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Royal Mail – Robbing Cunts.

I’m sure this is not a rare instance with a lot of people, but over the last 3 years I have mailed Christmas and Birthday cards with money inside, only to find that the recipients either haven’t received the cards, or that the cards have been jimmied open, money removed and resealed again.

This has happened on 7 occasions now, the most recent was 3 days ago when £10 in a birthday card was pinched. (And this was in spite of putting the familiar looking card shape into a larger brown A4 envelope in an attempt to fool the cunts at the Royal Mail. But to no avail)

I would guess some cunts who work at the RM sorting offices, or perhaps posties themselves, must carry some kind of x-ray device that can detect currency notes inside birthday cards.

I’m also pretty sure this con has been going on for donkey’s years and yet there doesn’t seem much you can do about it other than to register a complaint to some self-important complacent cunt in a fancy Royal Mail office. A complaint of which will inevitably will be ignored and shredded.

RM really are cunts in other ways. Fewer people are using their services. But what do they do to attract more custom? Yes, increase the price of stamps (the last increase was back in April with 10p added to a first class stamp to 95p)

And years ago they introduced the complicated algorithm of charges based not only on weight, but also the dimensions of the letter or package.

The latest CEO is some four-eyed cunt called Simon Thompson, on a salary of around £550,000, with a pension of 13.6% linked to his base salary. And then of course there’s the generous performance bonuses!

Seems to me that the only decisions cunts like him make include:-
Increasing prices
Cutting staff
Moan to the government about too much competition from cheaper alternatives.
Receive pay rises/bonuses for shite performance
Moan to the media about “difficult conditions”, “hard decisions”, “To attract the best you have to pay the best!”

Of course these same board directors know all about cash in envelopes – especially brown A4 envelopes stuffed full of twenties and fifties (allegedly).

I bet no one at the local sorting office has the balls to raid any of those!

Second Class Service
First Class Cunts.

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  1. RM may be a mess, but a couple of weeks ago I mailed a CDR and a postcard from Seattle, Washington, USA (up the coast from the Harkles) to Worthing. It cost $17.25. That’s seventeen fucking dollars and twenty five fucking cents. Kiss my mother fucking entitled white arse. Nobody’s getting anything from me ever again! The good news is that it arrived in seven days.

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