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My absence for several days has been because I heard this week that my oldest friend who I met my first day (his, too, as a rating) is dying of cancer, This was relayed to me in a Christmas card without self pity or histrionics,

For several years now, since he moved to a different part of the country, and his dislike of telephones the exchange of birthday cards and Xmas cards with notes has been our main form of communication. Just this May when he wrote to me there was no suggestion, beyond the inevitable arthritis, the curse of the senior Briton, that anything was amiss. he became ill in October, and was given the terrible news that he had just a matter of months. As he has a long standing heart problem chemotherapy would kill him.

It occurred to me when I cunt the likes of Starmer, those little trollops Stacey Solomon and Carole Vorderman, the EU and Grieve etc, that they are temporary aberrations. Starmer will get grey hair thanks to his left wing loonies. Vorderman will lose her looks and people will realise Solomon is a talentless tart. Grieve will lose his false teeth and the EU will collapse due to it’s inherent corruption. It will end up like Jimmy Cagney at the end of “White Heat”.

But cancer, a disease that has been with us for centuries remains the killer it is. We waste billions on space travel, for example, and what good has it ever done the ordinary mortal? – it is just a rich man’s status symbol and plaything, like an even more expensive (and equally useless) HS2.

Then there is the six of one and half a dozen of the other Russian/Ukraine war, which will drag on like Vietnam, with billions thrown down the drain to “help”. Would it not be better to spend all that excess money on beating this cruel disease, which affects young and old. The same applies to Alzheimer’s as well, which can make life a living death for years. Let’s spend money where it could help.

My old shipmate might be said to have had a good innings, but he has spent his years of widowerhood caring for cats, who happily live in his workshop where he has been ensconced for years since his retirement, doing repairs of all sorts for his neighbours (at no charge) – Can you imagine me doing that?. He was also a much better sailor than I was as well.

I always seem to hear bad or sad news at Xmas time, which is why I hate it so much. T.S. Eliot said that “April was the cruellest month”. I think he meant “December”.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

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  1. More money in treating cancer than curing it for the big pharmaceutical companies.

    Sorry to hear about your friend,Mr.Boggs… you’ve done him proud with that genuine”Cunting”.

    • Absolutely agree WC.
      Rotten news to be sure. Cancer is one of the greatest curses to afflict the human race, and fucking hell there are a few about.

      • Not just Humans Ron, a dreaded word for pet lovers too. Absolute cunt of a disease that to me has no useful purpose in as much as killing its host is really a form of suicide. What is its point?
        Hearfelt thoughts to any and all suffering this bastard affliction in any shape or form.

      • Indeed a brain tumor took by border terrier in march, mother’s day of all days. He was only 7 and a half. He was a better friend than any human iv known. We had been through alot. Still hits me now, I know some would laugh at me for that. I say fuck them! I also held my nans hand as she died from pancreatic cancer. Human or pet, it’s evil, cruel and distressing to witness. We spend so much money on cunts who shouldn’t even be here! We spend it on flights of fancy like HS2. For what? Fucking disgrace this country is.

      • Yes, years ago, when responsible dog owners ( who picked the shit up and binned it) didn’t really understand about neutering being dog healthy.
        My rescue dog developed testicular cancer, and we had to have him euthanized. Had I had him neutered, he might have enjoyed a few more years. Get your dog neutered!
        In the same vein, male humans get it too.
        Get your baubles checked!

      • Not suggesting you do, arfur.

        But the nice nurse doesn’t mind fondling your jewels, I’m sure you won’t, either!

        Don’t worry, she’s seen it all, assuming the nurse is a she, and not a they ( which I personally interept as ” gay”)

    • Get your bitches spayed as well. I lost Rosie, my Red Setter, to mammary cancer last year. We then adopted a Labrador and the rescue kennel insisted she was spayed otherwise she would be prone to Mammary cancer.

      • It was unfortunately a brain tumor, no neutering could of stopped that. Seeing a dog loose the ability to walk properly, stop eating, having fits, turn aggressive and walk in circles. It’s bloody horrible, a few cunt humans deserve that, Putin? Anyone who had expected it will know how much it hurts.

  2. I totally agree, a dear friend of mine died of MND, a horrible downward spiral into the dark. A lovely man still sorely missed. All the other cunts, wasters, low lifes etc etc seem to go on and on, they can get to fuck. There is no god.

  3. Yeah it’s a bitch.
    My dad has bone marrow cancer.
    Had stem cell treatment,
    Chemo, etc.
    They keep him functioning but he’s still got cancer.
    They gave him 2months to live 8years ago.😁

    I hate cancer.
    Makes strong men weak.
    It’s a snidey fucker.

    Best wishes to you WC and your mate 👍

  4. My condolences, Mr Boggs.
    A serious post (for a change) is that there is increasing evidence that many forms of cancer can be starved away.
    Reducing the cancer cells access to glucose is fundamental in stopping it spreading.
    Full disclosure: I am greatly interested in occasional fasting, which I do once a month for 40 hours.
    As I’m already slim, this encourages a process called autophagy, whereby the body, having almost no fat stores, has to go looking for fuel, which it does by consuming senescent cells (cells that should have died but are hanging around like pakıs outside a Rochdale school).
    This self-starving reduces inflammation in the gut, promotes general well-being and allows me, even at 50 years old, to run half marathons, row, kayak and have not a single health problem.
    It’s fucking hard going though, those last few hours, not for everyone.
    But reducing sugars and starches is definitely the way to go for doing your best to avoid cancer.
    This guy is pretty interesting :

    • My deepest sympathies Mr Boggs,
      I have lost so many friends and family to the curse of cancer.
      As we get older we all worry in the back of our minds about it.
      My worry is Dementia. If i get that it’s a bottle of scotch and a loaded revolver if i can remember where i put the bullets.

      Anyway, We’re all still in the game, long may it last.

  5. Sorry to hear of it W.C.

    There is such a great deal of waste,given the vast cost alone of cancer care,that you would have thought it would concentrate the minds of those in power.

    Unfortunately it hasn’t.

    We must hope for the best.

    Cancer is a Cunt.

  6. Sorry to hear about your pal. My dad’s got stage 3 prostate cancer and cancer is probably the biggest blight on the planet to be honest.

  7. I saw a report on the news about a new cure for cancer using the much maligned mRNA technology.
    Gene therapy could be a way forward, according to the latest research.

    Who knows, maybe in twenty years many cancers could all but be eradicated, thanks to innovations by big and small pharma.

    • Yes – that truly caught my eye, but we haven’t heard much more about it????
      As an eight year survivor of Stage 3 myself I am eternally grateful to the surgeon, oncologist and especially the nurses that got me through six months of chemo (horrible,shit stuff). What struck me most was that I could understand what was going on, but the poor little kids that undergo it???? It makes me cry.
      Although there has been immense strides made in treatments, we don’t seem to be that much closer to “curing” it. Big pharma? Call me a cynic if you like, but they do make big, big bucks from chemo treatments.
      I live in the hope that fucking cnuts like TonyBLiar will one day succumb to it – let’s add Puke-in to that list

      • We need to throw everything we’ve got at that treatment SOI mentioned. Imo the cure is there, it’s just a matter of funding it.

      • Yes, I can see some more targeted research into these new therapies with this breakthrough but like everything else it’s time consuming, having worked in pharma I know how long this stuff takes.

  8. Sorry to hear your news Mr Boggs. I lost my oldest brother at 55 to cancer. My father and another brother died of senile dementia. If that happens to me a one way ticket to Dignitas and farewell. Cancer and Alzheimers are festering diseases and a crock of crap.

  9. Sorry to hear about your pal W C. The billions if not trillions of dollars / pounds wasted around the world would help to hopefully eradicate this terrible disease. My hopes aren’t high with the lunatics, maniacs, idiots and cretins in power around the globe.

  10. Condolances, Boggs. Cancer is the apothesis of ‘Cunt’. Seeing kids with it is the worst part of my job, I think. I shall never forget taking a young child with cancer into hospital, for palliative care. Turned the sirens on for her as that’s what she wanted. Dropped her off at the ward. Went back later to see how she was. She died an hour after we dropped her off. I’m not ashamed to say we got into the back of the truck, locked the door and wept.

    • I doff my hat to you DCI.

      I’m glad there are folk out there in the emergency services that do what they do because I know in my own mind that I couldn’t do it.

  11. Sorry to hear that WC and I can certainly empathise. The week before Christmas I attended the funeral of a good friend who died of cancer . Great guy who would help anyone he could with any problem with no expectation of reward. Saw him last in hospital. He was gasping for a fag and smoking was forbidden. I found a wheelchair and sneaked him out the back door where he had a smoke as we hid behind a tree on the other side of the car park in the pissing rain. Memory I shall keep. RIP Michael.

  12. Very sorry to hear about your friend, Mr Boggs.

    My best mate of 51 years died of cancer in August 2021, aged 70. It is likely he would still be with us today if the NHS had not become the National Covid Service in 2020.

    Both his parents lived well into their 90s.

    Clive’s take on cancer kind of sums it up for me:

    “Fucking good of God not to torment us with being eternally young and being able to fuck everyone. No! He gave us this great gift of fucking cancer, that’s very kind. I wouldn’t have thought of that if I’d been creating the universe, would you? Bung in cancer? No, I’d have left that out.”

  13. sorry to hear about your mate WC, I’ve got the dirty fecking lurgy and from what I’ve been informed by the medics am highly susceptible to oesaphagal and pancreatic cancers both very fatal as I said to me doc with my initial diagnosis would I be daft buying a new pair of shoes, roll on the happy release of death yo ho fecking ho, happy new year 😂

  14. I think that most of us, if not all, have had some relative or close friend struck down. I know I have.

    Some of us are battling it now.

    I think W.C. has a very valid point when he asks why we spunk so much money on things that are, essentially, vanity projects. Like HS2, for example. Isn’t it really a ” because we can” thing?

    Just because we ( the human race) have the ability to build high speed trains and explore space doesn’t mean we should, not if no one truly benefits.
    I know certain things have been of benefit, due to space exploration, but surely they would have been discovered anyway, so was it worth all that money to have non-stick pans?

  15. Imagine if just 2% of the money spent on HS2 (£160bn+) and/or the pandemic furloughs (£400bn+) or foreign aid (£8bn) was spent on cancer research!

    The government’s sense of priorities is all fucked up

  16. I’m sorry to hear that man, cancer is a cunt. My Mum and a close friend have both had it and recovered.

  17. Best wishes to you and your friend, WC.

    I lost my Dad to mesothelioma last year, it seemed that the ill-advised chemotherapy he received in Greece irrevocably wrecked his body. By the time we got him cutting edge tailored immunotherapy treatment at Barts, the cancer had become stronger.

    There is a school of thought that cancer can come back a second time even harder after being soaked with chemo. Doesn’t seem right, but modern chemo has its roots in 1940s technology, after all.

  18. My Grandad died of lung cancer in 1994 at the age of 70.

    That was considered a very young age to die back then when considering that two of my other grandparents died in their mid-80’s of various cancers.

    My other Gran died in her mid-80’s due to internal bleeding brought on by my Grandad’s shit driving.

    The Big C probably would have taken her too had she not died of shit driving.

  19. I’m not allone in saying, every single one of us, has know someone, or experienced this cunt of a diseases in some way. A mum, dad, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, friend or pet who has had to go through this cunt of a disease. It’s a vile evil and cruel cunt who robs us of the most loved. We spend so much on shit in the UK. It makes not a shred of difference how much we hate it, it will come, it will take some of us. It will keep taking the ones we love. When you put it in those terms you realise the cunt and folly of it. If we spent as much time, money and ingenuity on cancer as we did COVID, then we could get somewhere!

  20. Lost a relation to it in November – 2 Aunts and an Uncle 6 years ago (all in a 3 month period).
    It’s a bastard.
    WC, I’ll light a candle and say a prayer for you and your friend.
    God be with you.

  21. This is a fucking depressing subject, we need a few cancer jokes. Seriously though in recent years some terminal cancers have become treatable (eg Myeloma), curable (eg chronic myeloid leukaemia) and preventable (cervical cancer). Gene therapy and tailored immunotherapy hold great promise for the coming decades, but will be very expensive. I know a lot about the subject because I identify as a doctor. An astronaut spy doctor to be precise.
    So there is cause for a lot of optimism for the future, just a pity we will all be dead from global warming or a nuclear winter. Personally I am hoping for an asteroid striker, ideally on a nice clear night so I can sit with a beer and watch the approach.

  22. Sorry to hear about your mate.

    My mum died of cancer this year watching someone healthy and in their early sixtys wither away in front of you is hell.

    Cancer can get to fuck.

  23. Having recovered from non-Hodgkins lymphoma stage 4 after 3 years of chemo and radiotherapy I completely understand your pain. Billions wasted on pathetic things when something could be done for this killer.

  24. Cancer is not one disease but many, and can take many forms. Some are chronic illnesses of the blood, and some are voracious. Curing some cancers has been achieved (testicular cancer is pretty much curable), others such as Acute Myeloid Leukemia, are incredibly difficult.

    As for space travel, the ISS may be a white elephant, but the endeavour as a whole has given the world billions of pounds back in spin-off technology just as particle physics and the particle accelerators and cryogenics they experiment with get used later on in medical laboratories.

  25. Thoughts are with you WC for this nom. Wholly seconded – I currently have this disease & am in middle of treatment. Tis cruel stuff, but (for me) stiff upper lip & a twisted sick sense of humour make it more bearable day on day (hence extended visitations to this esteemed site and a few (crates of) vinos over the months).

    Sure I’ll be here this time next yr to prove the cocksucker disease wrong; so here’s to that and all affected. Chin chin cunters 🙂

    • Exactly I found a sense of humour helped loads family and workmates couldn’t believe I joked about it when going through the worst and not knowing what was next….BUT I’M STILL HERE….so keep fighting and joking.

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