s endorsing for his septic fans, but this completely confirms the assumption that he’s only in it for the money:

“Now, Harry is sharing their go-to orders, revealing to PEOPLE: “In-n-out (drive-thru burger joint) is the best! I order two double-doubles, animal style, fries and a Coke! And that’s just for me! Meg gets the cheeseburger and fries with sides of jalapeños. I just stick with ketchup and that special sauce of theirs. So good!”

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On the bright side, Montecito’s been flooded and residents have been evacuated.

Nominated by: Komodo

And Ron Knee isn’t finished with the Fuckwit quite yet…

Prince Harry the Halfwit; ‘Compassion in Action’

Ok, ok, I hear you; ‘enough already of Harry the Halfwit’.

I hear your pain, but with the publication of our hero’s book, I felt it only right to let you all see, through the generosity of his own words, just what a truly warm and wonderful human being our Harry is. So here he is, letting us all know of his appreciation for a hard-working member of staff at his ‘prep’ school;

‘Pat was small, mousy, frazzled, and her hair fell greasily into her always tired eyes… Pat had many crosses to bear. The biggest seemed to be her knees and spine. The latter was crooked, the former chronically stiff… We went on mocking her as she came down the stairs’.
(extract from ‘Compassion in Action; the Man I Have Become’, Prince Harry. Penguin Random House, 2023. Now available in all good remainder bins, £0.99).

Isn’t it lovely to see the depths of sympathy and concern felt by Harry for those less fortunate than himself? Surely he overflows with the milk of human kindness. All of those disdainful of this man’s contribution to the cause of humanitarianism should hang their heads in shame. Gawd bless yer, yer Gingerness, yer an hexarmple to us all.

112 thoughts on “The Royal Influencer – Prince Harry (17)

  1. Does megain have to cut into small pieces to stop the half-wit chocking.

    Or do the aeroplane, or in he’s case here comes the Mercedes benz into the tunnel. Oh dear it hasn’t reappeared.

  2. I am sad enough to have researched “double double animal style.” It’s two burgers with two slices of cheese in the bun. Animal style means it’s served with mustard, caramelised onions, pickles and extra special sauce. Wow! Yummy yummy.
    Can you imagine these two over privileged, toffee nosed cunts pulling into a drive thru in their bullet proof limo? Fuck off. They send some flunkey to go and get it. If I was him I would gob on it before I handed it over. Animal style!!

    • Hey Freddie

      According to the American press, the Markles of Montecito drive themselves and order through the drive up window.

      They claim the staff gets excited when they recognize them. And given the remarks made by the Ginger Twit in his new book about his privates he probably does too.

      Too bad they don’t serve wieners. The Halfwit Prince and the Hollywood Harlot would probably both get really excited!

    • If I had worked on Me-gain’s burger, I would have added some of my own delicious creamy sauce to the proceedings.

  3. As far as Prince Sparry goes the only thing he influences me on is unrestricted abortion on demand.

    Other than that I’m running out of things to say or fucks to give about the formally Royal Prince turned Jester and his ruthless social climber wife.

    So, let’s talk about In-N-Out Burger. I lived in southern California for a number of years and In-N-Out food is awesome! Great burgers, fresh cut fries (chips to you foreigners) and great milkshakes.

    And they are a responsible company who treats their employees very well. They have classes that focus on quality and cleanliness for their management and hourly staff and they pay them a living wage.

    I’m a big fan…of them not the walking advertisement for abortion.

    • Oi General,
      What’s the best burgers in the states?

      You lot invented the beefburger,
      And you have our thanks for that,
      In the UK it’s Birdseye.
      Or you have to go a fairground.

      If you go the fairground without kids though rumours can start about you.

      • @Mis

        A lot of private places have great burgers, but if you’re talking about chains, then In-N-Out and 5 Guys tower over the competition. (In my opinion.)

        I’ve also developed a taste for Sonic and think they are quite good.

      • I’ve not heard of any of those.

        I’m surprised that more US burger franchises haven’t ventured here.

        Seems McDonald’s have the market cornered.

      • We have got 2 in Sheffield.
        One at centretainment and one on the moor.
        Both are fucking expensive and shit too

      • @Mis

        As far as I know, In-N-Out are California and western US only.

        5 Guys is franchised worldwide and according to Wikipedia has about 150 locations in the UK.

        I think Sonic is US only.

      • As a bit of trivia, it is known as In-N-Out Burgers. They sell bumper stickers with their name and logo.

        In typical California fashion people buy them and modify them before displaying them on their vehicles:


      • @MC

        You are correct about Whataburger. I’m unaware of any around here but they are in Florida and very popular.

        I go to Florida several times a year and often stop and get something. There are others I prefer but Whataburger is pretty good.

      • Mis:
        Freshly cooked “Game” burgers, as available at Game Fairs are astonishing.
        Venison burgers😋

      • Tried an Ostrich burger, dry as hell, tasted like very dry liver.
        Wagu beefburgers are worth dying for, almost.

      • Had em CG.

        Venison, ostrich, water buffalo, kangaroo, allsorts of stuff.

        Cheshire game and country show.

        Tried them but nothing came close to a Holland’s meat & potato pie.

      • @ MNC
        McDonalds not the only Yank burger franchise here.
        Burger King too, as well, also.

      • Oh yeah,
        Normally lukewarm at the services on the M6.

        Bet the yanks would be shocked how lacklustre they are here?

    • If you’re referring to blacks out, I’m all in favour for that, without me getting anything in return.

      • @Jeezum

        I’m not surprised you don’t like them. Their burgers are definitely not kosher.

        They do offer a kosher hot dog.

      • Interesting!

        In so much that it doesn’t have pork, presumably. Are they made in Korea?

        I do eat pork, BTW, I’m not practising, and the dry spare ribs from my local Chinese are like angels crying on your tongue.

  4. He’s never had a beefburger before?

    All I hear from this twats mouth is

    “Mummy, mummy, I want my mummy..”

    Look you dick.
    If your mam hadn’t done a forward roll through the windscreen,
    She’d have no time for you.

    She’d of had other kids.
    Half Arab.
    She’d of told you to fuck off sooner or later.

    Your too clingy.

    Take Meg for a high-speed ride in Paris and shut your fuckin yap.

    • My favourite burgers are ones off fairgrounds.
      Dunno why,
      Just taste great!!

      The smell of diesel off the generators and smell of onions frying.

      Bet heaven smells like that?

      • I love the onions, they have them cooking constantly while sleeping, travelling between venues, you name it. Some of the better onions are passed down through generations like a sourdough starter.

  5. It’s hard to believe but this book, and the subsequent interviews, have made Prince Halfwit look an even bigger wanker than he has up to this point. Full of contradictions, denials and backtracking, he comes across as an absolute fucking self centred, cry baby cunt. It’s even worse than his uncle’s car crash interview on the telly. The Windsors really are as thick as shit.

    • Regulars on here will know that I regard the Half-blood weasel and his snake of a wife as an endless source of gratification to cunters everywhere.
      Just when you think that they can’t make themselves look any more of a cunt than they have already, they surprise us yet again.
      They would sell the Royal Family to the devil to turn a buck. I’m surprised that the balding ginger twat hasn’t already announced a sponsorship deal with Elizabeth Arden to promote their cream;

      ‘Harry Todger the Half-inch Prince really likes to help his hard-on with Arden…’

  6. When growing up in our chippy they started selling burgers.
    They were about £2.
    Fuck all now but our of our reach in the mid 80s.

    Used to be this bloke who went in the chippy every evening for a burger .
    We nicknamed him wimpy.
    He was working I suppose, disposable income.

    My mate said to me

    “I fuckin hate that flash cunt”

    Hahaha 😄😄

    Burger envy!!
    Yuppie because he had a burger from the chippy.

    • My best mate in the 80’s had loaded parents and a pisshead mother who couldn’t cook.

      The jammy little fucker used to go to the Wimpy bar a couple of times a week to get a huge burger and chips, while I could only marvel at the Brown Derby, rum Barbar and knickerbockerglory that would only be available on my birthday.

      Eaten out of a bowl. Of course.

      • Hehehe,

        ‘ yeah, never used a plate in my life and proud of it’

        Made me laugh Odin that bowl thing👍

      • They did a ‘burger’ that was a Ring of smoked sausage, with half a cold tomato in the middle.


  7. What exactly is this this ‘double-double, animal style’ that the twat mentions? It sounds to me as though they’re really doing their bit to help the environment by reducing their consumption.
    And isn’t Missy supposed to be a veghead?

    • It was the one part of the article that really tickled me. Here’s this woke cunt doing lethal quantities of cholesterol on a daily basis; he won’t live to be as old as Granny, for sure. Hope someone can persuade him to take up smoking too.

      • Indeed K. I think he does smoke; I’ve certainly seen pics of him clutching a gasper.
        Cholesterol+ tequila+ magic mushrooms+ coke and weed+baccy+ cancer of the ear listening to Markle going on are certainly indicators of a possible early demise.
        If she does indeed end up putting him the wringer in the divorce court, you can add extreme anxiety to that.
        He really is a thick twat,

  8. The ginger half wit just doesn’t get it, does he.

    When all endorsement and talk shows dry up then the only way of getting back into the spotlight is the divorce.

    And that will be protracted and painful.

    It’s inevitable.

  9. I went into Waterstones and asked if the Halfwit’s book was available for download.
    She said “do you want the PDF file?”
    I said “no, that’s his uncle.”

  10. If only people would send this rusty bollocking cunt to Coventry, like we used to. Why don’t people try it. It would be enjoyable to watch the twat squirm and worry why there’s no interest coming the gormless gits way. He’s just like lots of nonentities that are getting attention for no apparent reason and it just baffles me.

    • It’s ok Comrade.
      Everybody’s welcome in Nicola ‘Ma hoose is yer hoose’ Sturgeon’s all-inclusive Scortlund. Everybody’s a Scort. No problems then.

      • Ah, don’t I know and fucking hate it Ron

        They’re ‘New Scots’ in Krankiespeak by the way, which translates as: Foreign cunts on the graft who’re as Scottish as Scotty’s accent in Star Trek and who’d all move to their respective ethnic enclaves in England the first hint that Independence (which would negatively financially impact their graft-fu) was actually on the cards.

  11. The halfwit has influenced me.
    If him or his abominable misses are mentioned on TV, turn off.

  12. Well I just had a burger and ‘fries’ last night in an hotel opposite Gare du Nord and I’ve never felt so ill for yonks……..back to proper British tucker like curry

  13. What a monumental weapons grade cunt the ginger fuck knuckle has turned out to be, in the beginning i assumed he was suffering from vajaja fever from spending to much time around that attention seeking, gold digging, bad mouthing, lying, back stabbing, black but actually white peice of monkey shit that is Meegain Markle.
    No i have been forced to the conclusion that harfwit Harry Hewitt is indeed just a winging, lying ,back stabbing, retarded cunt, how on earth can he keep on putting the boot into his family whilst taking money from the.
    Cut off his trust fund and his ginger nuts, out him as not related to the royals [no surprise for anyone] do the fucker for treason and then arrange a nice pile of twisted Mercedes S class for him to be cut out and then feed him to the fucking pigs along with the money grabbing whore.
    These fuckers are on my deadpool list permanently, since Harry the rem decided to brag about killing 25 Taliban fighters has painted a visible from space sized target on his and Megains backs, and they are less popular than worm shit at the moment globally i thing there is a good change some loon is going to pop Harry a new arsehole right in the middles of the forehead.
    Wont be a loss for me, the UK or the royals im sure, but if he does survive long enough to see the divorce courts the idiot has declared in his own book that he is an unfit parent, so he is going to get taken to the fucking cleaners, as long as we are not paying for it good enough for the cunt…..fuck him

  14. Whoopee Harry is being a cunt again.

    You’d think he’d understand the thing that keeps the royal family interesting is their mystique, the Queen understood that less was more but this cunt is from the Katie price school, no but of personal dirt doesn’t have a price tag attached too it!

    The Queen understood from a PR point of view royalty needs to be seen as above soap operas and the Katie Prices of this world but all Harry is achieving is devaluation of the brand he lives off.

    Dumb cunt!

  15. When Megan has wrung the Cunt dry and fucked off,he’ll probably pop up flogging funeral plans during the Countdown advert breaks alongside that auld trout who wants to fondle Derek’s parsnips and the ugly baggage who apparently continually pisses herself….

    ” When your beloved Mummy passes through the windscreen and over the rainbow bridge with a Muzza cock clamped between her jaws…don’t waste your inheritance on a fancy send-off….keep her in cold storage so that she can still be there when you put a dab of cream on your frozen cock…although,tbf, ones cock probably wouldn’t be frozen if one had just got Mummy out of the freezer a couple of hours earlier for playtime…..the deep-frozen little Minx”

    Gord Bless ya,England’s Rose.

    • Indeed, Dickie. I reckon after the Megain Locust has picked him clean and left him for dead, the Grudge Toting Manbaby will be in and out of the Priory after crawling into a bottle and attempting to top himself.

      Either that, or he will end up advertising all sorts of shit on TV for the chinks.

    • Wonder if Fat Reginald is already composing his tribute single for Megain? Or will the fat fruit just rehash ‘Candle In The Wind’ again?

      ‘You crawled out of the woodwork, and the English knew you were the pits. You thought you were royalty, but you were just a snake with tits.’🎶

      ‘Even when you died, your desire was still to shock. The Palace press release said that Megain was found gobbling a cock.’🎶

  16. From our deputy royal correspondent M.J. Bottler.
    Royalists are snapping up souvenir plates of Prince William’s violent altercation with Prince Harry.
    The plates, made by Sleaford Mint, depict the intimate scene of Harry, clutching his broken pearl necklace, landing on a dog bowl in the kitchen of Nottingham Cottage as William hurls him across the room in a psychotic rage.
    Satisfied customer Susan Hussey said: “It’s a heartwarming, magical image I shall treasure for the rest of my life. It’s got pride of place on my sideboard. Wills and Harry are two of my favourite young royals, so it’s lovely to see their festering feud descend into actual physical violence. I’ve put it next to my vast collection of Charles and Diana wedding tat, all of which has a really grim subtext if you think about it.”
    The plates are competitively priced at £249.99 each.
    Collectors have been warned to avoid cheap Chinese knock-offs where Harry looks like singer Ed Sheercunt, not that anyone can tell them apart anyway.

  17. He really is a tedious, entitled twat, isn’t he?

    Where the fuck is his loyalty, sense of responsibility, pride? He’s a younger version of Airmiles Andy.

    Now that venal bitch he married has gone down in the popularity poll, as indeed has this Fuckwit, Ron’s link to that delightful little squib about the poisonous viper “backing off” is exactly what we all predicted and expected.

    Shall we have a sweepstake? I predict divorce proceedings in 10 weeks.

  18. Apparently this twat’s appalling drivel has had sales overtaken by a children’s book.
    It would have been… ironic, had it been “Little Blick Sambeau.”

  19. We also have a Wendy’s in Sheffield, it’s rather good. Pisses all over McDonald’s.

    • Not tried it yet, although Younger has.

      Pretty good, but pricey!

      Me, I like a McCoffee occasionally, it’s not bad, though the Hot Chocolate Deluxe is heaven onna stick.
      Definitely no rat in it.

      • We get everything because we’re the Steel City, innit!

        Or not. Sheffield is very depressing atm, especially the town centre. Still, low emissions zone starts in February, with taxis, HGV,
        LGV, Buses and coaches charged to drive through. That will revitalise it, won’t it?

    • Five Guys is a burger place in Piccadilly, Manchester. It’s miles better than that chav magnet, ‘Maccy Dees’.

  20. Are the rumours about Halfwitt Hewitt being the next James Bond not true, then?

    As long as he can be 001….

  21. ……and talking of rumours, apparently Charles has offered Me-again £50m plus a house in US, Frogmore cottage and a generous allowance, to walk away from Harry.

    • I hope that is a rumour.

      Why the fuck would anyone want her to have any kind of presence in the UK defeats me.

      • Put em in care.
        Doing them a favour really.

        Stick em in the tower and charge jap tourists a tenner to feed them peanuts.

      • If they are his grandchildren, that is,

        I agree that trying to pay off a leech like Megain would be a recipe for disaster. She’d just keep coming back for more. Bin her off, permanently.

      • *As a famous London gangster said in a reply letter to a street hood, who he had shot in the arse, ruining his one good suit and who had written the gangster asking for £100 to pay for a new one:

        “A bullet would be cheaper”



    Well this is all starting to make sense now, it looks like she really is a whore, albeit a fucking expensive one.
    All she needed was a silly man, wearing blinkers who would be easy to manipulate, who could be that stupid you ask,,, enter halfwit Harry Hewitt complete with axe and a grinder.
    I can only wait with a gleefull smile to see how much the fuck has cost him.
    I’m getting flashes of his future through my crystal ball….. Wait its clearing now, I see a pop up tend and a bag of oragano someone has swapped him for his watch, what a dick head, what a whore, fuck me this is like Dallas, next it will be who shot Harry t shirts or the ever popular, I’m with this idiot….

    • Fascinating stuff indeed Fug.
      I seem to remember a story going around when Air Miles Andy paid ‘compensation’ to that bird who claimed to have been trafficked. It was said to be essentially a ‘buy out’ to prevent a trial going ahead, in which Snarkle would have been subpoenad to give evidence. Imagine the bean-spilling if that had happened.
      I reckon this stuff with Epstein all goes pretty deep; how convenient then was his ‘suicide’ in the slammer.
      You just feel that the whole thing’s rumbling like a volcano about to blow its top.

      • The stench from these two cunts is getting more and more odorous by the day….🤔

        And I don’t just mean the niff from Madame Megain’s radioactive knicks….☠🤢

    • Fucking prossie, whichever way you look at it. I bet the whore has had every STD in the book.

  23. I have never allowed rusty bollocks or his yankie wife any air time either sound or vision in my home and they still drive me fucking crackers. I’m sick to the back teeth with these imbeciles, just by their sole existence. At least I can release my frustrated anger on this site. I’m still bemused by these nonentities who only give an adverse effect on people.

  24. @Night Admin – a question if I may?

    If a deadpool pick is ‘missing’ but then presumed dead although a body isn’t found, would that constitute a win?

    I’ve been thinking way too much about this..

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