Mermaids Transgender Charity

These cunts are offering chest binders to 14-year-old girls, without the parents’ knowledge and offering legal advice via law firm Latham & Watkins to kids on how to live under a different gender.

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According to the link, so far these cunts have received about £20,000 of taxpayers money and £500,000 from the National Lottery. That’s yet another reason not to waste £2 on a ticket.

If schools, NHS and the police had any balls, they’d tell them what to go and do.

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94 thoughts on “Mermaids Transgender Charity

  1. There’s this school in Sarf Lundun ,Hatcham College that has banned its pupils’parents from finding out the content of the teachings of a third party that they have allowed into the school in order to brainwash the kids into accepting that the most sick,depraved deviancy namely trannyism is normal.
    There reasoning being that this would be a “ breach of confidence “
    What the fuck is this shit and why is it not being challenged?

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