Royal Mail (10)

These Monumental Cunts are on Strike again and if they didn’t tell me I Wouldn’t have
known or gave a shit

The Internet has sorted these Clowns out as you can Pay all Bills online
Who the Fuck do they think They are Holding over a Barrel with Strike Action

I Dare not Send a Christmas Card with Money in as It wont Arrive Well the Card might get there for Easter

Tier 1 Cunts

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  1. I don’t think their strikes will be very successful.

    They are a private company and if letters are delayed by a day or two nobody will notice.

    Parcel delivery is much more diversified so largely unaffected.

    I’ll just assume the management are overpaid cunts up to no good as the workers who deliver my mail seem to be efficient and friendly.

    If they want a big pay rise to help with spiralling costs then good luck to them.

    • What Terry says.

      Good luck to the ordinary postie,
      Not sure how much leverage they’ve got nowadays?
      But if they can get a few extra quid, crack on.

      General strike looming?
      Nurses talking of strike action,
      They’ve plenty of leverage.

  2. ‘These Monumental Cunts are on Strike again and if they didn’t tell me I Wouldn’t have
    known or gave a shit’

    If you ‘Wouldn’t have
    known or gave a shit’, presuming you mean that they’re irrelevant, what’s your beef, then? You go on to say that:

    ‘The Internet has sorted these Clowns out as you can Pay all Bills online
    Who the Fuck do they think They are Holding over a Barrel with Strike Action’.

    If the internet has sorted them out, as you say, how are they ‘Holding us over a barrel’?

    I don’t think you’ve thought this cunting through….

      • Morning DCI👍
        Our postie is ace,
        Friendly, local lad, decent.

        And one of my mates went on the post straight from school and is still there.

        Used to be a way of a unskilled council estate kid to get a full time job.

        I’ve done Christmas casual work there myself when younger.

      • Morning, Mis, ours is a good bloke, too. Knows what I do so will go out of his way to deliver stuff if I’m not there. Why do we castigate someone that has the balls to stand up for themselves?

      • It’s the odd British response DCI I reckon.

        Fast to bang pans on the doorstep but equally as fast to jump on the backs of ordinary people trying to fight their corner.

        Truss response? Puts fingers in her ears and tells some lackey to find a way to make strikes harder to organise.

        Personally I hope there is a great deal more industrial action,it’s about time the laughable inequalities faced by the average working man were at least partly brought into focus by coverage of strikes.

        Mondays should also be banned.

      • My brother-in-law is called Boomtown by his work colleagues. He always tries to get a Monday off. Another bloke I knew was called Levis as he always out the door by 5:01.

      • It’s a strange one. It’s usually the working classes that are giving them the most abuse, too, ignorant of the fact that it was trades unions that gave them rights and privileges they enjoy today. The biggest cunts of all are the SCABS that carry on working but get the same benefits that the strikers win. The pension dispute in the fire brigade being one. Personally, I’d make the cunts sign a new contract if they’re unwilling to fight for their rights, as they’re obviously happy with what’s on offer, so they’d get fuck-all if the union wins, as in the aforementioned fire brigade dispute.

      • I know a fireman, nice chap.

        He doesn’t seem to be at work very often, spends a lot of time playing pool or in the gym when he is and cleans carpets on his days off, which are lot.

        I wouldn’t fancy running into a burning building so fair play to him, it’s just the idea he’s somehow hard done by that irks.

      • Four on, four off, and, their wages have fallen behind, just like everyone elses. Apart from MPs of course. If he was paid a decent wage, he wouldn’t have to do a bit of part-time.

    • SM never said ‘holding us over a barrel’. You’ve just made the same point he did.

      • ‘SM never said ‘holding us over a barrel’

        Erm, he did, as quoted, below:

        “Who the Fuck do they think They are Holding over a Barrel with Strike Action”

      • Sorry, but he never says ‘us’ so I read it very differently. It looks to me like he says, internet means we do everything online so who exactly do they think they have over a barrel. So you are in agreement.

      • I put the lack of ‘Us’ down to either a mistake or illiteracy, and, if, as he states, he, and I quote ‘and if they didn’t tell me I Wouldn’t have
        known or gave a shit’ plus, if everything is done on the internet, as you surmise – it’s not – why is he cunting them?

        That being my point.

  3. Fuck em. I get around 1 or 2 letters a month. Usually cold calling we can arrange you funeral for 2 and 6.

    In fact fuck off all strikers. I’ve spent maybe 14 months of my working life on strike what did it achieve? Fuck all. Get to work you cunts and pay for my pension.

    • It’s people that were prepared to strike that earnt you the right to a pension, (and holiday pay, weekends, sick pay, etc), and cunts were probably telling them to ‘Get back to work’, too…

      • DCI. I was on strike 84-5 miners over 12 months. It achieved sod. Involved in other industrial action as miner and teacher achieved sod. Was an onion rep with both occupations achieved sod. Never does. I realise striking is a tool for the working man but doesn’t work just gets gob shite leaders on telly. Cunt

      • But, you had the balls to stand up for what you thought was right and not be treated like a door-mat by the employers, unlike the lowest of the low, the SCAB.

        Vermin to a man and woman whom I hold a special contempt for.

      • Would a nurse or paramedic who doesn’t go on strike on the grounds of fulfilling their critical duty be considered a SCAB?

      • Yep. They’re prolonging the dispute and will come running at the benefits, if any, won. Look at the fire brigade for proof.

      • Good lord, I never want to look at the fire brigade for anything, spent a bit of time in a green goddess covering for those lazy cunts.

        Being ex-forces, I never had going on strike as an option and kind of assumed there would be reticence amongst the critical services to do so for similar reasons. I remember the junior doctors and all that but I’ve no idea if they’d be considered critical staff, though I’ve no doubt they get thrashed for working hours.

      • ‘Good lord, I never want to look at the fire brigade for anything’

        Remember that when your house is on fire or you’re trapped in a RTC, or machinery, water, height or anything else they do. I’m sure good intentions and a lack of reticence’ll see you through.

      • How can I rely on the fire brigade in any of those scenarios if they are on strike? I don’t think you’ve thought whatever point you’re trying to make through.

      • You said, and I quote:

        ‘Good lord, I never want to look at the fire brigade for anything’

        You didn’t specify that you wouldn’t look at them for anything if they were on strike, you just made an ill-informed rant against the fire brigade.

        I really don’t think you’ve thought whatever point you’re trying to make, through.

      • (you left out the bit where I said I had to cover for them – makes me something other than ill-informed I humbly submit).

        Did you pick up on the fact we are talking about the merits of going on strike as opposed to the services themselves? Just checking.

      • With no disrespect, I saw the effects and burned-out buildings of the military covering for them. The term ‘Defensive Firefighting’ was invented for it. It would be the same if they covered for us. No, I haven’t missed the point, if you read my posts.

      • I used the fire brigade as an example of striking winning benefits. It was you that were denegrating them. Having worked with them on many occasions, I have the upmost respect for them, along with, having been one, (branch/rank irrelevant), the armed forces.

      • Scabs are the sensible ones in my view. The strikers are the dimwits, the sheeple who lose pay on strike days standing around a burning oil drum with their bad teeth, contributing every pay check to the union bosses fat cat wages.
        At my work the unions have just thwarted (without balloting) a generous- yes, generous in these times- pay offer of 4.8% this year. So now we will instead get 1% default. Cunts.
        Unions can all fuck off and die with their bullying, ignorance, greed, beer and sandwiches, flying pickets, placards, oil barrel bonfires, fat cat salaries and most of all for manipulating low IQ workets who are too stupid for their own good.
        Unions – fuck off cunts, making normal peoples lives more difficult. If you union cunts dont think you get paid enough -find another job, work harder or start your own business. Lazy cunts. Fuck off.
        Scabs – fuckin heroes.

      • Yeah, me, my work colleagues, junior doctors etc, real low IQs…

        SCABS? Fucking vermin. I’ll leave you with a quote from Allan, below:

        ‘All of the Employment rights we have now were obtained by the struggles of the Trade Union movement, the bosses didn’t give them to us voluntarily.’

      • Hey Micky
        You Said you Covered for the Fireman when they went on strike

        Do they ‘Own” the Fire-station or what? I Would have took the keys and told them to fuck off and if they wanted to protest outside i would hose them down

        Cunts Thinking they own the Fire engines

      • The fire brigade told the govt. to come and take the fire engines, in fact, I was told they’d deliver the keys, but they wouldn’t for reasons unknown to me.

        Pisses on your theory a bit. Sorry.

  4. I’ve nothing against my Postie…but for years the service has been slipping….my post never turns up before 2-3 in the afternoon and now seems to only come on alternate days….not that I’m really bothered,very little of it is important these days….and that’s why I fear that they could be striking themselves out of a’s not like the old days when important business was done through the post . Would anyone really care if they officially announced that “ordinary” mail deliveries were to be cut to twice a week and staff reduced to reflect that?

  5. We send a lot of our internet business through the Royal Mail, as do many smaller internet companies, so the upcoming strikes will seriously effect that in the run up to Christmas. Some weeks they are on strike for 3 to 4 days, through probably the busiest period, being the run up to Christmas and Black Friday etc.
    I think it might be counter productive as people will look at longer term solutions to how they send small packages, meaning less demand for their services.

  6. My Postie a really nice chatty African chap has a very long round (ooh er missus!😁).
    Joking apart I wouldn’t do it, trundling a big trolley in all weathers along semi rural roads. His load is usually a lot of parcels and more pizza flyers and crap leaflets than letters.
    If the management are anything like those Uber Cunts who fucked over those postmasters who were jailed, I am not surprised they are striking.

  7. I’m surprised someone hasn’t tried to get their logo changed, a crown! How colonial, cancel them immediately..
    Send everything by Bush telegraph..

    • They should change their branding and their name to ‘Consignia’.
      A certain winner.

  8. Like some others have said, we’re lucky enough to have a postie of the old school. Always helpful in all weathers, knows everyone on his round, always stops for a chat. I’ve seen him delivering on Christmas Eve with his arms full of presents given to him by us and our neighbours.
    Mind you if they’re on strike in the run up to Christmas this year I can see his tally of presents being much reduced.

  9. We have 2 posties in our village. Used to be 4 but with less mail they have halved the number. The walks are still there though – 10/11 miles each (they have checked) 5 days a week. Double what they were when there was 4. They are unfailingly polite and helpful.

    Whatever they are paid isnt enough. Compare with £50k + for sitting in a warm train cab which more or less drives itself.
    They have my support.

  10. Royal Mail are not on strike. The unions are on strike.

    And Royal Mail is now to be called International Distributions Services plc.
    The group consists of Royal Mail and GLS and it is the latter that makes profits. RM loses £1 million a day and is subsidised by GLS.

    Now they plan to split the group up and sell off GLS leaving a loss making RM to fend for itself which will mean no big pay rises are even possible and a threat to the universal postal service.

    I know all this because I’m in the trade and RM is vital to the existence of 1000s of small businesses. Couriers don’t have the network and are too expensive.

    RM should never have been privatised by that cunt Vince Cable when the libdems were in coalition with the tories.

    I too feel for the posties but they are on a hiding to nothing.

    • I think you will find that RM does not lose 1 mil.lion a day it still pays shareholders a fortune every year ? how come?

  11. Postman Pat is a holocaust-denier and enjoys putting bricks through the Indian postmistresses’ window with a misspelled note that says “Fuck of back 2 your own cuntry”.

  12. I think they tried to sell RM Before but it has a fuck off hole in its pension fund

    Maybe they’re like fireman and retire at 30

  13. I know several people who work or used to work for the Royal Mail.
    They have never been paid a huge amount of money, and with the cost of living rising faster than a working man can cope with, deserve an increase.

    Sadly, striking posties are only doing themselves harm, as hey won’t be paid for those days, but people are still paying for postage to line the pockets of those in charge. Only the posties and the customers will lose out, not the administration.

  14. Guess the decade?

    Profligate public spending

    Eye watering levels of inflation

    Rampant inflation

    Industrial strike action

    Nationwide power cuts


    Here’s a few more clues to narrow it down:

    Major restrictions on individual’s movements

    Media restrictions on free speech

    Legislation to restrict/ban transport for the masses (ULEZ & no more petrol/diesel cars)

    Legislation to restrict housing sales and rental markets (min EPC levels pre-contract – BTW this one’s aimed at new office leases also never mind WFH and business rates if it’s an older building this will be the coup de grace)

    That’s enough extra clues before I wear out the keys.

    Answers on a postcard please to:

    The House of Cunts
    (Sadly not so any longer)GB

    • Afternoon Mikdys.

      At least during the darker days of the 70s they still had good music.

    • You forgot all Hotels in the country being used to house the invasion/replacement force.

  15. One of the finer things in life about living out here, no not the fact that the ladyboys are fucking stunning, but I never ever get any mail!

  16. Made me laugh with ‘The Postie’ in Viz a few years back. The Postmen were on strike and Royal Mail were going to replace them with ‘Robot Posties’. Showed a Robot Postie in the works canteen with his feet on the table playing cards and drinking oil. The Inventor then says “If we can programme the Robot to have six months off work with a bad back, it will be good to go”.

  17. We’ve got a nice friendly postie. The service is not what it was, but I doubt that it is down to the ordinary postal worker. At least they have a union that can try and get them some more money. We haven’t at our place, so they can hand out a paycut in real terms, and the only realistic thing we can do is leave. We are paying for the Lockdowns.

  18. All of the Employment rights we have now were obtained by the struggles of the Trade Union movement, the bosses didn’t give them to us voluntarily. Now that pound shop Thatcher clone Liz Truss wants to restrict the democratic right to strike. The hypocrisy is unbelievable as she’s never actually been voted in herself.

    I voted Conservative last election to get brexit done. I won’t be voting again for a party that wants to restrict my democratic rights. I don’t want to vote for Labour as I don’t trust them not to try and take us back into the European Union so for the first time there’s nobody for me to vote for. I’m in favour of the strike action when the bosses are still paying themselves millions. Those working class people who are against the strikes seem to be advocating a race to the bottom.

  19. Nothing to do with strikes or anything, but I recently sent them my old stamps on their ‘swap out’ scheme, and they said I’d made a mistake tallying up my total and sent me back more than I’d asked for. So they’re not all bad.

  20. I had a post removed from Auntie beebie where I suggested most of these cuntrs are in the pub by 1pm.

  21. The only thing my postman brings is bills so as far as I’m concerned he can strike for the rest of his fucking life his a foreign cunt who can read and keeps giving me every other cunts post as well

  22. Our local sorting office is a microcosm of the country, a shitehole.

    Tired, warn out building, crap facade, weeds growing out of the cracks and budliea bushes rooted in the walls. No investment for decades.

    We had a great postie a lass who was bright and common sense. She moved on, we’ve had three different ones in as many months. Misdelivered mail and I’ve two items that haven’t arrived. Yet.

    The Royal Mail business model is rooted in the past, the unions are rooted in the past and the management are money grabbing greed merchants, and like all modern management today little ideas as to how the operation should work.

    The strikers won’t get anything. Pointless and it will just drive more custom away..

    Yep. Just what they want….

  23. And why can’t these cunts use a doorbell? I am going to put a sign up which reads ‘Just fucking press it, you thick bastards!’

    Oh, and don’t leave rubber bands all over my drive, you lazy pigs!

  24. The cunts could go on strike for a week and we’d not notice any drop in their level of service. Strike yourselves out of jobs why dont you.

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