Quentin Crisp……. a man born too early.

The name itself just screams……homo!!

The poor cunt never had a chance with a name like that.

Who can forget “The Naked Civil Servant”, a classic performance by John Hurt.

Quentin has been dead for over twenty years but his legend lives on. In those days he was a figure of fun, everybody took the piss out of their mates by calling them Quentin or “Crispy”.

But imagine if the dirty old poof was around today? He’d be so “brave” and “courageous” just for sucking off sailors in Portsmouth docks. The media would make him a hero, politicians would have their tongues right up his well used bumhole.

Poor Quentin…..he didn’t have much of a life and was born far too early. But he was a cunt then and he would be an even bigger cunt now because he would be on the BB fucking C every five minutes, with Professor Rio Ferdinand trying to “educate” us dimmos.

Fuck him.

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

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  1. This is how I imagine a gay bloke, know it’s not the case,
    But I always think of a handbag toting, neckerchief wearing Quentin 😁

    Give him his due,
    He was brave.
    To swan about like that ?
    In the 60s an 70s you could get murdered for less.

    Don’t know much about him but remember he liked a big hat.

    That fuckin photo.
    Funny as fuck.
    Did you take it Freddie?

    • My great aunt looked like him, she used to stand at the kitchen sink washing up with her feet at 10 to 2 like a ballerina, used to pronounce margarine Margot reen like it was a woman’s name. Posh old biddy, she was partial to a big hat and a silk scarf.

  2. Morning all. Good cunting, but point of order – Crisp was born Dennis Charles Pratt. The name “Quentin Crisp” is something he dreamed up.

    I remember seeing a documentary showing Crisp in his London flat in 1972. Jesus, what a fucking hovel. The cunt never cleaned his flat, saying he didn’t bother as it would always get filthy again. Probably applied the same rationale to his rancid bellend – pushed into the dirty ringpieces of multiple young male actors and never washed.

    I bet he was a fragrant old mincer.

    • Should have stuck with Pratt more descriptive than Crisp, does what it says on the tin

  3. Anyone who can say this about Princess Diana can’t be all bad….

    “I always thought Diana was such trash and got what she deserved. She was Lady Diana before she was Princess Diana so she knew the racket. She knew that royal marriages have nothing to do with love. You marry a man and you stand beside him on public occasions and you wave and for that you never have a financial worry until the day you die.”[18] Following her death in 1997, he commented that it was perhaps her “fast and shallow” lifestyle that led to her demise: “She could have been Queen of England [sic] – and she was swanning about Paris with Arabs. What disgraceful behaviour! Going about saying she wanted to be the queen of hearts. The vulgarity of it is so overpowering.”

    Apparently he also offended the Gay Rights Movement by refusing to buy into their “victimhood” narrative.

    Must admit I knew very little about him until I looked him up this morning but from a brief read-up,he seems…considering he was a Fruity Gentleman….not too bad.

    • He put Peter Tatchell firmly in his place once during a discussion on gay rights, simply by asking “what rights haven’t we got?”
      Cue lots of spluttering from Tatchell…

      • Surprised Peter didn’t say the right to bum 14 year old boys.

        He’s suggested decriminalising it previously


      • Tatchell went on marches with the “Pee Doh File” Information Exchange, one of the organisations associated with the old Labour Militant Tendency.

        Ain’t socialism lovely, eh?

    • I actually watched The Naked Civil Servant the other day, strangely. John Hurt as QC, great performance by the late legend.

      Yeah, QC never tried to be a victim, stood up in court and laid out who he was, what he was and what he stood for. He was a funny guy, his appearances on the chat show Letterman were good laugh.

    • OK so Quint the Cunt wasn’t a 100% cunt as that’s exactly how I’d describe Diana myself, she loved a bit of brown willy did Di, that Harrods geezer wasn’t her first trip up the Nile…the black make up under her eyes doing the Queen of hearts speech really got my goat, fucking hate professional victims. Has she been cunted on here? She needs to be.

    • Quentin was far from stupid, and he was bang on about Knickers Down DIana. I would love to hear Quentin’s views on Megain Mantis of Sussex.

  4. He lived in various bed-sits which he admitted to never cleaning and started his ‘career’ as a rent boy, sucking off strangers for money.

    He then went on to work as an artists model.


    • I remember the old fa….(Brain’s tasty meatball) said if you let the dust get half an inch thick it stays at that level and never gets any thicker, I bet his flat stunk of cat’s piss and he shat in the litter tray

  5. I have just read more about this cunt.

    He didn’t serve in the forces during the war.
    The army didn’t want him as he was ‘A sexual pervert’.

    He spent the war years wandering around the streets of London picking up soldiers for sex.

    Apparently this made him a gay icon.

    Someone that other gays can admire and respect.

  6. I think Quentin used to describe himself as “one of the stately homos of England”. 😁 Of course in those days being an out shirtlifter was unusual and worthy of note. These days, in showbiz and politics it’s practically compulsory for a whitey male. If you ain’t bent you’re out to rent!

    • Next time try fudge poker…phew that got through, I’ve been moderated so many times I must be on my last warning by now, time to get a new email i don’t do shame

  7. Cracking name,
    Really suits him.

    He tried
    ‘Adrian Monster munch’
    at first.


    You get what it says on the tin.
    A right puff.
    No ambiguity there.

    He’s buried under the public toilets in Charing cross rd.
    And sometimes late at night people say you can hear him say

    ‘oh that’s lovely ”

    As you piss in the trough…

  8. At least he was from an age where the Gay could be easily recognised from half a mile off.

    The modern ones seem in many cases to have adopted sinister disguises in an attempt to ensnare the unwary.

    Gentlemen be on your guard.

      • Always puzzled why, according to ass-bandits, Wilde, Turing and anyone othe fudge-nudgers who ever did anything notable did so because they were gay.

        But not Dahmer, Port or Nielsen, et al, strangely enough?

      • Their names are always so descriptive, like product labels so you know what to expect. Oscar is a standard police code for a fudge packer and Turing as every school kid with a low IQ knows sounds like turding

  9. I thought that he couldn’t be all bad if he illustrated Roald Dahl’s books…oops, wrong fruity Quentin.

  10. I suppose that if they made a new BBC documentary about him the natural narrator should be Gary Lineker, given his connection to crisps.

    • When I lived in Naaarge, the Riverside Hotel opposite the station was called the “Swallow Nelson.”
      I sometimes wondered if that was the reply to “Kiss me Hardy!”

  11. He will undoubtedly be spinning in his grave at how much worse the socially divisive LGBTQ bollocks has become, a movement of which he was an outspoken critic of during his lifetime.

  12. I remember a mate from school trying to emulate him. He used to walk up to us, flick our ties (no, that’s not a fucking euphemism you sick cunts) and say in a mincey voice “I wear flamboyant clothes! Much more flamboyant than the rags you are wearing”. He then went on to be a David Bowie tribute in some local band in later life. Not bad actually!

  13. No. Quentin crisp was one of the good guys/girls (?)

    He/she (?) was tremendously brave. He (?) wanted to live his life as he (?) wanted to and sod everyone else. He (?) used to get beaten up by homophobes but he (?) persisted. In many ways a hero/heroine (?). An English eccentric in the grand tradition.

    He/she never said you had to live like him or respect his personal pronouns. He never insisted on single sex toilets, changing rooms or prisons. He (?) wanted you to be as free as him/her (?) to live life as you see fit. He (?) would be spinning in his grave at the current trans nonsense.

    If only all trans were like QC today.

  14. The only poofter I could stomach. Intelligent and witty. I have one thing in common with him, my house being just as tidy.

    • ‘Stomaching’ poofter eh Sammy? Sounds disgusting.

      Is this some new type of gay ninja sex attack?

      Anything you want to tell us Sammy ?😀

  15. apparently sting wrote an Englishman in new York based upon the raging mincer, poofery then was seen as eccentric it seems, not the mental illness it.is today

  16. Do your bumming in private, stop mincing round the streets ‘the look at me’ bollocks just pisses me off.

    I wouldn’t give a shit if my neighbours were a couple of bum boys, keep it private like normal couples do, the exception would be a couple of fit young lesbians, I would expect regular invitations to ‘join in’.

      • Two women, ok for a an hour or two of fucking and sucking but I draw the line at having them 24/7

    • Exactly. Noticed on the football yesterday, the rainbow laces thing

      If I was a PL player , I’d tell them to shove their rainbow laces up their collective, well reamed arseholes.

      Not because I dislike gays but because I am there to fucking play football, nothing else

      Keep your sex life private, like normal people, nobody of any importance gives a fuck anymore.

      This is the thing I think that scares these professional victims more than anything.

      That after decades of discrimination, they are pretty much accepted by everyone, so they keep banging on and making imaginary attacks up.

      The fear of irrelevance terrifies them

  17. I always had Jeremy Irons chalked up as an iron hoof, especially as he hoofed it up so convincingly in Brideshead, that and his fucking name being a dead giveaway , turns out he prefers pussy, ancient withered dried up old Irish pussy but pussy non the less and not a stick of Brighton rock hath he sucked…fuck off who am i kidding, with a name like irons he only fucks bums.

  18. Can’t remember if this was on tv or on the radio, but during an interview he stated that one of his ambitions was to kill somebody. When asked who, he replied “Probably a policeman”. Don’t suppose that would go down any better these days than it did then.

    • Its OK to say it if you’re a woke leftard. BLM wanted all coppers dead and the cops agreed on their knees with their mouths full of black cock. Ethan Klein said all jews should be g…and Joy Reid (black MSM cunt) agreed and added all whites must also be killed…so long as you are Woke Tv then its perfectly fine…just don’t vote tory or say maga or you’re be burnt at the stake.

  19. Quentin Crisp: an interesting case.
    A gay man at the time when it was illegal to be gay.

    It’s surprising who in the y’arts was gay:
    Stanley Baxter was/is gay/bi. He was arrested for impertuning in the 1950s but the charges were dropped. He contemplated suicide because he thought it would ruin his career. His wife tolerated it but she killed herself in herself in 1997. Tragic.
    Kenneth Williams: gay but celebate? Alleged to have killed his dad.
    Charles Hawtrey: Wildly gay. Had sailors, got pissed all the time. Unpopular in Deal.
    Joe Orton: playwright. Killed by his gay lover.
    Frankie Howard: Outwardly heterosexual but bent.

    Not to decry their work but they were a bunch of weirdos. At least Quentin kept his head. At least they weren’t like Jimmy fucking Savile.

    Quentin’s appearance always reminded me a bit of Tony Hart – but Tony was completely heterosexual!

    • You missed out Dirk Bogart, I’d have straddled him in a nazi uniform no problem, but alas another chutney ferret, crying fucking shame.
      You’re right about Tony Hart but I think Brian Cant took it up the pooper if you’re feeling nostalgic and pretty sure Geoffrey gave zippy & Bungle a finger up the brown eye

  20. I can’t cunt Mr Crisp. He earnt his stripes and probably got a few whacks just for living his life the way he wanted. I’ve no issue with old school banditry. He spoke alot of sense. These tag along melts we have now aren’t fit to lick his boots. Or fir that matter suck his hampton

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