Maddie Budd

Disrespecting Captain Tom.

This appalling excuse for a human being poured a bucket load of human waste over the memorial statue of Captain Tom, as a protest against the ownership and use of private jets.

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Her attempt at justifying this disgusting and disrespectful behaviour makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I sincerely hope she gets prosecuted and banged up, preferably with a psychopathic cell mate.

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

Seconded by: Cuntybollocks

Some stupid lefty cunt poured human shite and piss all over Sir Tom Moore’s memorial. Not a point well made.

She’s been arrested. As she fucking well should be.

Sir Tom Moore was liked by most woke types. She’s pissed too many off on ‘her side’.

However, we’ve seen cunts defacing and attacking statues they deem ‘colonial’.

Although a few arrests were made, for the most part, these cunts weren’t arrested. What happened in London when lefties attacked and defaced statues in Trafalgar Square. Fuck all. Some right winger pisses near one and his feet don’t touch the ground.

Let me make it clear, all cunts (left or right) defacing statues, even of those I don’t like, Karl Marx, for example, should be locked up for criminal damage. History is history. Can’t be changed so leave it as it is.

Mind you, those cunts in Bristol got let off somehow despite obvious criminal damage taking place.

I doubt this silly tart will be though. She should’ve poured shit on Churchill or Thatcher’s statue. She’d have been let off.

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Thirded by MiddleEngland with this rather excellent suggestion:

Fellow cunters – I give you Maddie Budd – the pathetic woke “protestor” who poured shit and piss over Captain Tom Moore’s memorial.

This piece of human garbage “may face prosecution” I say she should have the same treatment followed by a tour of all the uk military bases where she can see how many of our fine forces members want to protest with her…

Even her own father is disgusted with her actions.

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109 thoughts on “Maddie Budd

  1. I bet this leftie sack of shit will get off. Just like those trust fund bottybashers, Sage, Milo and those other two ludicrously named cunts who went statue wrecking in Bristol.

    Anyone who is called Milo Ponsford or Sage Willoughby should be put through an industrial mincer and fed to porkers.

  2. Never been told no, this cunt.

    I don’t know why, but she reminds me of the most insufferable human being I’ve ever known (worked with the cunt a few years back.)

    She was early to mid 20s. Privately educated, degree and Masters from red brick uni. Massively overweight (I’d guess over 20 stone and about 5″6.) Vegetarian. Massive feminist. Proper entitled mouthy cunt. The word ‘patriarchy’ was often heard with her around. Always whining about how her dad ‘stole’ her future.

    I just hope her dad was aware of her nasty comments towards him. He obviously provided well for her and I heard he was very well off (hence sending his kids to expensive schools.)

    Her beef seemed to be about student loans and retirement age. I don’t think her dad had much say in any of that really, but hey.

    If she were mine, I would not be leaving my money or property to the cunt.

    Horrible, spiteful, fat bitch who’d probably agree with this ‘protest’.

    I hope her dad and the dad of this tart it the article, cut the ungrateful mouthy cunts out of their wills.

    • I worked with somebody like that too, Cuntybollocks.
      Insufferable cunt, she was. Thought she was above everyone else, because she saw herself as ‘out there’. Daft slag thought her humour was ‘sophisticated’ and ‘superior’ because she thought shite like Stephen Colbert was funny. The bitch even referred to herself as a ‘Colbertinista’. Straight up, she was that much of a cunt. Pretentious and up herself wasn’t in it.

      But that wasn’t the worst of it. Thought she was also an expert on tennis and never shut up at Wimbledon time.The cunt called the tournament ‘Wimby’ and she got on everyone’s tits with her know all attitude. Then she thought she was painfully cool, because she claimed to like ‘lo-fi’ shite like Pavement and dyke-rock crap like Sleater Kinney. She was also a backstabbing, devious, shit stirring, and thoroughly unpleasant human being. Needless to say, I fucking despised her, and so did everybody else. A first class cunt.

    • CB,

      I knew a morbidly obese veggie woman (although she was one of the cheery chubby types) and I remember thinking ‘How the fuck do you get that fat eating lettuce and lentils”.

      I refused to give a job offer to a veggie once, on the grounds that they are insufferable tossers. I think he protested, but it wasn’t clear, as he was too weak from malnutrition to raise his voice.

      I agree about the will thing. My daughter is currently skating on very thin ice.

      • Said bitch also claimed to be an Arsenal fan in the late 90s/early 2000s. But, mention any Gooners history to her – even the George Graham era – and the slag didn’t have a clue. Bitch got on the proper wrong side of me when she started slagging my team. Now, I can take banter and even rivarly with genuine football fans. But when this utter cunt kept on about how she hated Manchester United, I told her in no uncertain terms that if she didn’t shut the fuck up, she would get a Newton Heath Kiss.

  3. I am waiting for this fat slag or her ‘legal team’ to roll out the ‘mental health issues’ any time soon. It’s what cunts like her always do. Can’t (or won’t) admit that they’ve been a cunt, so they blame it on something else. The usual ‘But… But…’ excuses.🙄

    And with its kit off, I bet it looks like a pound of tripe in a heatwave. 🤢

  4. Ex medical student? Yeah some attention seeking fucking mentalist is hardly suitable to be a doctor with peoples lives in her hands. Fuck me!
    The logic of this protest makes no sense at all. What did this old codger have to do with private Jets? Ironically the people who fly about in private Jets are the very people who’s cause she is furthering.
    Stupid bitch!

    • Doesn’t need to make any sense with these cunts, Freddie. Reading the link to the Daily Hate, about the Stop Oil vermin, one interviewed came from Bristol and another nob-gobbler came from Yorkshire. I’ll bet the hypocritical cunts didn’t walk to London…

  5. These attention hungry middle class pricks will never stop this shit until they get a good long stretch in a proper prison……somewhere like Dartmoor or Belmarsh. Let them become some filthy Peaceful’s bitch and get covered in Stanley jizz every night. It’s exactly what they deserve.

  6. I’d like to splatter all over her face after consuming 10 pints of stale Bass (do they still make that muck?) and piss in her filthy mouth.
    Ridiculous excuse for a human being.

  7. Fucking creature.
    Her punishment should be to remove all the shit & piss off of Sir Tom’s statue with nothing more than her rancid tongue. Every fucking last drop.

    May the Ghost of Sir Tom come down from Heaven and poltergeist this bitch into a nervous wreck for the rest her (hopefully short) days.

    Utter 1st degree Cuntoid.

  8. Spoilt little brat.
    Her poor parents are mortified.
    Although they raised the little monster so in part to blame
    She’d had a slap occasionally and told no she might of turned out normal.

    “Give me a boy till he is 7,
    And I’ll show you the man ”
    Know who said that?
    No not Jimmy savile .

    That Greek philosopher.
    Harris Tottle.

    • well we all know about the phrase going Greek, maybe uncle Phil gave Liz a Greek loving ever so often

    • Agreed MNC, although I couldn’t be as succinct as your post. 😁.
      If all you were remembered for was to pour a caravan cartridge full of shit over a memorial, your 5 minutes of fame were completely wasted. Nothing wrong with an alfresco dump, just choose a more appropriate target, Flabbotts front doorstep…

    • Spot on MNC, I echo your comments.

      Had this spoilt little Cuntoid been told no as a nipper, and taught what Sir Tom Moore had endured personally during the 2nd world war for our freedom of speech (including ISAC lol)
      then she wouldn’t be in custody right now………

    • I thought it was the Jesuits, came up with the “give me the boy, etc”.
      But then, they were priests.

  9. This gormless cunt needs a good hard kick in the snatch, ever her dad thinks she, s a cunt who needs ducking in a slurry pit…

  10. Been waiting for this cunt to come up. Almost did it myself, but then decided this absolute shit cunt waste of air wasn’t worth it.

  11. Had it been my daughter she would have had., some well aimed slaps across the face & back of the head followed by my boot in her arse and out the door! ‘go fend for yourself you disrespectful cunt’.

  12. it’ll be on the next anti-oil protest with its nylon clothes made of oil and its polythene containers and banners made of oil…uneducated twat cunt, bet it shaves its minge too with a plastic razor made of oil

  13. A sentence of community service at the Holocaust museum would educate this cunt as to what Captain Sir Thomas faught against and for so she can enjoy the carefree waster life she has chosen.

  14. It must be a piece of piss to train as a GP these days.No need to learn how to examine a patient. Just work from home and spend all day wanking.
    At least that’s what they do at my practice, the lazy workshy cunts.

  15. She crafted a very tangential link with Tom Moore, probably after the act.

    You didn’t think it through, did you love?

  16. There were other pics in the MSM……… Jesus wept,…… soon as I see a lady making a ‘statement’ by showing off her hirsute armpits it tells me all I need to know about the way they roll. It would be impossible to have any sort of meaningful conversation with this jumped up cunt. You would be wrong as soon as you dared open your mouth and probably physically assualted if you dared challenge her cunty opinions. Narrow minded mung bean eating waste of an ejaculation this one.
    I pity her father who seems to be a decent man though now one thats hanging his head in shame for his cunty daughters attention seeking antics.

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